Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm dealing. Through prayer and hours and hours (and sleepless nights) of thought, I am working it out. Maybe I will find what God is trying to teach me in this rainy season. Maybe the lesson isn't really even for me. But, for whatever reason, I'm back. Fortified with fresh lemon scones and lemon curd (I ate it all!) from my sis yesterday:>) Oh, and she brought me a huge box of antique linens from Earl's Aunt Sharon in Florida (Thank you Aunt Sharon!). The tablecloth you see here being one of the lovely, crisp, white pieces in the box. They are soaking right now to get rid of some old spots, but I can tell you they are spectacular. As is my sis, and all of you who left me messages of encouragement. Thank you.
Melissa had a post friday about disconnecting. Taking more time for family and home and spending less time in front of the computer. It's a bit tougher than it sounds isn't it? Am I the only one who finds it hard to balance my time online with my real life here at home? It is easy to get caught up in expectations, of how often we should comment, how often we should visit, even what we should blog about! I need to remember this blog is for me. I love sharing with you, don't get me wrong! But the online community is really quite unlimited isn't it! I am going to free myself a little. First, I want to declare this blog an award free blog. I appreciate so much the awards and the sentiments behind them, that I have received! But passing them on and keeping track of them can be time consuming. So instead, I will do this. When I see a blog I love, or that has something wonderful to say, I will link to it! I will recommend it to you so you can share in its wonderfulness with no strings attached.
Second, I am freeing myself from the heavy expectations of commenting on every singe post of all my bloggy friends. I know, that is the toughie, and I hope you understand. I dont want any of you to feel beholden to leave comments here if you are time pressured! If there is anything here to enjoy, please, visit and enjoy! But the comment thingy goes both ways. Of course I hope you won't abandon comments when you are less rushed or something strikes you specially well, but no pressure. Really. And I hope you will understand that I am still checking on all of you but may not have the time for more than a hello. Fair enough?


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are finding your way Kathy...and you remind me that when life gives us lemons they aren't always just a lemon...but we can make something wonderful with what we are given. Lemon scones and lemon curd...yummy!!

    I also love that you are making blogging what it is to you -- it's something you take seriously and I'm with you -- it isn't about the awards and the's about talking and sharing and linking is good. ♥

    Love the new look for spring by the way!

  2. I'm trying to limit my online time too...I was getting way to carried away! Even though I blog in the same room with my family, I'm not talking to them! So only a few nights a week now for me and a bit on the weekends. I've also scaled back on my comments, unless it's really important to me...(as this post is!)
    Hope things get worked out soon for you Kathy.
    Hugs to you

  3. Hi Kathleen! I can totally relate to your comments about blogging/comments/awards! Since I've returned to work after 20 years of being at home it was just what I needed to break the blog addiction cycle! Now I blog when I have nothing better to do and I don't feel self-pressured to post/comment and only do if I feel like it! I'm finding many of us out there who feel the blogging pressure and I for one am relieved to have gotten rid of it!!! Best wishes in your rainy journey! I hope the sun shines on you soon!!! Sincerely, Jeannette BTW that lemon curd looks delicious!!! I have a craving now!lol

  4. Hi Kathy, sometimes it is hard to find a balance. I think we all know what you mean and understand exactly how you feel.
    Blogland is a wonderful place ,full of caring people. I like how we can share our lives and art with each other.
    Take care and thinking of you

  5. Hello Kathy,
    So glad to see your post today! I share your sentiments regarding all the expectations that surround this creative outlet. I had to stop blogging last summer when life became too difficult. I hope to get back to it soon....with balance and perspective! Take care and keep looking up!

  6. Hi Kathy! You are not the only one who has to work at balancing online life w/ "real" life! LOL! Good luck with everything, friend and God Bless you! :)

  7. Wanting to wish you a week filled with many blessings...m

  8. Those scones look scrumptious! Hope you have a relaxing, just for you day! And we'll see you!

  9. Wow! What a nice box of goodies, huh? I can't wait to see them all! Wonder how many will become aprons? LOL.
    Your table with it's *all gone* yummies looks...well...YUMMY!

  10. Welcome back! A whole box of linen treasures - you lucky girl!

    I like the award free thing! I appreciate receiving them but I never pass them on because it is alot of work remembering the rules and all that and then I feel guilty. So I may join you in that!

    I decided when I came back to blogging that I wouldn't comment on every single post for every single person all the time and if that was a problem for some people so be it. Some people post every day! I'd get nothing else done all day if I did that! I completely understand.

    Anyway, good to have you back!


  11. Fair enough. I think we all completely understand where you are coming from. Glad you are back.


  12. The balance----its hard to find it sometimes. The man thing is to do what is right for you, not to feel pressurised.

  13. Totally fair!! Many of us are in the same boat...just not enough time. I hope everything is getting better for you.


  14. Sounds like a wonderful way to help keep the real important things in life up front where they need to be!

  15. I just took four days off from the computer due to illness and the world did not spin out of control. I too try to figure out how to make blogging enjoyable without letting it take over my life. It is not easy. I have found that I must limit it by time. I allow myself so much time and that it the end. I certainly don't have answers.

    Roberta Anne

  16. You must do what is best for you. I too find it hard to comment on all blogs, because time is limited. I have things to do, and places to be. I love my new blog friends though. Take care.

  17. Hi Kathy, glad you are back, we were all concerned about you! And I think most of us understand what you are saying. You're a sweet gal, and such an inspiration! Thanks for your friendship!

  18. Hi Kathy
    I think one of the things we all like about blogging is the connection with other women like ourself, women who love their families, who love to putter around their house, who are creative etc. This is supposed to be fun and if it's taking up too much time, or becoming a chore then it's not worth it. I don't respond to every comment. Sometimes I don't respond to any. It is impossible to connect with everyone who reads your blog. My advice is just write it for your own benefit and respond because you want to, instead of because you think you should. Just relax and enjoy it!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. ABSOLUTELY ! I know for a fact that I spend way too much time on my computer and blog.
    I have already started the linking to a blog I like and adding it to my sidebar...just this morning. I, too, am going to become an AWARD FREE can we do that ?
    I saw a button somewhere....where?
    xo bj

  20. Dear Kathy - Thank you for your honesty and the transparency of your words. I've been struggling with some of the same issues and I've come to many of the same conclusions you have. Life is so much more than time at the computer and, yes, it can separate us from those we love. I have established new priorities and I'm not commenting on every blog I read. Thank you again for encouraging me to follow my heart and do what is important. ~Adrienne~

  21. Blogging is supposed to be fun and yes, all for you! When the joy goes out of it, it is no longer something you are doing for yourself. I have a hard time keeping up with comments on the blogs of the wonderful people on here. Sometimes I have days where I need to "read and run" but I hope they understand.

    Thank you so much for Ella's birthday wishes! She really had a great day and we all indulged in some ice cream cake. Yum.

  22. Kathy, that was so well said. You're speaking for many of us on this subject--for me anyway. I have scaled back on comments and try to say hello every now and then. I'm actually relieved when blogs I especially enjoy have fewer posts. Then I feel like I'm not missing anything. Sending you hugs, and I dipped my fingers in the lemon curd while I was here. I just couldn't resist. May God be rich in his love toward you.

  23. Hello sweet friend. I so understand you...this is exactly how I have been feeling for awhile now. Real life gets in the way of blog life and blog life gets in the way of real life...
    I LOVE my blogging and the friends I have mads. I cherish it. But visting every dayand leaving comments always is impossible! Not and tale care of my family and home and community involvement.

    I feel guilty and worry that if I stop leaving as many comments, people will forget about me! Sad aren't I? : )

    Thank you for saying what I am feeling and doing it so beautifully.

    Bless your heart Kathy.


  24. Oh, dear Kathy, I do so understand what you are saying. I constantly feel as if I am dropping the ball, and I am having to accept the fact that I can't do it all. Like with my Pink Saturday. It has grown so much, and I love that everyone is enjoying it - because I do, too. But, I can no longer visit and leave a comment for every participant. I accepted that fact a few weeks ago, and I feel so much better.

    I also agree with you about the awards. I truly appreciate them, but I just can't keep up - and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. At first I didn't post them in my sidebar, but then I kept receiving more and more. I decided to post them hoping that others would see that I already had it. I think it is enough to just know how much we appreciate this incredible and inspirational system we have.

    Take care of yourself - go to your happy place. We all love you, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  25. Oh Kathy, I am SO with you on this! I've been feeling so guilty lately for not visiting everyone every day, and VERY guilty for not commenting, and REALLY guilty for not keeping track of awards and passing them on. It is all so overwhelming.

    I think you are very wise, and I hope that this post strikes a chord with a lot of bloggers who feel the same way. I enjoy your beautiful blog, even if I don't visit every day and don't leave a comment. Thank you for sharing your talents, and please don't feel obligated to visit/comment on mine. :)

  26. Hi Kathy!! So nice to see you back! I agree 100% with everything you said! I have stopped accepting and passing on awards too! I have also stopped commenting on every single post. What a weight off!! I have also linited to posting every week to 10 days. In the warmer months especially. I want to keep my blog a fun, relaxing, cheerful place to visit, so if I am not feeling that way, I dont post! I think you are making wonderful choices. And i hope whatever you are dealing with gets easier for you!

    Love you lots,

  27. Glad to see your beautiful post and wise words! Exactly what we needed to hear. Prayers for you!
    kari & kijsa

  28. Glad to hear that you are back ...missed you! Sometimes finding our way cause the most difficult times. Still sending best wishes and you are always in my heart. ...alice

  29. I am struggling with that same balance. I have so much going on right now days go by without visiting everyone that kept me such good company last inter season. Life's requirements are always changing and we should always to do what's best for our families above all else.

    Best Wishes Dear Girl,

  30. Kathy,

    I'm so sorry you are having a tough time right now. I'm having knee replacement surgery on March 30 and I haven't been keeping up with all my blog friends. If I can do anything for you, please let me know. I'll never forget the sweet little birds you made for me. You take care of yourself.


  31. Ahhhh Kathy.. ((((hugs))))
    You do whatever you want to do and are able to do with your blog, etc. Be good and kind to yourself.. no worries - no pressures. We love you and life comes first. Be true to you - we'll be there and always understand.


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