Monday, September 10, 2007

Catching up.....

Sorry I'm a little behind.... I meant to participate in the Make Mine Pink Tea today but my schedule was crazy the last two days. I will get to it, hopefully tomorrow. I do want to mention that Barbara, at Southern Lady's Vintage awarded me the "Blog with a Heart Award" last week and I am so honored!
Thank you so much Barbara! Iwould have a very hard time picking out just one or two of you to nominate in turn because you all have been so kind and friendly in your comments and visits. I really feel priveleged that I have met you. I visit so many of your pages every day,(although at the moment I am catching up from the weekend!) and you all delight me with your creativity and caring. SO to all you ladies whose blogs I visit, you are all nominated in my book for this award! Thanks for visiting and commenting and making yourselves known. See you tomorrow:>)


  1. How wonderful Kathy!! You really do deserve this award!


  2. Kathy, is this nude pix good ole Gramps? Looks familiar to me somehow. Your tea setting is beautiful, as usual an uplifting experience. LAS

  3. Kathy, you so deserve this award! I always love that you visit my blog! You are such a great person! Kindness, Lisa

  4. You're more than welcome Kathy! You deserved it!
    Southern Lady's Vintage


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