Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth! Our DSL internet service has been down for a couple days, I was going through blog withdrawal. I am so behind on my emails and visits, I haven't abandoned you I promise:>) I have also been very busy with some projects and the usual things that seem to make a week whiz past. I am working on some etsy goodies and also on putting together a give-away, just because. Church meetings, a funeral ( a relative of someone dear to us), and errands,planning a little autumn party for the 4th & 5th grade girls in my wednesday night church class, and here we are mid-week before we knew it! There is certainly nothing earth shattering to share though, so I will leave you with some pictures of a few things on my bookshelves right now.

I set my bell jar on top of a depression glass cake plate that I got at a yard sale this summer for $3! It is so pretty, I have another one just like it in pink that I paid $12 for at a yard sale and I thought I was getting a great deal then! I just filled the jar with some white pumpkins and silk flowers for a simple autumn display. You can see how dark these shelves are, maybe I can line them with something lighter? What do you think? I wouldn't have to damage the shelves or make it permanent. Any suggestions? Keep an eye out for my give-away, I'll have it ready soon:>)


  1. Hi Kathy! Boy I know how you feel with getting behind. I started a new job and haven't been able to keep up.

    So glad you got your living room painted :) yayyyy!

    A suggestion for the bookcases. You could take a piece of lightweight board and cut it to the size of the incside back and then cover it with whatever material you were thinking of; wallpaper or fabric. I think someone here in blog land did that.


  2. Love those displays.
    And with all that has happened in your life I can see that you are busy.
    Glad to have you back!

  3. Ahhh Michelle beat me to it!
    I was thinking foam board covered with fabric or wallpaper or old book pages for the backs too!

    Enjoy your week!
    Hugz, Dolly

  4. Glad to see you back! Love your display and the wood....we wouldn't change looks so rich and yummy!

    Have a blessed day!

    kari and kijsa

  5. Kathy -
    Missed you. I understand blog withdrawal - it's awful! Glad you're back online. You sure have had a busy week. Sounds like mine. Your pretties are so nice. Thanks for sharing them with us. ~Adrienne~

  6. Hi Kathy,
    Love the displays. I agree with Michelle, if you want a different background without painting, then cutting light weight board and covering it with paint, fabric or wall paper is the trick!

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friends relative.

  7. Hi Kathy! Sounds like you have been very busy! Seems like there aren't enough hours in the day as they say! LOL! I just started working on some of my hand painted ornaments today. So I am behind too! Love your display!

  8. Glad you are back. The berries in the white container are lovely. Your week sounds busy but good. Have a lovely day ~

  9. Sounds like a busy week! I line or paint the back of all my cabinets. For my LR china cabinet I just took cardboard and cut it to size and wrapped some toile fabric that I had around it and duct taped it to the back. That way I'm not stuck with it if I want to change it out.


  10. You are so talented Kathy, You have such an eye for staging! Beautiful. I love the cloche and everything in it!!


  11. Such a pretty vignette!! Happy Fall to you!


  12. No doubt...too busy all the time and blogging takes a sad backseat when it doesn't want to!
    I like the cabinet dark (I'll bet your husband does too!)
    I took the youth ...what little we have...visiting shut-ins last night and we took them bags of fall goodies and snacks. It was really fun!

  13. Glad your back. It is all beautiful.

  14. Love your arrangements!! What a deal for the cake plates ~ they are wonderful! You know I am coveting your!

    I have dark shelves, too, but like the contrast. If I painted them white, I am afraid my hubby would nut up. He would not look good in a straight jacket...

  15. Lovely display, I have to copy this and place in various parts of my house.


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