Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whew! So glad to see the back side of January. February is a short month and March brings spring, I like to look at the bright side of things. Earl just rolls his eyes when I go through that little mantra each year this time. I also insist on adding at least 3 degrees to the high temp in every forecast. If the forecast says high of 36 it will probably reach 40. Really, it happens all the time:>)
Yes, I am quite hopeless when it comes to Spring Fever. 
I am going through a dry spell regarding postings. Anyone else having that problem?  Too much to do with organizing (or planning to organize, that can just be exhausting in itself!) sewing, trying to design new things and all the little things that make up life. You would think with so much to do there would be lots to tell. Not so much. I did just list a couple more burlap hearts on etsy.  Oh, and I have to tell you I had to disable Anonymous comments. I can't believe the spam I have been experiencing!  Sheesh!  It is fairly easy to get an ID even if you don't have a blog. I am sorry to have to do it, and I hope that some day I can enable Anonymous comments again because I really love hearing from everyone.   So, that's all that's new here.  For now.  I have the house to myself today, Earl at school, so I hope I can get a lot accomplished.  For now, it's off to work.  Have a great day!
Edited to add: I forgot I could just moderate comments so I turned full comment moderation on and will still allow anonymous comments.  Your comments will not appear until I get a chance to ok them, ok?


  1. I think I'm a up and down blogger! I have times when there is alot to blog and other times when I think I must not have a life! This week seems to be a good one!

    I so glad that March is not far off but I do enjoy February its a short month!

  2. Good Morning Kathy.
    I am simply *in love* with your "my sweet valentine" pillow!
    It really does feel good to be in February, doesn't it? :o)
    Have you received your quilts back from the quilter? I have not. Still waiting. A watch never boils my Nanny would tell me ... sigh! :o)
    Hoping that your day is a delightful one.
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  3. Dry spell here too!

    Hey, did you get the new issue of Country Living yet? They have hand stamped forks and knives that they are using as garden markers. I thought of you immediately. Let me know if you do not get the magazine...I'll send you mine.

  4. Kathleen... it's okay... I had to do the same thing last year... and I also have my blog set so I can moderate comments that are entered more than 3-days after the original post... sure has made my life easier... I hate spam!

    love your sweet little heart... I'm off to your Etsy to check it out!

  5. I am finding it a little harder to post myself. I spent so much time the past 5 months working on the house, now I am trying to get back into the studio and just be normal again....

    Have been getting alot of spam too. I think I am going to set up comment moderation for every comment. At this point I only have it for a week out.

  6. spam shmam ... it's everywhere ... I had to do the same with the anons ... so sad because I had lot of them reading ...

    blogger dry spells ... oh yeah, why last night I posted about my toilet about spam!

  7. You are an optimist...hence you adding a few degrees, and thinking your mantra forward into spring. It's also a good coping mechanism!! hee!! I find myself doing the same thing.

    This is a dull time of year and I think it's harder to be creative and "juicy" with our thoughts. It's our natural inclination to hibernate or if so inclined to take part in outdoor activities...I think this "patch" you are going through is one that many of us are experiencing.

  8. Love that little peek at your burlap heart with the sweet little nest! I've slowed down my blogging through the last months because life just needs more attention these days. And there are times my mind is blank! Imagine that - it never used to be blank. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I'm just letting it rest! ~Adrienne~

  9. Sometimes I just bore myself with my own posts. I'm sorry for those who stop by to read some days.

    I have gotten a bunch of spam lately too. Frustrating!

    Becky K.

  10. Our winter hasn't been that bad here, but I'm still looking forward to Spring. Getting out in the garden and all that good stuff! ::Jill

  11. Hi Kathy,
    YES! I have blogger's block all the time. In my case, I think I get a little intimidated (not sure if that's the word I'm looking for) because I look at my modest little blog, then come across some gorgeous blogs with ladies who really know how to communicate (you know, like YOU!) I love coming over and reading your posts, so please don't stop.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: I've noticed I'm starting to get some spam, too. But, like Dixie and Penny, I have mine set on comment moderation. Annons can still leave messages (as long as they're not spam)lol

  12. Hi Kathy! I was so glad to see January end too, lol! It seems like a never ending month. I too have been having a hard time finding things to blog about. I keep making things and putting them on my blog and I feel bad for just advertising all the time! I need to do a "real" post, lol!!
    Big Hugs,

  13. I hear ya!
    You have a great day too :)
    I'll take all your cold degrees for you and donate my hot ones to you!

  14. I can't seem to get a thing done lately. I love your burlap hearts! I had to disable anonymous comments too. I absolutely hated to do it. But you know how it is!

  15. Hiya Kathy!! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway for our Margarita Bloom Sweet Notes of Love Fortune Cookie Soaps hosted by Cupcake Provocateur!

    Fabulous blog you have!! I can't wait for Spring to arrive too!!

  16. Hi Kathy...yes..I had a blog melt down a few days mind was blank until I thought about what I haven't written about lately??
    Tom Selleck! I wrote a post tonight about Tom Selleck....every women wants to hear about and see Tom....I feel better now!!

  17. I try to post every day and it's a big, big challenge. I don't have your hobbies or your young family I have more time than you do.

  18. Hi Kathy, I received my burlap spring heart a few days ago. It's wonderful! My daughter still isn't back at school so I'm having a hard time gettting things done. One of my goals for tomorrow is to wade through all her things she's left in the livingroom so I can get to the mantle and make a nice arrangement with it.

  19. Those burlap hearts are so darling! Yes, the spam is crazy! I used to never ever get any. Now it's at least five or six a day! I moderate comments for all posts that are older than three days. I find that spammers usually target the older posts. I guess they hope you won't see. I don't really see the point in all that spam anyway? I mean who would click on them?


  20. Kathy...
    Your blog is like the ray of sunshine you were asking for earlier! Every time I come here, I see the most incredible pictures of the beautiful things you make...makes me proud I can call you sis, as I get to see this stuff up close and personal! you're so VERY talented...just wanted to let you know how your page brightened my day!

    Penny (sis)

  21. Hi Kathy, Those hearts are too cute! Appreciate the information on my blog regarding Etsy. Now to load everything . . hopfully I'll be taking better pics. I love blogging, having such a good time and meeting some nice people. Have a good Monday!


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