Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Bits, and Thanks for the Inspiration

Good Monday morning! Can you believe how quickly March has flown? The sun is shining brightly here and it is in the 40's.  Earl and I took a long walk outside this morning and it felt absolutely heavenly to be walking along, breathing semi-warm fresh air and hearing the birds sing. I believe they were as happy as we were :)
I came home and decided it was time to straighten up the kitchen a bit. It's my favorite place to be in the morning because of the east facing windows, The sun just streams in and lights up the room in my favorite light. I think morning light is the best.
I washed a batch of eggs and put them in this jadeite bowl. I have to admit, I miss the days of coloring eggs with the girls when they were little. It's not the same just doing it myself. But I will say, since we keep chickens that lay so many shades of brown and blue eggs I really think it is hard to beat them for beauty.
 Fresh pink carnations in the basket by the sink. ♥
 This weekend I decided I needed to lighten things up for Spring.  These checked curtains from the thrift store are fine, but I needed a change.
 So, I dug through my fabric stash and found this lime green ticking stripe. I knew it was just what I needed.  I am on such a "spring green" kick right now. I had just enough for a simple valance for both windows. 
  I found a pale green china cup and filled it with some green and white flowers and tucked in a little nest and eggs. I hung it from the corner of the window from a satin ribbon and it makes me smile every time I go in the kitchen.
 The funny part of this post is that, because I was sharing the kitchen, I really ended up doing a much more thorough job cleaning than I had planned.  The dirty windows had been driving me crazy all winter and since I was showing you the curtains I felt I just HAD to wash them.. I washed them inside, got the ladder and washed them outside, then came in and realized they were still dirty inside, washed them again and realized there were some streaks I missed outside. That is the story every time I wash windows. What am I doing wrong when there continue to be streaks? Then when I edited the photos I realized with the light coming I probably could have left them dirty since the light washes out any detail you would see, including dirty windows!  Lol.  I will absolutely redo them when I do the rest of the windows this spring. In the meantime, shhhh, it's our little secret ;)...and thanks for the inspiration to get them as clean as I did.  Lastly, I have one more fun spring design in the etsy shop.  I love the bright colors and fun message. 
I hope you are all enjoying sunshine and warmer temps. Have a great week! What are your plans for Easter?


  1. Love your green striped curtains! When I am washing windows inside and out, I washed the inside with an up and down motion and the outside with a back and forth motion. That way you know what side the streaks are one!

    Just a quiet Easter for two here...

  2. We use HOPE from that stuff. It helps to have a partner, too. I love the springtime fresh of the light green ticking and the tea cup and nest are terrific. I also loke the party going on with the kitchenaid. =D

  3. Those eggs are just beautiful! True Easter eggs! Love your new valance and the teacup decor is gorgeous.


  4. Hello Kathy! So fun chatting with you today! Love ALL your Kitchenaid decals! So excited to finally own a set! Love your pretty colored eggs! Have a wonderful day! ~Maryjane

  5. The curtains are perfect for I want to start digging in my stash to see what I can use for little curtains! Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE your eggs and that Jadite bowl......I have one just like it! See - we're sisters!

  6. We found Windex was causing our streaks and switched to Glass Plus which is amazing. Love the teacup garden.

  7. I can see why you like your view out your kitchen window-so pretty.
    I love ticking-any colour and your lime is perfect for Spring and Summer both.
    Another cute Kitchenaid design, Kathy!

  8. It's is beautiful here to day and we just came from a walk! Like you new spring curtain you made and looks good with the green evergreens outside the window. Also really pretty Kitchenaid design!

  9. Love the little cup/nest on your new curtains. That ticking is really cute!! I hear you about the windows. It never fails, does it?
    Cute mixer design!!! xo Diana

  10. Kathy, I love your green ticking curtains. They are so cheerful and springy. Don't you love it when you have just the right fabric on hand? That doesn't happen to me very often but it always makes me so happy when it does! We've been enjoying some spring weather here in Tennessee too and I'm so glad! - Dori -

  11. Kathy, I love the new curtains and the hanging basket. I bet you are ready for the Spring weather to arrive. We were out working in the garden yesterday and it go hot so fast at 80 degrees. It's tornado season in Oklahoma so with the warmer temps. come higher risks. We are having a 3 day party with family and friends arriving at different times throughout the weekend. May you and yours have a wonderful Easter.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  12. How adorable is that little teacup! Window cleaning is on my list of things to do. With the sun shining in the windows now in the late afternoon and early evening it's so noticeable. Hoping for a warm day soon to tackle that. Also, love the colorful flags on the mixer.

  13. Hi Kathy, I admire your idea to hang a tea cup from the fresh valance...I've never seen that before. You'll get lots of suggestions about window washing but I think I've got the answer. Whatever you use on the window glass, it is drying at just the right speed to leave streaks. That is why "they" say not to wash windows on a sunny day. I think the trick (and I study this!) is to wash one section and then dry it with a dry spot on a piece of lintless cloth. If you wash one entire side of a window and let it air dry it is going to streak. I use a bucket with a small amount of blue Dawn dishwashing soap and dry right away with old linen tablecloths that I keep just for that. No streaks!

  14. I love your new curtains. I've been thinking of redoing the curtains in my vintage trailer and yellow ticking stripe is on my list of possibilities. The eggs from your chickens are gorgeous! Almost too good to eat. I wish I would feel inspired to wash my windows, but I'm afraid I'm not! Love the new things for your shop.

  15. Those eggs are beautiful! No need to color your own, and with so many using natural dyes, this looks like what so many are trying to achieve. One question, do the eggs taste different...from one chicken to another? Does each of the chickens lay a certain color egg? Boy, I'm naive!

    Love the curtains! I have a brown ticking stripe in my bay window in the breakfast nook. I think it's timeless.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. And thank you for the uplifting comments on the lakehouse! :)

    Jane xxx

  16. Kathleen, This is how I wash windows and it works wonderfully. I use white vinegar and water.. I use a squeegee with a sponge on one side... use the water mixture and sponge side to scrub the window...use the squeegee to wipe the water off, after each wiping down, use a paper towel on the squeegee. It is most always streak free. So easy too. Love you valance and that mixer is wow. xoxo,Susie

  17. That looks very fresh for spring! Lovely valance!

  18. Same here with washing windows...usually Mr. Sweet gets outside and cleans while I clean on the works pretty good as we can point out ea streak...:)


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