Friday, January 17, 2014

New Winter Cottage Pillow cover

Whew! Is it really Friday already? I'm very happy about how quickly January is flying by. It helps that I am throwing myself into some sewing and cleaning projects that make the most of the days trapped inside.  I still haven't quite purged the house of Christmas d├ęcor, and I will leave some of the snowman items out a little longer. I got these cuties (salt and pepper shakers) at Homegoods.
 Ignore the dirty window please, there is little I can do about it when the temps are in the 20's and 30's.  The amaryllis is on it's fifth beautiful bloom and it makes for a happy corner of the kitchen :>)
Something about January spurs me on to a cleaning frenzy. I spent 5 hours scrubbing the kitchen top to bottom yesterday. Inside cabinets, walls, woodwork, and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. Copious amounts of bleach, Murphy's oil soap, and glass cleaner later, it looks and smells so clean and fresh! We are still working out particulars for the remodeling re-do that we hope to start this month in the kitchen. We have an Ikea date planned for tomorrow. What can I say, the month is half over and we have not made much progress, but Rome wasn't built in day and it would have taken even longer if we were in charge.
 I spent a cold blustery day this week baking some goodies to send to our son-in-law who is deployed overseas. I hope he enjoys the treats (and shares the 3 dozen cookies!)
 I have also been working to get some new items in the etsy shop. I listed this Wintery cottage cover this morning because, lets face it, we still have a bit of winter to get through. We might as well remind ourselves what makes winter fun!
Are you working on any January projects?


  1. Oh that pillow is darling! Hope that it sells like a hot cake. Yes, we definitely have some winter to get through.

  2. Kathy, you make January look wonderful! Your pillows are wonderful. I remember ordering one of the heart shaped cottage pillows a few years ago and for the life of me I can't remember who I gave it to. It was a gift - I remember that much. I still have the little stuffed heart that you enclosed with the package. ;)

  3. That pillow is adorable Kathy. Look at all of that snow outside your window! I think I wouldn't mind the 31 degree temps we are having if a little snow was on the ground. We did have flurries 2 days ago, but nothing stayed. Now, I am not saying I want a winter wonderland for months though!

  4. Love your cottage pillow! How sweet the snowmen are. I still have not made it to Ikea yet since they opened down in your area. It is on my list of things to do but my best friend keeps telling me we need to go to the one closer to Chicago. I am working on the Farmers Wife blocks this week and some crocheting. Spring cannot come soon enough. Only problem is my sewing gets put on the back burner again when we start our gardens. Stay warm!

  5. Kathy
    What a cute pillow!
    You have definitely been busy...
    I bet your son-in law thinks you're the greatest! I know how much those care packages mean to the soldiers.

  6. No projects at the minute....except doing a bit of garden planning. One day it will be warm enough to get out there and weed!

  7. LOVE the S&P shakers - and all that snow.....oh my! Your son-in-law will devour the cookies, along with his unit. You're a good mom-in-law! That pillow....well, you know how I feel about your craft! xxoo

  8. That is just darling Kathy!! We have about 31/2 inches of snow here!

  9. I'm loving the graphics on that pillow! We installed an IKEA kitchen and we love it. Kind of easy to put together but I have a handy hubby. Price was great too. Mimi

  10. Love that new pillow of yours and the snowmen!

    Ikea...I usually go in January and haven't made it there yet. I LOVE all their kitchen stuff and if I had to do my kitchen over I would totally go with and Ikea one.

  11. What an adorable pillow it.
    Yes, I am afraid winter isn't through with us yet. It hasn't been too bad here, tho....some cold days but not much snow.
    stay warm.


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