Friday, July 19, 2013

On Keeping a Home and Vintage Linens

I have told you before that my grandmother was my muse when it came to teaching me the way to keep a house and how to keep my family comfortable. Grandma was a real farm wife. I loved Grandpa's farm and the beautiful red barns, fields of corn
and hay and green pastures with a singing stream and plenty of black and white cows.
I also loved the two story white farmhouse where Grandma cooked the most delicious meals.
She was the best cook ever. I mean ever. I remember watching her fry chicken that had been *ahem* dispatched by Grandpa that very morning. Veggies from the garden, home raised beef. Nothing was too good for her family.
I remember being tucked into bed at night in the big bed in the guest room where she did all her sewing.  Her heavy cotton sheets and pillowcases were crisp and smooth from being line dried and they were often embellished with handwork to make them as beautiful as they were comfortable.
Those memories are one reason I am always scouring yard sales and thrift stores for the beautiful old pillowcases that you can't find in the stores. I think they feel heavier and crisper than the ones made today and look how beautiful they are!
 (Poor Grandma would be scandalized by my ironing skills, lol)
I recently came across some beautiful vintage linens that I will be putting in my etsy shop. It's a win, win for me. If they sell, great! If they don't I get to keep them:>) These are unstained and in gorgeous condition, and if you  dry them on your clothesline, you get to experience the soft, cool, crispness that Grandma always insisted was the only thing good enough for the ones she loved ♥
Who was your home keeping inspiration?


  1. The linens you show are beautiful, especially the one with the pastel multicolor embroidered trim.

  2. I so agree with you about the vintage linens. I'm in love with those pillow cases and the crocheted trim. What treasures!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Kathy, I have always wished I had memories of grandma as you do. Mine passed before I was even five years old. Thankfully, my mother carried on many of their line drying sheets and linens and then ironing them. They were crisp and clean and smelled wonderful!

    I can't wait to see what you put in your shop. I have quite a few beautifully embroidered pillow cases that I covet!


  4. I love hearing about your childhood. The farm sounds like a wonderful place. The linens are gorgeous!

  5. I love the crocheted edgings on the linens! My grandmother is my inspiration too. She gardened, cook delicious meals and did so many handcrafts to make her house pretty. I sure miss her.

  6. They don't make linens like they used to. I think we had the same farm-wife-grandma! Mimi

  7. I am always so thrilled to hear about the Grandma you loved so much.
    She must have loved you equally as much that she wanted to make all the good memories for you. Everyone should be so blessed.
    My aunts and my mom were so crafty...they made a lot of beautiful things and every one of the ladies in my life were excellent cooks...especially my Aunt Lola.

  8. I loved reading about your Grandma! I don't come from a family that was into homekeeping at all.

    Love those pillowcases and I'm excited to see what other goodies will be showing up in your etsy!

  9. Gorgeous linens. Sweet memories! I'm headed over to your shop right now.

  10. Ahh! Gorgeous!! You made me feel and smell the memories!

  11. Did you sell them.. I'm a new follower.. ?? Your blog is lovely with a lot of wonderful things.. can't wait to read more.. with love Janice


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