Monday, October 1, 2007

It's all about me!

Yes, here it is , what you have all been waiting for....(drumroll) Seven little known facts about ME! Ok, I have to warn you, they are probably laughably boring but I am what I am.

1. I love to go barefoot, and would rather go barefoot almost anywhere than to wear shoes.
I have been known to go outside in November (in snow) barefoot. I kick my shoes off once I
am in the pew at church (didn't God tell Moses to remove his sandals when He spoke to him
because he was on holy ground?) Earls dear grandfather used to lovingly call me hillbilly because I was always barefoot (and so was he, we had that in common).

2. I can pick up almost anything with my toes (I know, isn't this the most fascinating stuff!?)
Probably because of all those years of going barefoot:>)

3. I have panic attacks if I have to speak to groups larger than about 6 people. Can't breathe,
get lightheaded. Yeah, it stinks. I had to take a SPEECH CLASS to finish up my associates
degree (it took me 25 years!) that was the only thing holding me back. I signed up for class
and found out the one I chose only required one speech the whole semester (thank you Lord!)
Now I am working on a bachelors, no more speech classes required!

4. Because of #3, I can't bring myself to sing in front of people at church. I am so impressed
with Phyllis for doing that in spite of her fears! Bravo for you Phyllis!

5. I am also afraid of heights, am I just a bundle of insecurities or what? Maybe. But as long as
I don't make public speeches from a ladder people have no idea. Shhh, don't tell!

6. I look just like my great grandmother. My grandpa's mom on my mothers side of the family.
An almost uncanny resemblance to her portrait.

7. I am writing a book! Eeek, there I said it! Most of my family doesn't know this (or didn't until
now!) That's all I am going to say at the moment about it, but I am kind of excited about
the fact that I even have the guts to try it. If I sell it you will be the first (ok, maybe second)
to know:>)

There, those are my seven fascinating things that you didn't know about me. I know this meme has been going around a lot so I am not going to tag anyone. If you havent been tagged, please consider doing this on your blog too so we can all learn a little more about you!


  1. Enjoyed reading this and learning a little more about you. Are you going to self publish the book?

  2. Nope! I am hoping to sell it to a publisher when it is finished! That is my goal:>)

  3. good for you (on writing the book) what genre is it?

  4. I sure enjoy reading these little facts about people!

    Good for you on writing a book. My family owns a fairly large publishing company, but we only publish certain types of books, usually related to a geographical location or place, so I can't help there. But, do tell more, maybe I'll have some tips for you on getting your manuscript or idea to be noticed!


  5. Hello- I am new to blogging and found your wonderful site. Have a great week.


  6. We share toe adeptness and public speaking ills. :) But, I have to speak in front of many, as many as several hundred. Ugh. Somehow I get through it, just keep things brief. Lucky for my audience. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. Kathy, how fun to learn these things about you. I too am a bare foot gal! Must be that Michigan thing...

    How wonderful that you are writing a book! Let us know as soon as you get a publisher!!

  8. Oh- tagging is so fun! Thanks for sharing (love the shoes off in church...holy ground!)
    We were tagged too, and enjoy reading everyone's answers!
    kari & kijsa

  9. You and my daughter have the feet thing in common! Good luck on writing and publishing your book. It's wonderful to be so involved in something creative isn't it.


  10. Cool! Whats the book about? I would like to try that too.

  11. I pick up things with my toes too!! And I'm afraid of heights and I get panic attacks in large crowds (sometimes even before we leave the house, just in anticipation of the crowd). But God is not a God of fear =) How exciting for you to break the news of your book like this!! I can't wait to hear more about it. Blessings... Polly

  12. I don't think you're boring AT ALL!! I loved reading about people and thank you for sharing!

    I have panic attacks too so I can empathize.

    I guess everyone has been tagged now, our work has been done. :)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, if you get a chance to stop by today I'm doing a drawing for a give away. :)


  13. Oh I really enjoyed that. Glad I tagged you. Barefeet are me too. My parents used to pick on me when I was a teen because I would wear jean shorts and flannel shirts and barefeet right out in the snow. Living here in Mississipi we never see snow.I would die to feel that on my feet again.
    I also feel the same as you about bloggers. I have met some awsome women. I had began to wonder if they were still out there.
    Thanks again for being a great friend.

  14. This was fun to read thanks for sharing it.

  15. Meme? Me-too! Me-too! I'm a barefooted Bessie and pick up things with my toes and am afraid of heights and would love to write a book! I'm not so much afraid of public speaking, but then I've never had to do it. I did in front of a group of 4th graders, but that doesn't really count. I'm afraid I'm beginning to look like my great grandmother who I was always so thankful I didn't look like. Now I think I'm getting her nose.

    I'm so impressed you're writing a book! You're actually *doing* it. You're taking action. That alone is so exciting!

  16. Kathy,
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    My wife and I are members, and have found the comradery and motivational writings very useful in our quest to go barefoot everywhere all year round, even in the snowy winter!
    Life is to short to miss out on half of it by succumbing to even flip flops.
    Feel free to contact us personally if you would like any more information.


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