Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anyone else caught in the January Doldrums? I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything. I am still eyeing the last of the Christmas decorations and wondering where the gumption to take them down is going to come from. At least I have the Christmas tree down! I can't see decorating for spring, which is a good 3 months away up here in the bitter north. I am already sick of the snow so decorating with snowmen and winter themes leaves me "cold". I have just begun working on a few new projects for etsy (a sneak peek is above) but it's going very slowly. Next week I start a second job that will seriously hamper getting any of these things done. I need to find the energy/motivation somewhere fast! Anyone got some to spare?


  1. I am sitting here in my jammies at 9AM....trying to get motivated to get a shower - lol. Maybe our bodies and minds are telling us to relax, rest....spring will come soon enough and we will be full of energy again.
    p.s. looks like something really great you are working on there!

  2. I do!

    I wish I could come over and motivate you with some chocolate chip muffins and hot cocoa. I'd make you do the work before you got the treat!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Yes January can be a very hard month. I seem to struggle even more in February. However, I have to admit that since I have been blogging it really helps the winter blues. I pray.....prayer does wonders for me and so does reading the WORD, it helps me remember why I am here!!


  4. Now that is the kind of motivation I need! I'll do almost anything for chocolate:>)

  5. Hi Kathy
    I remember what the winter doldrums were like when we used to live in Canada. One of the things I used to do was go and buy some flowers at the grocery store. They were cheapest there. They usuallyhad tulips or daffodils or primrosesa round this time.
    Get a nice hot cup of something you like, put on some relaxing music(I love the playlist from A Year From Oak Cottage)Then write down all the things you are thankful for. Write down everything you can think of, no matter how trivial, like toothpaste so your teeth stay healthy.
    Another thing to do is just give yourself permission to be lazy. It's okay if you're not productive 24/7.
    Is there a project that you really want to get going on? Then just do one small thing toward getting it started.
    If all else fails, indulge yourself in some more chocolate :)
    Hugs, Rhondi

  6. Are you serious?!?! Surely you are jesting?!?! Chickeeeeee, I've never ever felt that way......okay okay so I lie a lot, honey!! It'll pass and you'll be on a roll before ya know it!! Give it time, go with the flow and pick up a good book while feeling that way, sweets........

  7. Oh, sweet Kathy Grace...you are just tired, girlfriend...and now you are taking a 2nd job. No wonder you have no motivation, even with a double dose of Chocolate...I just finished my post for tomorrow about my first project in this new year. Sometimes, when things get bad enuf, you are pushed into doing something about it, which is just what happened in my case...even if you would whole lot rather get back in the warm bed and watch a LIFETIME movie...which is what I want to do right now!!
    hugs, bj

  8. You are asking a girl who is looking for the bed at 6:30 every night LOL!
    I hope your new job has some fun people there and you can chat and giggle all day :) And get paid for it!

  9. Kathy, I think you need to take a break without feeling guilty. I know it is hard to set back when you feel like there is sooooo much to do. My mother always says, "Be good to yourself". Try to relax and enjoy "the January Doldrums". Sounds like you are going to be very busy in the weeks to come. Debbi

  10. Oh no Dear One, I don't have a bit of spare energy/motivation. I don't even have enough, for myself. ,-) But then, 'tis _that_ time of year, I fear. -sighhhhhh-

    I actually did get most Christmas decorations down yesterday. But managed to stir up enough dust to give myself a .... I never had asthma-like things. And am determined to not *believe* I do now, either. But............. When one has to grab the Allegra-D, -sigh-... Maybe I should give in. They have come, with age, I fear.

    So I called a halt to any more, for today. 'Uncle A.' would have taken the {artificial} tree down but... Another day. :-)

    This doldrums stuff, is why I'm wanting to think of Valentines and pink, and red and sparkly though... To see if it helps any. Just an idea.

    Aunt Amelia
    "I wish the sky would rain down roses... They would fall as light as feathers, smelling sweet: and it would be like sleeping and yet waking all at once." ~~George Eliot

  11. Hi there! I just came over from Kari and Kijsa.

    I haven't lost motivation...yet. I always sink into the dulldrums at this time of year, though. I have a couple of big projects planned, then I'll start spring cleaning, then it's garden starting time. I think maybe if I break up the rest of winter into stages it will help. I don't know. I hope you break out of your funk to create something fabulous!

  12. Hey Kathy!

    Well, the fallow ground of winter is the home of all kinds of activities..but all unseen, below the surface. Like a bulb preparing to break through in the Spring, your ideas and inspiration are at work deep down and will see the light of day soon enough. Don't fret...that's how it's suppsed to be, so let yourself off the hook a bit my friend...

    I'll sure be thinking of you and praying for you as you venture into your second job. Unfortunately, for my own stress level, I get more done when I have a lot going on - perhaps ramping up for the job will also kick in some extra motivation...?

    Your project is looking incredibly cute there - LOVE the colors!!

    So glad you're my friend...take care.

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Becky S.

  13. yeah, chocolate is a motivator. It gets me to the grocery store, drug store = whatever destination that has chocolate. Sometimes a honeymoon pastry works for me.

    Try out a few chocolate recipes sources in advance of feb 14. Got to find the perfect one you know.

    I have been hearing about the same kind of snow references all around me including myself in snowy again wi!

    Read some blogs. Relax, after those holidays, you deserve it. Enjoy the peace and quiet! Don't feel guilt just to do nothing major.

  14. Oh sweety, the spring will be upon us soon. Just think of all of the positives and don't let the negatives pull you under. That is not what God wants for us. Find happiness and joy and be thankful for each day we have.

    I love sneak peek! Cute, cute fabric!!

    Love you oodles and bunches and am sending you some sunshine all bundled up in a bag from California. Maybe you need to come and stay here with me for awhile. Soak up some sunshine (though it is cold outside) and have some shopping therapy - or some sewing therapy. You are always welcome in our home.


  15. I am having an un-motivated day myself. But I would love a little snow, so far this winter we got a half an inch on Christmas Day which was nice but I would like one big you have to stay home storm. Your fabrics are lovely.
    Roberta Anne

  16. Kathy,
    We are expecting below zero temps tonite. When I snuggle down in bed on bad nights like this I just thank God for the roof over my head. Then I say a few prayers and I'll include you tonight. It really makes me sad to hear someone is feeling down because it is so hard to justify, explain and make go away!! My suggestions are all in the previous comments. Keep your chin up, it will pass. In the summer we will be wishing for a little chill. (Maybe) :-)


  17. Hang in there, Kathy. It doesn't matter that you don't have all your decorations put up yet. You will get there.

    And, you are one of the people that accomplish so much. And, you're so talented. And, you're so kind, thoughtful and nice.

    There, do you feel any better knowing how much we all love you? And, just eat some chocolate if you want it.

  18. I have been in my jammies into the late mornings lately. I think it's the month. You can do it! :0

  19. You will bounce back soon:-) Maybe you need to take some "Kathy" time and give yourself a break. You do SO much for SO many that has to leave you a tiny bit tired.
    Take care of yourself you deserve it

  20. Hi Kathy!
    I have no doubt that you'll soon be off and running and creating as you go along with joy...you are just having a much deserved "rest"

  21. Oh Kathleen Grace! I'm soooo right there with ya. The decorations that are left ... are the ones that hubs needs to put away. So I'm just quietly not saying a word...

    But I love that color combo...
    Make an apron!


  22. I have been wishing for Spring since December 26th. Winter is just not my favorite. I did have a nice weekend of working on projects and today my Dad is coming to help me install my wood heater in the basement and that, as strange as it may seem, has made me as happy as a Lark!

    Wished we lived closer, then we could team up and craft together... who knows we might even be able to give Kari & Kijsa a run for their money. LOL!!

    BTW I love the fabrics and I can't wait to see what you make with them. Hope the new job goes well.

    Also, I wanted to say a big AMEN to your previous post... Just hit delete is the best way to deal with such bozos!


  23. Bless your heart, I have been in that same kind of mood before! Good luck on your second job. Maybe after the tension of getting that started is over, you will feel more creative. Blessings, Kathleen

  24. Oooh...is this a sneak peek of somethng pretty you are working on?
    I finally took down the decorations but the basement is covered as Bill is working on the storage room...and only works in hour here or an hour there increments!
    I need to finsih the laundry but here I am on the computer! I just do not seem motivated to actually finish everything...wish we could all meet and have lunch and share our doldrums! Then we would all feel bright and cheery again!



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