Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Fountainhead and Other Adventures

 Did you know we still have snowballs in May and June? Well, thankfully they are flower snowballs on the snowball bush rather than the icy kind.  I love that the Siberian Iris flowers at the same time, so pretty together.
I wanted to share this fountain that Earl made for me out of a lavabo that a friend gave me. It's a kind of old fashioned hanging sink.  This has been in my basement for ages with the thought that it would some day become a fountain.  Well, thanks to my sweet husband, that day has come. It took some figuring out, the silk fern hides the tubing that carries the water from the bowl back up to the faucet.  He had to mount it to a shallow box to hang on the back of the shed, (which is slated for painting this summer!) but the sound of trickling water is so beautiful as we sit in the garden now. I love it!
 This is my beautiful niece, she is a professional baker who just can't stop baking even on her day off. We spent the morning making these delicious frangipane and shortbread tarts with a topping of latticed rhubarb fresh from the garden.  What a fun way to spend the morning, creating something yummy while we catch up with our lives. I love this girl so much!  She works very long hours and I feel honored to have her spend some of her limited time off with me.
 Doesn't that look fabulous!? It is!  The recipe is HERE if you want to try it. Have you ever had rhubarb?
I have been wrapping up the etsy shop since I plan to take the summer off from working and concentrate on blogging again.  I need the creative push and I am in the process of simplifying. Sometimes we all need a little space to just be free and feed our souls.  Once the items in the shop are gone they won't be restocked until September, so if there is something you want before then, better get it now :)

I'm sharing today with Thoughts of Home on Thursday over at Stacey's Poofing the Pillows  and at Talk of the Town. If you haven't checked out these linky parties you should, so many great ideas!

Are you trying to simplify this summer or are you scheduled through Fall?  


  1. Your fountain is beautiful!! Earl really did a great job on it. That's the kind of thing that everybody wishes they had but don't. Does that make sense? It's so pretty.

    I bet you and your niece did have fun with the cake. We have such a shortage of females in our family. I need a daughter in law or niece. :)

  2. I love garden décor like your fountain. I have a holy font that I wanted to use in the garden but no where to hang it. You have inspired me to try and find a place! The rhubarb tart looks so delicious and it is rhubarb season here. It is a must try. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Your fountain is charming, so unusual.

  4. Love that fountain!! And my oh my does that tart sound wonderful!!

  5. Love it! It was one of my Mom's favorite pieces. I'm SO glad you are using it and loving it! My siblings will be thrilled, too! Hugs to you, Kath!

  6. That fountain is outstanding. I am showing my husband immediately!! Ps- I wish I had a professional baker in the family. She does outstanding work. I bet it tastes fabulous!

  7. I love the sound of falling water. That pie looks divine!!

  8. What a gorgeous and clever fountain. Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  9. Great fountain! What a neat addition to your garden!

  10. That is too pretty to eat...but I could get over that feeling really quickly! What a talented man you married. I love that sweet water feature!

  11. I have never cooked with rhubarb but this made my mmouth water.
    I love your fountain!
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home.

  12. I love rhubarb pie, Momma used to make such a wonderful one.
    You are so fortunate to live in a climate where it thrives.
    Wonderful fountain too!
    Great to have you join us at TOHOT!

  13. Wow, that rhubarb thing looks super impressive! That's one difference between Kayla and me-it looks WAY fussier than I would be interested in making. I'd be interested in tasting it though... ;-)

  14. Kathy, oh my goodness I love that fountain!!!!! It is just gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing that recipe for the tart; I almost asked about it when I was looking at the picture on IG. It is gorgeous! And oh how I love rhubarb.

    - Dori -

    P.S. That niece of yours... what a gem.

  15. the tart is beautiful but doesn't hold a candle to your lovely niece...
    I want a fountain like is so pretty.
    Can you put wire cages around your strawberries ?

  16. The fountain is pretty and wishing I had a piece of that tart...kind of a tease! Love that you share the recipe...but not a baker..but maybe one day!

  17. ...back by to say thanks for the vote of confidence on painting a will, indeed, be a lot of fun..I've wanted to do it for awhile..daughter, Stacy, wants to do it,too, but has other plans for tonight so we will get to do it another time, too.


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