Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blackberry Tarts

 I am going to begin this post by just admitting to the ridiculosity that it represents. I know, my spell check tells me ridiculosity is not a word. I kind of like it though so I'm keeping it. But just so you understand, the birds planted some gorgeous black raspberries on the edge of the woods and we were blessed with a beautiful crop of flawless, organic berries. So of course I had to make something out of them right? Something blog worthy.  Something spectacular!
 I have a ton of little tart pans that I have picked up here and there. How about Black raspberry tarts? How awesome would that be? How beautiful and impressive! Trouble is, I should have used a pastry recipe rather than a crumb recipe. The first crust I tried had ground walnuts, it sounded scrumptious.  The only problem? I couldn't get them out of the tart pans without breaking all the little scallops off the  tart shells.  Hmmmm. Plan B.
 Having learned apparently nothing by my failings with the walnut crust, I decided to try a graham cracker crust, because, darn it! I just didn't really feel like making a pastry crust today you know? Three of the six tart shells came out perfectly. The other three, I ate in bits and pieces because the little pieces that break off DO NOT COUNT as real food. You know it's true.
You've eaten the bits and pieces too.
Don't try to tell me you haven't.
Of course at that point I feel a bit queasy. The tarts have completely lost their magic for me. I complete one and the other two get piped with filling and set aside for the rest of the family who have not gorged on failure all day.
This is the tart.
It's lovely, the filling is delicious. Really it is. Made with a mixture of cream cheese, Earl's home made yogurt (an especially delightful batch I might add!), vanilla and sugar.
It is beautiful, and I got some great photos.
This one Black Raspberry Tart was clearly worth my entire day.
I have a lot of black raspberries left.
Tomorrow, I'm making black raspberry bread pudding.
Don't judge me, it's a compulsion.
And yes, I will blog the bread pudding....lets hope it's a good recipe:>)


  1. This is beautiful Kathy. I wish the birds would plant some black raspberries in my yard. All they do is eat my red raspberries. I love bread pudding! I can't wait.

  2. Mmm, I could eat that creamy filling with a spoon. Oh, wait, I did! It was so delicious that way, I'm kinda glad your tart shells weren't working out.

    Since I'm not a bread pudding fan, I'll have to send Clarence to be a taste tester for you tomorrow. Is my loaf of bread going into it? Should I be offended if it is? Questions, questions...

  3. Grr...why can't Julianne sign out?

    She has her own computer now-wonder why she's even using mine?

    1. Hahahaha Keeka, I was confused as to why Julianne was referring to uncle Clarence by his first name and not "dad"

  4. The tart is very beautiful! I think I'll stick to easier stuff tho.

  5. Your tart is beautiful! I'm partial to bread pudding so I can't wait see your black raspberry pudding - it sounds so delish!

  6. That looks scrumptious and I am sure there are no calories in the broken bits, right!

  7. Beautiful tarts!
    I have never heard of black raspberries!!
    Only blackberries...which I love.

    I am home from Alaska! I will send you a little something soon :)

  8. It looks delish and our blackberries should be ready in a week or two. I hope you know that whatever is broken and eaten by the baker in the kitchen has no calories. I think I learned that at Weight Watchers. You're welcome. Mimi

  9. Hi Phyllis
    Usually what we call blackberries have a solid "core" and are larger and appear more elongated than these. If you look at the photo of the berries on the plate, you can see that these are rounder and have that hollow in the middle like raspberries do.
    These also grow on long canes like a raspberry and are larger than what we call a dewberry which grows on short canes. I'm not sure if black raspberry is the correct term for these, but I'm not sure what else they might be called:>)

  10. I call them black raspberries too Kathy. I never seen them here but growing up in Michigan they grew all over the countryside wild. Your tart looks delicious! It was worth all of your effort for sure.

  11. The tarts look scrumptious! With there was a way to taste them from far away!

  12. OOO, aren't they just beautiful ...
    great photos....and I love bread pudding !!

  13. Hahahaha, thank you for making me laugh! They are beautiful and I would have totally ate them too and gotten sick and would have done it again!! Have a great weekend!

  14. 'Am catching up on my blog-reading tonight. These are lovely! :)

  15. Kathy, not only does this look delicious, but your photos are cookbook worthy!! Little works of art. And hey, I have the same dishes but in red. :)



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