Friday, September 28, 2007

The thankfulness list:>)

Wow, what a busy week this has been! Just trying to get things organized for fall and the change of seasons. For some reason I think I feel more need for deep cleaning and organizing in the fall than in the springtime. I think it has to do with looking forward to all those months cooped up in the house for the winter! Do you like my morning glories? They are still hanging in there and giving me lots of blooms. It is so cool and nice here (71 at the moment) that even though it is 3:00 in the afternoon they haven't wilted! While blogging around this morning I came across Kim's blog, and thought she had such a lovely prompt to "add a list of thankful things to your blog". I thought that was a great way to start my weekend so here goes.
1. I am thankful for the unwavering, unconditional, unending and unbelievable love that I get from my sweet husband, Earl. He loves me like no one has ever loved me before, and he makes me happy every day:>)
2. My daughters and the sweetness they bring to my life.
3. The happiness of time spent with true "kindred spirit" friends.
4. Clean , line dried sheets. If I were rich I would have my "staff" wash and line dry my sheets every day!
5. Sunshine
6. flowers
7. The way I feel when I am surrounded by my extended family.
8. The way my cats seem to know when I am feeling bad and come cuddle on my lap, especially on a cold winter day.
9. Thunderstorms in spring.
10. beautiful old houses.
That is a start. I will have to think and add a bit more as I come up with things that make me happy. I am a generally happy person so I guess I am even thankful for that! :>)
I hope everyone has a beautiful autumn weekend, think about your blessings and not your woes if it's possible!


  1. Kathy, I love the morning glories. Great advice, we have been having a rough go of it today but maybe I just need to pull myself up by my boot straps, think positively and resume counting my blessings.

  2. Hey Kath, I love the new look!
    Its so autumn looking!

    Mmm...there is nothing better then sheets dried on the line is there!
    Hubby & I love it too!
    In the winter hubby shovels me a path way to the clothesline so I can hang my laundry out!
    Is'nt he the sweetest! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hugz, Dolly

  3. Kathy, what a wonderful beginning list to be thankful for! I for one am thankful that I have "met" you!

  4. I feel the need to clean more in the fall than spring. I seem to want to nest more in the fall. (I echo your thankful list.)

  5. Hi Kathy! Your morning glories are beautiful! I am thankful for all the wonderful people I've "met" through blogging, and for the chance to "visit" their lovely and creative homes.

    Love your new banner and background!

  6. What a lovely posting. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Posting any more soup pictures anytime soon?

  7. Beautiful post Kathy! I love how happy you are :) And the flowers are gorgeous as well as your new header and background!! I also love your Etsy header and the name of your store! So cute :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Nice list Kathy :)
    Love your new banner!

  9. Kathy, thanks for stopping by to offer encouragement and support. I am back to counting blessings today:)

  10. I LOVE the new look Kathy it's beautiful. I love the idea of the grateful list and yours is wonderful.

    I have TAGGED you for a game. Check out my blog for details.


  11. Hi Kathy

    Great Post, Love the new Banner, Our Posts today kind of go hand in hand :) You will have to check it out on my blog :)


  12. Your blog is beautiful, Kathy. I think you have your priorities well in order. If you are tempted to post another "soup pix" how about your wonderfuly delicious white chili? Love as always, LAS

  13. I am thankful for all the sweet ladies i have met blogging, Like You !! :)

  14. I love the smell of sheets dried on a clothes line--brings back memories of childhood! Have a blessed weekend. ;-)

  15. Hi!
    Loved reading your list. Your morning glories are so beautiful. I have no idea why I never plant them anymore. I love the colors. So it was a treat to see yours.

  16. You have been tagged. You can come by my page if you care to take part.

  17. Kathy ~ You have been tagged to list seven uncommonly known things about yourself. :)

  18. You are such a special lady and I feel blessed to have found my way here today! I have so enjoyed reading every word and seeing each pretty photo. Thank you for the smile! I will be back often!



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