Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's talk about Spring....

I'm back.
I've enjoyed my time away, and I was looking back over previous years (this is my 5th year blogging!) and realized that me running out of steam about mid-February is the norm.  It's my own personal doldrums, and the only thing that brings me out of winter doldrums is Spring!
I see all you California and Southern girls with your gardens already blooming. We aren't there yet up here in the frozen North. So I decided to make a garden of a different kind.  With a little help from Fancy Flours, and my youngest dear daughter, home for Spring Break, I made my own garden, but this one is made of candy coating and filled with Oreo's.
 That's right, Oreo double stuff to be precise.
 I took these to work and my co-workers literally swooned. It was nearly embarrassing the attention these little beauties got, and they were easy!
 Start with the mold, you can get it here. I used a disposable decorating bag, with just a tiny bit of the tip cut off for the melted candy coating, to fill the center depression. Then a few minutes in the fridge or freezer to harden it before I added the next color.
 Then I added the color for the petals until the mold was about 1/3 full. Just pipe it around and then gently tap the mold on the counter to get rid of bubbles and level the melted candy.
 Next, gently center the sandwich cookies in the mold...
 Pipe more coating around the cookie...
 And fill the mold the rest of the way. Gently tap the mold on the counter again.
 Ten minutes in the fridge and your garden is blooming! Unmold and admire your handiwork.
 Take photos, think of more color combinations, Oooh and Ahh over how shiny and colorful they are:>)  Then remember they are supposed to be eaten:>P
Would these be gorgeous for Mother's Day? Easter brunch, showers, weddings, tea parties...what wouldn't they be perfect for?
These flowers will have to do until the real thing starts blooming here, but they'll do just fine for now.


  1. Very pretty!! :):)
    Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  2. Boy if you are going to share something like this every time you go away and have a break, I say, go more often!!! lol!!!

    Glad to see you back with your fresh, spring page and your creativity on full tilt!

    As for your own personal doldrums in mid-February oh I hear you on that Kathy --- it's such a dull time of year and having an annual break is a very good thing!!!

  3. These are so pretty and I love the green tea-cup. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  4. Oh these are too cute!! And who doesn't like Oreo cookies?

    Jan ♥

  5. Oh My Gosh! Those are so adorably pretty! Wow!


  6. Absolutely the cutest things ever Kathy!! What a lovely presentation they make - and oh how yummy!! I am SO pinning this!!! And SO making these!!!

    Thanks for your recent visit and kind words my old friend! So good to see your creativity in full bloom!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  7. Those are adorable and so delicious looking! I have to make them!!

  8. Such a lovely blog!~ And these are AMAZING! I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  9. I ALWAYS have Oreos on hand! These do look truly delectable!

  10. These are gorgeous! I never would have thought of inserting an oreo
    cookie into the flower mold.
    Now I'm on the hunt for one like yours!
    Oh, welcome back!

  11. Like everyone above me I agree ~ these are absolutely darling pretty. Too cute to eat. I notice you didn't mention how many calories they contain! They must be easy to unmold? How many molds do you have? Not sure I would have the patience for these beautiful flowers!

  12. So glad you are back. :-) Slowly but surely Spring will poke its beautiful head up where you are. You can count on it! These little treats are beautiful -- I will definitely have to make these for Mother's Day. There are so many different types of molds -- the possibilities for a treat like this are endless! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh I would have swooned with your co-workers too! So so pretty. And you make it look very do-able too.

  14. These are absolutely darling and I know they taste great!! ;-D Thanks so much for the directions!!

    We are having wonderful weather but I don't know if I can trust it. I am enjoying it for what it is.

    Wow! 5 years blogging! :)


  15. These are, so pretty and I know they taste heavenly!
    Wow! 5 years! Congratulations!

  16. These are just fantastic, Kathy...sooo pretty.
    Glad you are you new spring blog dress.
    xo bj

  17. Sooo pretty! And in those green papers so photogenic! I'll bet they are pretty big.
    How did you come to make that purchase? Do you shop there often?

  18. just.
    your coworkers must love you as much as we all do...but they have the pleasure of actually tasting what you make while we only slobber on the keyboard...tee hee.

    love you!


  19. Hi Kathy
    I used to feel just like you do about winter when we lived in Toronto! Glad I an in NC now!
    Those cookies are amazing. I'd hate to bite into them and spoil them though.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  20. cute cute cute! :o)
    just showed nathan, our in house candy maker. who also oouued and aawwed over your delicious treats!
    have a wonderful weekend.

    love ya, trish

  21. Welcome back, my friend! I wish my garden would bloom with flowers like this!

  22. Que ótimo,esta sim,é a primavera que eu quero o ano todo...e pode ser comida e tudo.Feliz primavera para você.(as duas)Beijos.

  23. So cute for Easter or a wedding or baby shower. Mimi

  24. Glad that you are back. The oreo flower cookies are so adorable and I bet they are so good. Have a blessed day and a Happy St. Parick's Day to you. Madeline

  25. 5 yrs of blogging wow!! good for you!!
    your spring cookies are just fabulous!! i have never met a person who didn't like oreos! and this is way better than an oreo! thank you!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    and happy spring! feels like spring here!

  26. My husband is sitting here saying that's incredible!

    Those are so beautiful! I'm sure they all went crazy for them - too pretty to eat but I bet they're delicious!

    Welcome Back!

  27. I'm swooning, Kathy!

    Beautifully done and I'm quite sure they're scrumptious!

  28. I adore your beautiful cookies. Thank you so much for sharing.

  29. Oh my goodness! I'm almost ashamed to admit that I first thought these were know, they were so shiny and everything! LOL
    What a clever and cute idea. I'm going to post this on my Pinterest board for sure. Thank you for sharing such a sweet simple idea. :)

  30. Such a big fan of you! I live in Uruguay-South America and I find your posts so inspiring::):)
    Wish I could have a MIchael's near my home so I could follow so many of your tips!
    Besos from the deepest south:)


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