Monday, March 7, 2016


It's here, the month I wait for like a man coming out of the desert waits for that first drink of cool water. March may not seem like the most beautiful month around, there is still lots of mud, some snow, the leaves aren't out yet, (at least in Michigan!) and old man winter can still stick his knobby arm out and dump some snow, but it's the month that holds the first day of Spring and I'll take it! 
All this week our temps are supposed to be in the 50's and 60's.  You have to be a northern girl to get excited about that, I know. I am a northern girl and I am excited!

I've been working on some Spring goodies for the shop and I can't wait to show you. First of all, what says Spring better than pansies? I love this new design and I know you will love it too. And yes, if there is a color combination you would like in place of the purple and yellow, I do custom colors, so contact me and I'll be glad to send you the color choices that will go best in your kitchen.
All of these items are in my etsy shop right now.
 I have also put together some mini sets of decals for your smaller appliances. I have had people use their decals for sewing machines, blenders, hand mixers, on just about anything that doesn't heat up.  I don't recommend them for toasters, waffle irons or anything hot.
I think they add a cute touch of cottage charm to your baking efforts :)
Earl has also put together some great boxes from salvaged walnut and oak. I used one of them for this little herb garden. It may be snowy outside right now but soon I'll be able to plant my herbs in the garden, in the meantime, I can have them in my window sill ready to use. I have a limited number of these so if you want one grab it! They have adorable card catalog handles that you can slip a label into. These are sized to hold 4 1/2" pots, but they would be so handy for so many things.

 You can see I've been super busy getting ready for Spring. I hope I can post a little more often as the sun shines and the days get longer, I miss my blog! What are you doing to get ready for Spring?

I just passed my 9 year anniversary of blogging! I can't let that go without a little giveaway to all my sweet friends who have stuck by me all these years.  Coming up Friday, I'll be holding a giveaway for a little something special. :)  Stay tuned!


  1. Your decal designs are cute. I wish you the best!

  2. You know I LOVE those pansies!

    Really, it's been 9 years already? Congrats!

  3. Happy 9th year anniversary of blogging!!! I just started following your blog -Love reading your post !

  4. 9 years here too Kathy! Congratulations!

  5. Nine years!!! Wow, Kathy congratulations.

  6. Those decals are so cottage cute!! Love the wood boxes too. Happy Blog Anniversary!! So happy to be your friend over all these years.

  7. Kathy, your blog looks amazing! You are a girl with lots of great skills. :)

    Congratulations on your 9 year mark. I've sure enjoyed reading and talking back and forth.

  8. What is this Déjà vu all over again? Where was I that a blogger was celebrating nine years? Oh! Pat on My Back Porch. Congrats on nine wonderful years and here's to many more! Funny how so many favorites got off to such close starts.

    I love the decals. The cherries and the sunflowers...oh the strawberries, too. All adorable.

  9. I think of you when I catch an episode of the Pioneer Woman and see her kitchen aid mixer decorated like yours - so charming! Love the wooden boxes. I worked in a library for a few years and loved those old card catalogs.

  10. Congratulations on nine years of blogging! I'm so glad you started - and I'm over-the-moon glad I found you. Love the new decals and the wooden boxes. I will email you about my decals. No problem with the decals - just an adjustment in how to place them because my Kitchenaid is a bit different design than yours. Yes, I've waited this long to add them because I wanted our 'new' kitchen - actually part two of the remodel from many years ago - to happen. It's happened and I can't wait to share it but, first, I want to feature my Kitchenaid with your sweet custom-made decals. Email heading your way, dear friend. Happy, happy March!

  11. So glad you are having warmer weather...we are all just begging for it.
    LOVE that box....

  12. Love, Love, Love the Springy!

  13. Hello Kathy,

    I tried commenting on this post from my phone a few days ago and the crazy thing wouldn't let me publish it.

    I just wanted to say that your decal sets are so gorgeous it makes me want to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer. I have a Bosch Universal Mixer that just will not die (which I guess is a good thing)..... but those new Kitchen Aids sure are pretty! :-) Maybe I need to dress up my Bosch with some decals. Hmmmmm. Yes, maybe I need to email you about that!

    Happy Spring, dear friend.



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