Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apple Pie cookies

I know. Another apple post. It's a quick one I promise, because I am. still. processing. apples...
Today I'm making more apple butter, and may I say that,
1. It is not only shocking how many apples 2 full size trees can produce in a good year, but...
2. Your enthusiasm for making the most of them decreases in direct proportion to how many bushels are piling up in the garage and how many you have already made into pie, cider, apple butter, apple sauce, dried apples, frozen apples and any other permutation you can think of to make the most of what used to seem like a wonderful bounty.
Still, I cannot bring myself to waste food when so many go hungry. I soldier on.
This recipe is one I found on Pinterest and they looked so cute and delicious I had to try them. Besides, I had a few apples laying around...
And they are every bit as adorable and delicious as they look! Warm out of the oven, Lord have mercy. We couldn't stop eating them.  I used a little vintage ruffled biscuit cutter set I found at a garage sale to cut them out and added a few tablespoons of maple syrup to the sugar filling just out of curiosity. ♥ Love ♥
We will make these again. they are a little fussy, with cutting and assembling, but totally worth it to serve with tea or coffee or a tall glass of milk.  These would be perfect for a child's lunch box!
The recipe made about 18 and you can find it here.
And now, back to the kitchen. I have a few apples to cut up.
What projects are you working on right now?


  1. Good for you Kathy and all your persistence in doing up the apples. I don't think I could look another apple in the face! How many more days of apple processing do you have? Today I am baking for an upcoming Bake Sale and this evening we're going with a group of friends to sing at our local assisted living, then out to supper together.

  2. Those look delicious. We had baked apples for supper, filled with raisins and brown sugar. Yesterday we had apple pie. What next?!

  3. As thankful as one is for the bounty, I understand the feeling that enough is enough.
    I hate to admit it but I finally dumped the last of our apples back under the tree for the deer this winter!
    I do love your apple cookies. I bet they're yummy. Especially with Maple syrup.

  4. Glad you tried the maple syrup. I knew you would love it. That is why I have been making my apple pies that way ever since Mr. Comforts introduced me to it!

    Your little treats look wonderful!

  5. Oh, I'm off to look at the recipe...they look so good! Keep up the good work! :)


  6. Oh now those are adorable. In my youth, I'd have made fussy lovely treats, but this is now. I'll trust that they were good. Wait a you suppose I could just slap some apple butter in there instead of apples? Apple butter I have!

    Gotta love a gal who has wept over a killing frost and who plans meals around rotisserie chicken! Thanks for popping by...☺

  7. I wish I could come over to have some - they look so yummy. I love apple anything just like I love pumpkin anything.

    How about wrapping up the remaining apples in newspaper and storing them in a cool dark place. They're supposed to last several months that way. That would give you a break from processing.

  8. I have boxes of apples still setting in the pantry. I have been drying them and will be canning up pie filling in the next day or so. The Cookies look so yummy! I will have to try that recipe as well. Enjoyed your blog!
    Frankie Ann

  9. Those cookies are so cute...all that effort paid off!

  10. absolutely adorable and I bet delish too!!! are you familiar with Barb Swell and her great style of living and cook books??? she has a similar pie pop that she uses in her classes..check it out...


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