Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Living Room Update

I thought I would update you on the living room since I promised to last week aand didnt get it done! The painting is finally done and it looks so sunny and warm in yellow:>) I got my curtains back up, these are some that I whipped up myself and thought i would replace when I painted, but the color goes so well with the walls I put them back up. They needed a little tweaking, rehemming because I hung them at a different height but I love my sunny living room now! I still don't have pictures hung or anything accesorized, and I want to make some pretty cushions for the sofa and loveseat since I don't care for the ones they came with. But it's coming along a little at a time. I will show you as I get things done. It's all a work in progress though, are we ever really finished with our rooms? I know I'm not, everything changes all the time. It keeps things interesting:>) I know I am jumping right past Thanksgiving (and don't get me wrong, I LOVE Thanksgiving!) but I am getting so ready and excited for Christmas this year! It will probably be a fairly lean one but it isnt about the presents at our house anyway. We always have such fun with baking and decorating and parties. I love foofing the place up and the glitter, well let me tell you! Have I mentioned I love glitter? Who else is ready for Christmas?


  1. on you "whipping" up those lovely curtains? How did you do that?

  2. What a warm color! Lovely!
    OH me ME (on who's ready for Christmas)..... well, ready in spirit anyway! I have just begun!

  3. Not ready but sure excited! I'm like a kid at Christmas..
    I love your "new" living room, I could snuggle in with a book...ahhh, what bliss!

  4. Hi Kathy, gorgeous sunny spot, we agree with Betty! Just perfect for curling up and reading! Ready for Christmas? We are in the middle of a house move, bad timing really, but unavoidable! Not to worry, we'll wrok extra hard to make sure the house is all decorated by Christmas Day!! Jenn and Jacqui

  5. Looks great and sunny. I feel i had Thanksgiving already so yes im ready. i will start getting mine out soon.

  6. I haven't been over for a few days and you've posted some cute stuff!! I love your new room. Blessings... Polly

  7. The room looks great! I love the colors. I am working in my living room this week as well. Great minds...LOL.


  8. After today, I am so getting into the Christmas spirit (the planning part of it, anyway). Oh, and I LOVE glitter, too!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Kathy, your living room color is great! I love how warm and inviting it looks. I too want to curl up there and read a great book...

    Great minds think alike! I am thinking about Christmas too!

  10. Your room looks soooooooo pretty and inviting! How lovely it will be to spend Christmas in that room!



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