Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blog. Post. Seriously mom.

Blog. Post. Seriously mom. 

That was the text I got from my youngest daughter this morning.  If for no other reason than my kids love to read it I must keep blogging.  Of course I enjoy it too, I just don't seem to give it the priority I used to and that's ok. I mean, I'm living my life and not just writing about it and that's the important thing.
Let's see, what is new around here?  Well, it's a cold, (45 degrees), drizzly day out , but the flowers are blooming. (Happy belated May Day!)  In spite of the cold drizzle today, May is my favorite month. Mostly because it's pretty much all about me.  Mothers Day AND my birthday month.  Also eldest daughter's birthday is this month and some other fun stuff that I look forward to. (garage sales start up again!) But again, Mother's Day and Birthday month. Winning.

I switched the curtains in the dining room back to the blue print from a plain neutral beige, because plain neutral beige? have you met me? Also, because I'm fickle.
I have been starting basil, zinnias and tomatoes for the garden in a little knock down greenhouse I found at Big Lots last fall. It was marked down to $35 and is big enough to walk in and plant right on the shelves inside.  It has been so great for starting seeds we have decided that a real greenhouse should be in our near future.
Trader Joe's iris and tulips. SO much joy for so little money.
I'm enjoying watching Spring unfold. I think my favorite shade of green is that soft cloud of green the trees get just before the leaves are all the way out. It doesn't last long and you have to watch for it in order to enjoy every last eye full.

For those of you wondering how I'm doing with a personal trainer, I'm doing ok.  Do I love it? No. But the older I get the more exercise resistant I get, which is why I need to pay someone to stand over me and make me do this stuff. I will say I am stronger than I thought. My muscles ache, but as I told Earl, "I would rather hurt because I'm getting better, than hurt because I'm getting more out of shape."
My trainer confessed that he has a trainer too, or he wouldn't do his exercises.  Somewhere out there a personal trainer that is actually able to motivate himself  is at the top of the food chain I suppose.  Who knew? I thought those guys lived for the gym.

So that's about it.  I know that was almost more excitement than you can handle in one day. Feel free to take a nap or something to calm yourself from that roller coaster ride of my fascinating life.  Hmmm, that doesn't sound too bad.  ;)  Catch you later with some REALLY exciting stuff!


  1. Oh honey, this is just real life. It doesn't have to be exciting for us to enjoy your post. I'm totally impressed that you have a trainer. I have an idea for a post coming up soon and you'll have to chime in.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. You are so good that you start your plants from seed! Love those curtains. I need a motive to get moving again. We have had so much rain, can't even go out and walk like I like too.

  3. Kathy, you always make me laugh. Isn't that perfect?
    As to personal trainers......what can one say!

  4. I like your patterned curtains, I'm not a plain neutral kind of person either.

    I need to keep moving too, but I'm so not a gym person.

  5. Well I found it quite fascinating. I was working at The Ponderosa today taking advantage of the sun, which set tonight and is taking a ten-day vacation, but who's counting? Where was I? Oh yes, so your life is far more exciting than mine. And I don't have a daughter who would ever encourage me to write my blog. She might, rather, go the other way, so that's very nice that your girl is nudging you to write. Now keep listening to her and make her happy.

  6. Oh, I love that color -- the chartreuse mist of spring. And TJ's tulips and your beautiful drapes and jolly good with the trainer! Much to love in this post -- a slice of life can be so delicious!

  7. I love to see you post, Kathy, but I hear you on living life first. I think it's nice that your girls read your blog. No one in my family does, nor my newspaper articles. It does hurt my feelings a little but what can I say? I have no idea why the don't.

    I planted lettuce and spinach. I use containers here in the city as I don't have any sunny areas in my borders. At the lake I can't grow anything, we have ever wild animal you can imagine having a buffet in my veggie gardens.

    Good for you with a trainer. I used to have a walking buddy until she moved. I'm exercising to some shows on TV, and I remember a lot of good exercises from DVD's I used to do. How I hate it! I've been following the low carb thing again and I do feel my clothes are getting looser. The scale scares the pants off me so I'm going by this!!!

    Let's pray for some warm weather!

    Jane x

  8. I enjoyed this post and love your curtains. Your days sound delightful and real living is in the little details. Enjoy these beautiful days and keep blogging !

  9. Love those curtains, Kathy. Couldn't take the old 'neutrals', huh? lol
    Good for you for sticking with a personal trainer. It is funny to think a personal trainer HAS a personal trainer but I guess it does make sense...kind

    Hoping you have a wonderful weekend- we are at that 'soft green haze' with our trees right now and I love it. xo Diana

  10. Happy Mother's Day, happy birthday to you both and I adore the fact that your kids are waiting for your next posts...that is the best reason to write!! ; )

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Month!! Of course you are celebrating all month long, right! LOL!! I have a hard time going to my fitness class, which is tomorrow. I always feel better when I'm done!!!
    Enjoy your month!


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