Thursday, February 23, 2012

This, That and the Other Thing....

Today is my day off. It is amazing and a little sad how much I look forward to this day each week. I am still acclimating to a full time work schedule,and any of you who have done this for years have my total admiration.  Between the lack of inspiration I feel every year around this time and the fact that I need to work on prioritizing and getting more done during the work week so that I can do whatever I want to on my day off instead of piddling it away with a zillion little errands that must be done,(and please forgive this run on sentence), I feel like I have been chasing my own tail as far as keeping up with blogging.  I haven't created a darn thing for weeks. The house could use some dusting..... you get the drift. So today is my day to catch up a bit. This post will be totally random but sometimes a little random is OK right?
First of all, let me just share  my latest minor humiliation, because sharing humiliation sometimes just makes it easier to take. I went into Salvation Army last night to look around. I hadn't been there in a few weeks and had some time to kill, (instead of blogging or dusting or sewing right?) I found a few goodies and took them up to the register to pay.  I don't usually go there on a Wednesday  so I had no idea it was senior day.  So guess what the checkout woman asks me as she takes my items to ring them up?  Just guess! Yeah, "Are you a senior?" .........Should she not assume that I would volunteer information like that for the fabulous discount it would get me? Really? In hindsight I wish I had thought to smile and say, "Oh goodness no. I've been out of  High School for several years, but thank you for asking." Instead I gave her a curt "No" and maybe a little bit of the stink eye and stewed all the way home.  Sheesh, I had make-up on and everything. I'm not going back on Wednesdays again.
Moving on to sweeter topics, I had to share Mr Cheesecake's latest triumph. What do you do when blackberries are dirt cheap in the stores?Have you noticed the great prices on these?
This blackberry swirl cheesecake is what you do with them.  Chocolate graham cracker crust,
white chocolate cheesecake, and thickened blackberries swirled throughout, with a little more blackberry sauce to pour on top when you serve it. 
Lord have mercy, it's good.
Find the recipe here
Finally, I have decided to take the rest of this month off, maybe even a little of March, we will see. I need to get my mojo back, get some projects going, find a way to mix work and designing, and sewing, and photography,and all the things I love to do. A little time away will help.
I'll miss you, but I'll be a better friend and a better blogger for it.
If you work full time and blog, please, feel free to give me any tips that make it work for you. I'll take advice from any of you on how you manage your time so that the different areas of your life don't suffer. Do tell.
And when I come back, lets talk about Spring:>)


  1. I have given up refined sugar and alcohol for lent (and I'm not Catholic!) so looking at this cheesecake has me almost on my knees!!!!

    I'm sorry but I laughed at the senior discount happened to me last year and the woman didn't ASK me, she just gave me a senior discount. At first I was annoyed and then I laughed...and now I hope I can get away with it in future. As long as no one else is standing around the register with!!!

    Take your break Kathy and focus on what needs to be done or what you feel like doing "just because". That poster about being overwhelmed is excellent...and yes, when you come back, let's talk about spring!!!! xoxox

  2. LOL! Well I'll up you one. One time the checkout person GAVE ME THE SENIOR DISCOUNT without even asking me (and no I'm eligible). Whatevah..

    I can't even imagine working full time outside the home and having all the other things that require your attention on top of it. Kudos to all that make it work!

    Have a good break. You'll feel better when you've caught up on stuff and are not feeling so overwhelmed.

  3. I just started a part time job again, and I don't seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I know I just need to prioritize and also use small bits of time. It's a learning process...
    Have a good break!

  4. Oh Kathy...I so totally understand!!!!!

    See you in March..or maybe April?

    janet xox

  5. I do work, but at my own business and my own pace and blogging is actually part of my job.....

    When I was working full time fr someone else (50 hours a week during season) there was no such thing as blogging. So I don't have a great suggestion for you.

    Taking time off to catch up is a great idea. I will miss you, but will look forward to your return.

    Ok - funny story to make you feel better. I have thin hair. And it turned gray when I was in my 40's. I decided to let it be natural and not color it.

    When I was 45, I went to TJ Maxx on a Tuesday. I brought my purchase to the cashier and when she rang it up she said, "you received 20@ off today". I said, "oh really? That is great!" and I walked out of the store. As I was leaving, I noticed a sign that said....SENIOR DISCOUNT DAY, EVERY TUESDAY. 60 AND OLDER.

    Yep, when I was 45 I was received senior discounts. It happened at the movie theater too. That was very hard to take....

  6. Blogging is a lot of work, I mean effort. ;) I don't post every day, but aim to post when I have something to say. I have been thinking of saving drafts of posts so I can work on them as I'm able. Have a good time away. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say when you come back. Be blessed.

  7. Hi Kathy,
    I didn't blog at all when I worked full time! Besides lack of time, it was hard to take photos because I was sitting in an office during prime natural light hours :)
    Maybe you could spend a few hours each weekend on blog posts for the week? Enjoy your break, and the rest of that cheesecake! xoxo Debbie

  8. Kathy, Boy do I understand. I've been feeling quite guilty because working full time is making me a sporatic blogger at best. I find just reading my favorites is a guilty pleasure because my dust bunnies are turning into dust wallabys! There are apparently lots of us who share these issues. I'm going to stop feeling guilty, do the best I can - and wait for your return!

  9. I could have written this post three months ago. I must admit that more times than not my husband lost out in the time department, oh and definitely deep cleaning the house. I took a few breaks from blogging but probably should have taken more. I agree with those that say take a ton of pictures on the weekend and pre-write a few posts that just need to be updated prior to posting. I used to take my lunch at Starbucks a couple of times a week to get a blog post written. Enjoy your break and come back when you feel ready. Patty

  10. Ohhhh I love blackberries...that cake is so pretty too.
    I know it had to be yummy!
    I feel for you with that schedule. It is just a "season"...I know you won't always have to be away from home. Hang in there.

  11. I'll miss you but glad you can have a break. Take care of yourself.

  12. I haven't worked outside my home for 40 years so can't help you much with that question. I say you do what you have to do whatever that may be. Are there folks at your job that need a special friend or a listening ear? If so give yourself and you might find working full time very rewarding. Don't feel bad about being asked if you are a senior. Some seniors look really young so that is why they ask. By the way it really is very nice being a senior!! Lots of perks that make life fun! When it comes right down to it life is what we make it. The cheesecake looks delicious. Oh yes, Spring sounds good! I'm ready to talk about it too!

  13. Oh, how I know what it's like to want to create all day, but you don't have the time. The E-card at the beginning of your post actually describes my job(court reporter)perfectly, but it doesn't change things because I'm still stuck in a courtroom all day long. I've tried my hand at blogging three times now and stopped for good once I realized that it's a full-time job in itself.
    One thing I do for myself as a working wife/mom is have a cleaning lady come once a week. Even if you had a person come once a month, it would make you feel so much better.
    You hang in there. Your blog is wonderful, one that I keep on my iGoogle homepage. Just do what you can. God knows the desires of your heart. He will make a way for you.

  14. Bless your heart...I know things sure can get overwhelming at times.
    Ever so often, I have to take a bloggy break and I don't even work. :))
    Have a good one, dear friend.
    xoxo bj
    and that cheesecake looks sooo good.

  15. That Earl is amazing...maybe you two should open up a bakery instead.

    You should have told her that you had a recent face lift and you are actually 103. That would have thrown her. How foolish on her part, that's like asking someone when they are due! Double sheesh.

    Well, I am glad that Mr. Cheesecake had this surprise for you. Thank you for the recipe, but I think that mister of yours has the magic touch.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  16. Lord have mercy is right! That cheesecake looks so yummy!
    I am no longer able to work and I find it hard to post something every day...sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. So I am always amazed at those who can do it AND work a full time job.
    Priorities are family and yourself, so taking time to relax and rejuvenate is necessary for all of us,...enjoy and I look forward to talking about Spring and all the beautiful things that come with it when you're ready to come back.
    Love ya!!

  17. It`s realy dificult to create a blog if you work full time :o( It`s not fun at all. I work only two days at week during 2-3 hours. But you CREATIVE and...and GREAT!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe :o)
    Have a nice week, Dear Kathy

  18. Hi Kathy, you are so creative! I love those hearts hanging from a ribbon! Just darling!
    You have a great week, and don't get overwhelmed!

  19. Shoot, do what I do: when someone asks if I'm a senior, I say,'Yes! Don't I look fabulous?

  20. Oh, I loved the part about Salvation Army on Senior Day! I am still chuckling....And thanks for sharing my giveaway on your sidebar!

  21. You are killing me with that cheesecake!!! Now as for managing time, well, I've beem a bad blog friend as far as not having the time to visit everyone. Working full time does take a whollup on the "free" time and family is first. Enjoy the break away to get your wonderful mojo back. We love you and are alllllways here for you, dear friend. Till then, enjoy each and every single day because life is good.


  22. ps: I got a senior discount last year when shopping at a hospice store. Hadn't noticed it till I got home and looked at the receipt...nearly drove the twenty miles back to get in the face of the girl who took me as older...and I wasn't even fifty yet. The nerve.....


  23. Just checking in with ya to see if you are getting LOTS done on your bloggy break...get a little rest, too.:)


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