Thursday, January 25, 2018

Procrastination, Projects and Recipes

Warning! Granny update! My darling granddaughter just turned two months old this week and it called for photos, as you may imagine.  I am sure she is developing wrist rolls to go with her thigh rolls and I couldn't be more pleased. I found this adorable outfit at Target (maybe they should start sponsoring me?) and I had to have it,  Isn't dressing little girls fun? Shameless grandmother share complete. 💖
This week I began the dreaded slipcover project that I have been planning for the last year.  When it comes to things I don't want to do I tend to procrastinate. As in, sit on the sofa binge watching Netflix, or doing ANYTHING except the thing I do not want to do, while I think about the intricacies of whatever project I am dreading. Sometimes there is coffee and chocolate, it helps me think.  At any rate, being the frugal person that I am, and having a perfectly comfortable but hideous piece of furniture that hurts my eyes every time I see it, I decided that I would slipcover it.  If Miss Mustard Seed can do it so can I right? I mean, LOTS of people slipcover their furniture and I can sew and I am sure I can do this. I don't want to, but I can.
Attempts to camouflage the red plaid love seat were not successful.
So armed with 12 yards of creamy denim, I began.  I am starting with the cushions because that seemed like the obvious place to begin. Results were not as planned.
The cover is obviously too loose and I shudder at the thought of ripping it apart to redo it but that is what will happen, because I want to like this piece of furniture when I am done with this heinous task.  Updates as I slog my way through this.


Just like many of you I have been trying to change to a more healthy way of eating.  It's back to (mostly) low carb. I say mostly because, darn it, I am so tired of giving up EVERYTHING, following stringent eating plans for a while and then falling off the wagon.  I just can't do that any more.  I have a problem with sugar. Once I start I can't stop, and I have found that eating low carb / high fat fixes that for me.  I am not as hungry, I slowly lose weight and I feel more satisfied.  So what I do is eat low carb high fat for breakfast and lunch and then I make a healthy meal for the hubs and I for dinner.  If we are going out, I'm not going to sweat it.  If this is something I am going to do long term it has to be something that is not so stringent that I can never have a food group again. That's just silly and it doesn't work for me.

 At any rate, Pinterest has been my friend and I have been making soups, and one pan meals that are delicious and good for me.  One of those is Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes  I will warn you, I have had chorizo before and it tastes fine, but I actually read the ingredients at the store when I went to get some this time and it's not pretty.  If you want to use chorizo, DO NOT READ THE INGREDIENTS. I just made it impossible not to look didn't I? I'll tell you, chorizo is made with pig snouts. 😝  I used regular old pork sausage in mine and it was still fabulous.  This makes a huge batch, but I happened to have a friend who had just gone through surgery so I split the recipe and gave her half. Perfect.  Add some steamed green beans and you will be in hog heaven.  This is super easy and delicious.  I am also loving Mediterranean Baked Chicken , and Tortellini Soup with Italian Sausage and SpinachThe soup is so delicious it has become a staple at many of my friends homes too.

This slipcovering project may actually get me blogging again. I suddenly felt the need to write a post rather than sew.  What makes you procrastinate?


  1. She’s so adorable and so awake! Yes, it must be wonderful to shop for a little girl. 🌸

    Slipcovers...I made some in outdoor fabric for an outdoor sofa. Never again! I am impressed with your desire to be perfect, but that cushion looks perfectly fine to me...slightly rumpled is a lovely casual look.

    I agree that strict diets cause trouble. Have fun with your plan.

  2. She is just darling. My last granddaughter had those little rolls around her hands/wrists and feet/ankles. My other granddaughter looked at her and said -"Oh, look! She has screw on hands and feet!" We about died laughing.

    Take heart-by the time you get to the second cushion you will 'get it'. I, too, have ripped my share of them apart...and I always cut BIG the first time cuz Lord forbid I cut them too small and they won't fit. lo Hang in there. xo Diana

  3. Your grandbaby is such a beautiful gift from God! I'm going to be following your slipcover project. I need to do mine and hope life settles a bit so I can get started. I don't see that happening soon but I'm anxious to cover the ugly sofa!

  4. I'm a somewhat newbie grandma, so i fee the love and infatuation! Your little do is so, so precious! Hard to let go of, right?

    I agree on the carbs, they are the most craved for foods we could ever hate. It's very hard, but avoiding them works. That's it. I'm plugging away, too, if that help!


  5. How brave to attempt a whole sofa cover! It is annoying when it doesn't turn out exactly as you thought it would, but I'm sure you will get there.
    As to procrastination, I can find dozens of reasons why my ironing can wait!

  6. She's such a beauty! Having three granddaughters, I can say honestly that shopping for them is one of my delights! Now we've found out that we're getting a grandson in May! We've seen so many cute boy things the last several years! I can't wait to shop for him!

    Your thoughts on eating are wise. I stay on my plan as much as possible, and don't sweat it when I eat out!

  7. The baby is beautiful! I have four great nieces (and another on the way) and they are delicious, too. I say share away! Who doesn't love cute baby photos. As for the slipcover and the eating? I am right there with you.

  8. She's so cute!! She looks very happy too. I know you are loving every single second with her.

    Your eating plan sounds very sensible. I too struggle with sugar. Oreos...I can eat the whole package. Cake or's gone in a heartbeat! I'm trying too.

    You enjoy those granny moments and share to your hearts desire. :)

  9. I need to find an upholsterer who can make new "innards" for my existing cushions. Nice, firm, won't-squish-down foam. The rest of the couch isn't bad except for the cat hair and the fact that it's low -- although that might just be because the cushions are so bad! Maybe a trip to JoAnns is in order.

    The food looks delicious -- the chicken photo and the other recipes you mentioned. It's a good season for chicken and small potatoes, isn't it? And soup. Oh, can't beat soup at this time of year! What a lovely post. Keep sharing your granny pix -- too cute for words!

  10. She is positively gorgeous, Kathy..


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