Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pot Pie, A Little Fall Decorating, and Looking Forward to November

Can you believe this is the end of October? I can't complain, we have had such a beautiful Autumn. We are at peak color and still have a lot of leaves on the trees.  The weather has been warm enough that my geranium hanging baskets are still blooming!
I spent yesterday all day in my sun filled kitchen cooking and baking up a storm.  October is Pastor appreciation month and I managed to get some appreciation to them before the end of the month this year ;>) We have three pastoral families who work very hard and are the dearest people you would ever want to meet. Our main Pastor just returned from a two week mission trip last night and I thought it would be a great idea to make them dinner so they could just get home from the airport, sit down and enjoy his homecoming. And if I'm cooking for one I might as well cook for all at the same time. The menu was chicken pot pie, fresh bread, a quart of home made cider, Earl's fabulous brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I also tucked some apple butter and wild crab apple jelly into the baskets. I wish I could share a recipe for the pot pie, but I just throw them together willy nilly. They are super easy, just carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, onion and celery in proportions that please you, chop up a roast chicken and make gravy to hold it all together. Pop it in a home made crust and bake. It always turns out great. If you need help look up chicken pot pie in your favorite basic cookbook and go from there.
  As usual, I'm late to the game for showing a little bit of the "fall decorating". I did more this year than I have in a while, now that I'm blissfully unemployed I have a little more time. But I'm not all into fluffing every corner and truth be told this little cottage is small enough that it doesn't take much to clutter it. So I popped a hanging basket on the front door...
 Threw a few decorative things into a 50 cent garage sale tray on the roadside buffet in the dining room...
 and filled an old enamelware pan I scored at a garage sale this fall with rusty gold mums and a set a farmers market pumpkin with personality beside it at the back door. 
As of a month ago, I am counting the days, the hours, the moments until my girl and her sweet husband join us for three weeks. They will be here through Thanksgiving! Just over a week and I'll be hugging the stuffing out of both of them. I didn't lose a daughter, I gained a son and I couldn't be happier to see them both. Christmas is coming early this year!
The adorableness is overwhelming:>)
What does November hold for you?
P.S. I've marked down the fall pillow covers in the shop, clearing them out for Christmas. Stop over and take a peek!


  1. That pot pie looks beautiful Kathy! I love the extra decorated leaf touch. Such a lovely basket to bring to deserving people.

    Your daughter and son in law are adorable!

    Let's see...November....I am going to Naples, Fl for a week to attend a nephews wedding and I will be the official photographer at the wedding. I will also get to see all 4 of my sisters while there. My birthday is in the month of November too. And then Thanksgiving will be at my home, with one of my sons visiting.

  2. The adorableness *is* overwhelming. (Sorry, Brian! I know you're too manly to be adorable but it happens anyway.)

    Can't wait to see them-and the rest of you. I miss you! (And no, I still haven't figured out any dates we can spend some quality time together. We are just too booked, all the time. Ick.)

  3. Can there possibly be anything prettier than rusty gold mums and Farmer's Market pumpkins? Love the colors of fall. Oh my, three weeks with your children ~ how wonderful. I can never remember October is Pastor Appreciation month. I like to do something in November tho since it is the month of gratitude. The pot pie looks so good ~ haven't made one in ever so many years. I've been thinking (and making) soups lately. November is still busy with craft fairs for me.

  4. Such a sweet thing you did for the Pastors. I'm sure they appreciated it too - looks so yummy! Your fall decorating looks just right too.
    I'm happy that you get to have your kids with you for awhile. We will have our son for 4 days - I'll take it!

  5. I have no doubt your pastors and their families loved what you did for them. It looks delicious!

    Your decorations look nice too. You say you threw it together but it's quite impressive to me. :)

  6. You are beyond loving and thoughtful for making that wonderful dinner/basket for your pastor. Kudos to you and Earl. And I am SO thrilled your family will be reunited soon! I could never be happy being separated from my children. Or at least content. I'm sure it's very hard for you.

    I keep all of my decorating down to a minimum now that I realize a small home just can't be filled with everything a larger home can pull off. It takes a lot of editing!

    Happy Halloween to you, dear friend! :)


  7. You people make and bake the most beautiful foods....that pot pie looks to die for. :)
    So glad your daughter and her man are coming home for awhile. I know how fun that will be.
    Thanksgiving at our new place this year...can't wait...and all my kids are right here. :)
    xo bj

  8. Your pot pie looks delish! Such a comfort food for me. Isn't is awesome when your grown children come home for a visit? Just wait til the grandkids come with them! Even better. Mimi

  9. The adorableness is just what I needed this morning. Have a wonderful, neck hugging, memory making time sweet lady!

  10. They are so adorable! I know you're looking forward to a nice visit with them both.

    Your fall decorating looks perfect! I love the long basket on the front door and lucky you finding that great old pan!

    I actually have put some of my fall decorations away. I did a little something in my dining room for Thanksgiving but I'm trying to decide what to do for Christmas. I'm not doing as much in previous years since I don't want to have put all that stuff away. January is going to be busy as it is!

  11. I can almost taste that pot pie! Could I get on your list for home deliveries? What a treat to have your dear daughter and her sweetie home for a bit. Enjoy every minute with them. I know you will!

  12. Kathy
    My FIL was a Pastor until he died and he would have loved to have had a sweet parishiner like you!
    Your home looks so nice with all of it's Fall lovelies. And I love your red door too.
    It will be wonderful to have your daughter and her hubby visiting soon-enjoy!


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