Monday, October 1, 2007

Sweet & Sinister and some little known facts

Today is mailing day for the sweet & sinister swap at Artsy Mamas. Here are just a few little peeks at what I made for my swap partner Carrie. I dont want her to see it all but I will post pictures in a few days of the whole thing, since she lives close and should have it by then. I didnt get very good pics this morning because it is getting ready to rain here and the light is terrible. Hopefully I will get some better shots after work.
I also got my pretty fabric ribbon brooch in the mail from Phyllis Saturday. This was from her one year anniversary of blogging and I won it. I told her if I had 3 more they would make pretty tie backs for my toile curtains. Maybe I can figure out how to replicate it!
I have been tagged by Michelle E., Brenda, and Alexandra to tell seven things about myself that are not common knowledge. I find this very difficult because to me everything about me is common knowledge! LOL But I guess I will think about it from my blog friends perspective which leaves it pretty much wide open. However, it will have to wait until after work because I need to get ready and go! I will post again this afternoon sometime, have a great day! :>)


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the swap items....looks like fun!

    I look forward to your 7 facts post...

  2. I will find anything you tell us important. Love visiting your place!

  3. Oh that brooch is so pretty! I love the center. They would be perfect tie backs for your curtains!

    The swap goodies look adorable! I like the ghost I see peeking out :)


  4. That was a fun party at Phyllis' place! Those would make wonderful tiebacks for your curtains! I'm making over a pumpkin with the things she sent me.



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