Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are Those Wedding Bells I Hear?!

After 4 years of long distance romance
her Air Force sweetheart is finally stationed in the United States
 I guess it shouldn't come as a shock that they are tired of waiting to tie the knot...
 So it's official, a wedding date is set.
For next month.
Yes you read that right.  Sept 9th ,  3 1/2 weeks away!
A few days of intense panic later, I'm digging in and, with a little help from friends and family, working on making it as dreamy as possible. Amazingly enough, everything is falling into place. They have already done a lot of the planning and I'm trying to catch the details.
This could be fun:>)
See the rest of the shoot by clicking the link above.
Congratulations, to the happy couple :>)

Love Mom


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! SO exciting Kathy!! But not much time to plan! Still...they've been together a long time and apart for too long and why make it a long engagement! I'm so happy for your daughter and for you -- happy planning and remember to breathe!! :)

  2. They are both so cute!!! Each separately and both together, haha!
    I'm happy for you all :)

  3. What a truly SPECIAL time! Beautiful photos too!

  4. I am so excited for the happy couple and for YOU! It may be a stressful time but memories are being made, too! I love these pictures...I am going to follow the link to see more! :)


  5. So exciting! Have fun with the preparations.

  6. Oh my goodness Kathy! That's so exciting!
    Sending the biggest congratulations hug your way! What an adorable couple!!!
    I wish I were there to help!!
    love ya, Trish

  7. Oh that's so sweet. Congratulations to all of you!

  8. How wonderful Kathy! Give your daughter and son-in-law to be best wishes from me!

  9. How lovely for you. What a busy time now!

  10. What an adorable couple! They have waited a long time for this special day in their lives! I know you will be rushing to and fro in the coming weeks, Kathy!
    Loving wishes to these two..and, to you, too!
    Carolynn xo

  11. What a great looking and happy couple, and the photos are so relaxed looking. All that smooching in the trees is cute. You will be in a whirl til after the wedding, I can guess.

  12. Congratulations to the couple and to you and Earl too. Beautiful photographs, I clicked on the link to see more.

    Can;t wait to see the pictures. You'll have a ball planning. I went with my oldest today to check out a place for her wedding. She isn't going to tie the knot until a year from now, but it's so nice to be thinking about weddings.

    My youngest has me all a flutter in babyland.

    Such nice chapters. Sure beats those middle school years eh?


  13. Oh, how sweet! Congrats to the lovely couple.
    It's obvious they are very much in love!

  14. This is wonderful news...they are sooo sweet and it will be an awesome wedding, I just know it.
    xo bj

  15. OMG!!! It makes me get teary eyed when I think of my little Lauren getting married!!! Best of luck!!!
    Here is the link for the blog with the wedding stuff: http://cottageinstincts.blogspot.com/

    Just ask if you need any help!!!


  16. Congratulations to the cute couple!! How wonderful! xoxo Debbie

  17. That't GREAT, HAPPY news Kathy!! Congratulations to the sweet adorable couple and to both the families! You'll do an amazing job in the short time, I have no doubt. In all the hustle, just make sure to take time to savor the joys... Wish I could be there to help - it would be a blast!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  18. What an exciting time!! Congrats to your daughter and future SIL. Loved their photos!


  19. Awww.......

    how so wonderful! Congrats!!! Hey Kathy, we had only TWO days for our notification...Jordan home on leave and just bounced us a big surprise. But memories loved.

    Sending big hugs,

  20. Wow, such a busy time for you! I'm sure it will be just gorgeous! Enjoy this time!

  21. I'm thrilled for them - and for you, dear friend! Take a lot of deep breaths and enjoy this time. It will soon be a sweet memory and you will treasure it forever!

  22. Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations and best wishes!!

  23. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! May they always put God first in their lives. Wishing them many happy years together.

  24. Oh my gosh! What a life changing event...for everyone!

    Congrats to the adorable couple and their families!

  25. Just back by to wonder how all the plans are going. I know everyone is so excited. I remember when daughter and son got married and how much fun it was (in between the crying)....:))

  26. Awwwww. How sweet!! Congrats to the special couple.

  27. Congratulations! What an adorable couple. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. It will be wonderful!

  28. Just beautiful photos...congratulations to you all!


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