Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trip Around the World Quilt and a little bit of random

I finally finished the scrappy trip around the world quilt. I ended up machine quilting it because it has wa-a-a-a-y too many mistakes in it to warrant money spent on having it professionally quilted. 
Can I just say though, that every time I walk into the bedroom this quilt makes me unreasonably happy?
I am completely besotted with it mistakes and all. How can you not love the cheery checks?
I pair it with my yard sale and thrift store vintage white pillowcases.  I don't care if they come in pairs or not, I love the drippy lace and soft cotton. Sometimes I even layer them like petticoats. Earl prefers *ahem* less lacy cases on his pillows, but sometimes I slip a little lace on his too. Just a little.
In other news, I've been rimming the raised beds with flowers in preparation for the tomatoes, basil, zucchini and peppers that will fill the middle of the beds.
 I may have gotten a little too much sun today, but oh it was glorious!
 The garden is really beginning to glow.
  I have so many projects on my to do list in the next few weeks it is ludicrous, including starting to remodel the bathroom, reworking the flower beds, and painting the pergola.  We are hosting the appreciation dinner for our church's christian education department and I want to make it a magical dinner under the stars. It will be heavily influenced by my Party time Pinterest board.  
Now it's off to dinner with my sweetheart, he's taking me to the local barbeque palace to do some research on the party menu:>)
Are you putting in a garden this year?


  1. No wonder your quilt makes you happy, it is gorgeous. And they say that every quilt should have a mistake or two, so that it is 'human'.

  2. OMG!!! This is beautiful!!! Was this your birthday gift to yourself?

  3. Oh, your quilt makes me very happy too - it's gorgeous! Oh, look at all of the little squares. This must have taken for - e - ver! Such a cheerful look to your bed.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your quilt is lovely! Isn't it gratifying to have it done and on the bed looking so nice?

  5. I love, love, love your quilt Kathy! The colors are beautiful. LOVE IT!!

    Sounds like you will be busy for a while. The painters will finish painting our house tomorrow. Then I can get back outside and work on more landscaping. We want to put in some Knock Out Roses. As far as a raised bed this year, I am still using my deck containers from last year. We had to wait for the trees to leaf out to see what kind of sunshine we had here. Kent will put in a raised bed, late summer and I will plant a fall crop.

  6. Wow, that quilt is just beautiful x

  7. Oh my gosh,I love that quilt!! What mistakes? All I see is happiness.

    Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy. Enjoy your bbq!

  8. I love your quilt and your vintage pillowcases. The flowers are so pretty - what a gorgeous blog post! It's fun in a busy world to enjoy the 'fruit' of our labors. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. OMYGOODNESS, K....that quilt is breathtaking. It looks like a lot...
    A LOT..of work but so worth it.
    The pillowcases are my favorite, too. Your bed looks so comfy and inviting.
    No garden for me this year unless I do some container gardening....

  10. Oh Kathy, your quilt is just gorgeous!! It looks wonderful on the bed with the beautiful pillows and headboard. I still have not gotten mine quilted, I have four to take to the quilter…i'm crazy!

  11. It's gorgeous and looks perfect on your bed!!! This really makes me want to finish mine!!! Just finished doing a little flower garden....hello summer:-)

  12. You did a wonderful job on the quilt!! It is such a happy sight from here!!
    Love love love the pillowcases and the dripping lace and monogram...all too pretty.
    Your event sounds great. I know it will be magical.

  13. Ha!!
    A pop-up ad just happened and it was a toy called Squishable Earl.

  14. It's gorgeous! LOVE the colors. I couldn't see one single mistake. You must be kidding. Mimi

  15. Kathy, your quilt is amazing!
    It makes me smile, its so happy and welcoming!


  16. Love it! A scrappy trip around the world is on my to do list!!

  17. Beautiful quilt! Is this the scrappy trip around I have been seeing in many places online? I love it and hope to have one on my own bed someday soon!

  18. I thought I'd commented on this post weeks ago. I love your quilt. It is beautiful. Every home should have something so cheerful and colorful, methinks. :) Great work!

    And a hearty YES to your more recent post about the old pillowcases and linens. Today's things aren't amde as well, don't have the same charm or details, and the linens certainly don't seem to have the same weight as the older pieces. I have some similar pillowcases from my grandmother, and they are treasures, for sure.


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