Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I know it can be a touchy subject, but I certainly appreciate all the extra insight you gave!
Moving right along... It has been a stellar year for fruit in beautiful Michigan. The wet spring and summer and warm sunny days have the fruit trees dripping with juicy beauty and oddly enough, our apple and peach trees are bearing fruit that is very nearly perfect in spite of the fat that we have not sprayed them at all!
We purchased a $10 peach tree from Big Lots about 10 years ago. It had so many peaches on it this year that, unfortunately, two of the main branches actually broke off before the fruit was ripe.
My son-in-law and I gathered the fruit and realized it was just beginning to blush. It was small, but we put it in a basket and I let it sit in the dining room for about a week and a half. It ripened! The skin slipped off easily and I froze it for pies and cobblers.
 The rest of the tree ripened last week and Earl and I picked every last peach. As part of his Dessert of the Month offering that he auctioned off at church this January, we decided peach pie made from our own organic, white peaches was just the ticket for this month's offering! I made one for us and one for the D.O.M. winner. You know, for quality control and all.
I'll be honest, I use Jiffy pie crust mix. I have been making pies since I was 7 years old. My grandmother taught me the finer points of crust making and turned me loose. In my honest opinion, Jiffy makes a great crust. There aren't that many ingredients in crust and it's a lot less mess and hassle.  The pie filling is always, home made.  I use the pie recipe from my 1969 Betty Crocker cookbook. If you ever run across some of the older cookbooks at garage sales for cheap grab them! They are great for the basic recipes that are the staple of cooking.
I l♥ve Fall baking:>)


  1. Your pies look beautiful! We had a very good fruit harvest also and I just love to bake pies.

  2. So interesting to know that Jiffy makes a good pie crust! I rarely make pies because of the crust so maybe this tip is worth a try.

  3. Your pies look beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you.

  4. Ok, how weird is it to say "My son-in-law"?

    I think of Brian as Lauren's husband, but I kinda did a double-take when I read son-in-law.
    Just my bit of weirdness for today. ;-)

    I did a bushel of peaches on Monday that my fil got from the Mennonite store for me. Froze some, made peach melba jam (thanks for that recipe!), peach syrup, and peach chutney. No pies...but we just asked the neighbor around the corner tonight if we could pick his apples again so I'll be making him an apple pie once we get them picked.

    Don't you love all the fresh fruit this time of year?

  5. Oh, Kathy...what I'd give to have my own peach tree! I love Michigan peaches and I am hoping to get some if I ever get back! Your pies look fantastic, how much fresher can they get?! I never heard of the Jiffy pie crust mix, though I do love their cornbread mix.

    I missed your last post, I will have to check it out now.


  6. I wish I had a peach tree! Your pies looks so wonderful! Love the little peaches on the crust!

  7. Those pies look delicious! We've had a good peach year too. Broken branches and all. Mimi

  8. Yum! Peaches are my favorite "go to" fruit for making pies or cobblers. I'm sure your pie is going to be a big hit at the church.
    BTW, I love your quality control way of thinking ;)

  9. Beauty-full pies!!!
    You know ...I made you a Pinterest page for meringue pies? Did you ever see it? You'll find it in my boards, of is called For Kathy.

    I would love to eat a piece of your peach pie...hubby is verrry allergic to peaches :(
    Allergies are so weird.

  10. Quality control is sooo important - a must really :)

    Looks delish! I wish I could have got some peaches off my tree. The squirrels and chipmunks beat me to it. How do you keep them away from yours?

  11. Hummmm... Amo pessegos! E essa torta está maravilhosa.Bjs

  12. I love pie & yours really looks good .Enjoying your Blog .


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