Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Petoskey, Michigan Weekend

A couple weeks ago Earl and I got away for the weekend to Petoskey Michigan.  In spite of being Michigan natives we weren't familiar with the area.  Most of the time we avoid tourist areas, and anyone who lives in Michigan knows "Up North" is THE place to go in the summer months. Sunday traffic going south on the highways is horrible so we usually avoid it.
This time, we decided it was off season and we would give it a try, so off we headed to Petoskey.  We stayed at the Terrace Inn, a very old inn that is situated in an old United Methodist summer camp right on Lake Michigan.  It has character galore.  Good and bad things about it, as most old Inns have, but we really enjoyed our stay.  Warning! My posts are not usually this long but there were so many beautiful old houses in this area I took a lot of photos!

The Inn's dining room is absolutely beautiful. Chandeliers, white cloths on the table and a real feeling of days gone by.  One of the things I wasn't crazy about was there was no central air in this building. Every room had it's own window air conditioner, and I am thankful for that because it was in the 80's and 90's while we were there. Definitely not typical for Northern Michigan in September!  Since there was no air in the dining room or foyer of this hotel, the dining room was not filled as you would expect.
 This is the foyer of the Inn
Instead, this is where we had breakfast and dinner, the back terrace with a view of Lake Michigan and the other glorious homes in this enclave.  It was still hot but there was a gentle breeze that made it bearable.  The first night we were there we decided to have dinner here and they had live acoustic guitar music. Very beautiful.
 After dinner we walked down through the surrounding Victorian houses to the beach of Lake Michigan just in time to see the sun setting over the water.
 I took pictures while my sweetheart skipped stones.
 Love that man :)   The next morning we walked through the old Methodist camp grounds.  When I say camp grounds I don't mean dingy tents and bunk houses.  These were summer mansions. That's my kind of camping!

 The camp ground is still in use to this day. It is called Bay View and they have summer programs for the residents.
 The old church. isn't it adorable?

 This was a porch on one of the homes.
 So many great details on these old places. They don't make them like this any more!

It was a great getaway. We came back relaxed and feeling like we had been residents of that little camp ourselves.   Have you gone on any weekend escapes lately? What's your favorite?


  1. This looks just dreamy, Kathy. The houses are all so pretty. When I see photos of Michigan, it always strikes me as gorgeous. Just look how bit those geraniums are at the last house!

    We have not gone on any weekend escapes lately but we've been talking about how we should. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I could use a weekend getaway! Not happening anytime soon! Yours looks wonderful! What amazing houses!

  3. Oh Kathy, how beautiful those houses are. It makes me want to visit!

  4. Isn't Petoskey wonderful! Those old Victorian homes are such a treat to see. I enjoyed the photos you shared. You must have visited when we had that unusual warmup spell. I live in Traverse City so I visit Petoskey when I can. What a treat to stay at that inn.

  5. I love up-north in the fall. It's the best time -- many less people. And Petoskey is beautiful and loads of fun. There's a wonderful Bay View summer music festival. I love that area and had hoped to do a post on it during my visit to P-town this year but it was pouring and not the best day to walk around. Your photos are just terrific! I was at the lake that weekend and spent most of it in the water! I never need air up north but that weekend would have tested my resolve!

    No weekend getaways for me till after my radiation is over in November but last weekend we closed up the cottage. Very bittersweet but such a lovely weekend, it was a nice way to end the season.

  6. So many darling cottages here - a wonderful place!

  7. I don't think I was ever there when I grew up in Michigan. It looks like a wonderful place. We are temporarily in a cabin rental (with an A/C window unit), that was built in the 1950'and still looks like it. We are calling it cozy, but it is really run down. A port in the storm for us though.

  8. What beautifully charming homes! We have a church campground in town and the cottages are very cute, but nOthInG like these. 🍁Glad that you had an enjoyable getaway and I hope that you and your Beloved get away again this fall for some leaf peeping in cooler temps.

  9. What a wonderful getaway! I loved your photos of the old inn and the campground is incredible. Those homes are so cute! We haven't had a weekend getaway recently but we just returned from a week of deer hunting in the woods of Eastern Oregon - with two of our teenage grandkids. We had a great time together but are glad to be home with the comforts and conveniences of civilization again.

  10. I have not been to Petoskey, MI, in several years but we thought it was a beautiful town. I remember that Methodist "camp" kind of camping, too.
    You got some great pictures. xo Daina

  11. I have not heard of Petoskey either...What a great town and charming homes.. It sounds like you had a great giveaway and the perfect weather too. We've been doing a lot of weekend getaways and fall is the perfect time to head out with our vintage trailer Minnie.

  12. So glad you had this fun getaway...
    how I wish they still built houses like these..gorgeous

  13. No Nov postings? ...just busy with life ?
    thanks for your visit....xoxo


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