Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sponsors and other ways to keep the fun going...

I thought it would be a good thing to discuss some of the ways we can make blogging pay without getting all "in your face" every time you visit.  I know that some don't like the commercialization of blogging, and I have been in that boat too. I hate the pop up ads I see when I go to some blogs! I struggled a long time with whether I should try anything that would make any money. I can tell you I am still far from raking in the dough here, but in our situation (underemployment) every little bit helps and I hope I have added some things that benefit more than just myself.  First, I am selling some small ads on my right sidebar. My latest advertiser is Sky Reve Fabrics.
 She has a beautiful etsy shop and some great deals on fabrics, including a sale section and free shipping within the U.S. on some of her items. I like to support the small cottage industries that have sprung up in blogland. We are all just regular people trying to make a litle pin money, kind of like our grandmothers did with the eggs they sold:>)
I also have an Amazon widget on my sidebar. Most of the books I have recommended are authored by bloggers. there are some very talented ladies out there. I just bought two of Sandy Coughlins Reluctant Entertainer books. One for myself and one for a friend who is starting a hospitality ministry in her church. It is fantastic. I will be passing mine on to my daughters. It is full of great tips and debunks all the reasons you think you can't entertain.  I get a small percentage when you use the widget to purchase from Amazon, even if you purchase something other than the items on my list! It's an easy and unobtrusive way to make a little money for the extras. If you want one of your own just click on the get the widget link on the bottom of my widget.
The third way I am making a little cash is through Swagbucks. I have their search bar on my computer, and their search widget at the bottom of my page. I have only been using it for a couple months and I already have enough "swagbuck" points for about $15 in gift cards. I will probably get Amazon gift cards, but there are lots of different kinds available from Starbucks, to itunes to travelocity and more. You can also use them for merchandise straight from swagbucks themselves. If you sign up with my referal code, yup, I get a little something out of it.
I know this sounds like a commercial, but to me, these ways of making the blog pay are some of the least invasive for you, my readers, and I don't see any reason not to make the most of our blogging.  I get to help out some small business women, and the other widgets are just there if you want to use them..
Please tell me, what do you think of subtle advertising on blogs? Would you do it?


  1. I'm all for it if it helps someone out. I also, don't care for the "in your face" advertising and I'm new to blogging so I really don't have a clue about how the advertising works and I certainly don't get enough traffic to make a difference at this time. I say GO FOR IT!

  2. Hello sweetie!
    I say do whatever you want!
    Personally ...all that stuff is like commercials to me,
    I just don't see it.
    Tune it out.
    Probably not what you wanted to hear but...the truth.
    Doesn't stop me from visiting though...Love you.
    Happy Thursday!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. These are some great ideas Kathy. :o) I am in the dark along this road. I have my little etsy shop, but not too much happening there. :o) And I don't want my friends to think they have to buy something from me. :o) I just enjoy their company! :o)
    I hope any purchases I make will help put a few dollars in your pocket!! :o) I know what you mean about no employment. It pays to count our pennies. BTW, I love your reference to selling eggs. :o)
    Have a great day.
    love. Trish

  4. Hi Kath,

    I read you all the time, don't comment too's your blog do what you want is what I say...won't stop me from visiting, and yes every little bit helps :)

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  5. I just signed up for Swagbucks thru yours :) sounds nice :)
    Honest business is a necessary thing!
    I tune out what I don't want to look at.

  6. I might have to get you to help me grab the widget after I get back from the bus LOL.

  7. I don't mind your kind of advertising Kathy. But I agree with you, I don't like the in your face pop ups.

    I love your is refreshing and calm...

  8. First, I have to say I am loving your header photos, especially the little red house pillow on the far right, because that is now my pillow and has happily resided on a comfy chair in my home since soon after you posted it on Etsy.
    ....Ebay Partners Network is another way to earn a little money and is not "in your face." I say why not? go for it!

  9. I don't care how folks advertise on their blogs. It is my choice how I want to react to them. I'm all for you if it makes you a little extra money. I find all sorts of ways to do that too ~ just not ads on my blog. It would not be appropriate on my type of blog. As long as people keep stopping by you're doing okay!! I really do love reading about your ordinary type of life. That's the best life!!

  10. I'm not a big fan of ads on blogs as I get enough of that on Google, Amazon etc. It doesn't bother me or prevent me from reading a blog as long as they aren't popups or blinking! I basically ignore them. I don't mean any disrespect or anything it's just that advertising has crept into every aspect of life it seems from naming every stadium after some company to having a "sponsor" for every little thing - especially in sports! The halftime break is brought to you by this person...our NFL player of the week sponsored by....etc. It does help the small craft or home-based businesses get some attention though so that's a plus.

  11. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for some new ideas. I have thought about adding some ads and have resisted. Once I added adsense...the first ad they put on was for A 1 steak sauce right at the bottom of my post. I just thought it looked tacky so I took it right down. I think what you have done is very unobtrusive and does not bother me in the least.



  12. Good things to know. I keep going back and forth on advertising. But it might be what I end up doing. A little bit here and there doesn't hurt, right? Have a great weekend. Mimi

  13. We girls gotta do what we gotta do! I have purchased from Skye Reve before, what a wonderful source for fabrics. Have a wonderful weekend, Kathy!

  14. Kathy,
    I think every blog that I visit, and my google reader is up to 1000 blogs, advertises something. Whether it is the goods we sell, raising money for our favorite charities, or advertisements.

    I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to be compensated for creating a little piece of heaven in The Land of Blog. I love your blog.


  15. Thanks for an informative post. I generally ignore blog advertisement, but now that I know the details, I will definitely shop from bloggers link than going there directly. So much of my shopping is done on-line because of the logistics of where I live, but I'd rather help you out, and others like you, when I can.

  16. I wish you good success with this, Kathy. I will come back soon and explore all the sites!

  17. Shoot...I see no reason at all about making a little pocket money with our blogs.
    I don't know or understand the "how tos" on advertising but I wouldn't mind making a few bucks myself.
    With 10 grands, their parents, a great-grand and friends, I have a hard time with gifts at Christmas time..a little extra cash is always a GOOD thing.
    You know I love your pretty blog...


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