Monday, January 6, 2014

The Great Snow of 2014 and A Neutral Quilt

Just like a lot of the Midwest, we are snowed in. I took this photo last night through the dining room window because I was not stepping outside. I think the snow had taken a momentary break when I took this photo,  but then it got back to work and quite frankly it. is. still. snowing.  We were supposed to have our last family Christmas party yesterday and had to cancel due to the terrible roads. At this point Christmas in July is sounding pretty darn good.
I think we have about 14" so far and who knows when it will end?
These are the times that I am grateful for a full freezer, a well stocked pantry and getting the grocery shopping finished before the storm.
 Since I'm trapped inside I decided it was time to stir my bones from the post Christmas stupor and get busy. I have had a quilt for Victoria cut out and ready to go on my design board for about 4 months.  She chose the colors and fabrics and I really think it's going to be pretty when it's done. Believe it or not, I think one of the things that had me stalled was the color palate. Neutrals. Who am I? How many neutrals do you see on this blog? As I said, I think it's going to be lovely when it's done, but the colors kind of stalled me. The squares are also supposed to be on the diagonal in the finished quilt and even after consulting a quilting friend it seemed overly complicated to do it that way. I consulted with Victoria who assured me that it mattered not a bit to her if they were laid out that way and I breathed a sigh of relief and began.
I just got the first block of squares put together and I'm giving you a good close up. I am admitting here and now that I realize that the little black squares do not line up perfectly.  But I have to admit I'm still fairly new at this quilting thing and if perfection is required I won't do it at all.  Once quilted the imperfections seem to be less noticeable and I'm ok with that.  Imperfections and all, I'm thrilled to get this first block together and get back to the sewing machine and creating something.
I plan to finish taking care of the Christmas decor this week, I'm organizing and purging as I go, and get back to some design work and filling the etsy shop.  
What are you doing to fill January?


  1. I agree with you ~ the quilt does not look like you! However like you say it will be pretty when finished. I have never seen an ugly quilt yet. Don't worry about imperfections. I used to fret and fume when things weren't just so but have learned in all my crafting it is impossible so now I am fine with doing the best I can. So far my January is filled up with sewing clothes for myself. Haven't done that in a long time and it is fun. Then I want to sew pillows that I printed the fabric myself. We'll see how it works...

  2. WOW! Look at all of your snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. That quilt is looking great. Victoria will love it.

  3. I love your quilt, Kathy. They say that every quilt should have imperfections as that makes it 'real'. I think any quilt that is done with love is perfect!


  5. The quilt is nice. Hope you let us see the finished beauty. My January, for now, is filled with caring for my dear mother.

  6. Pretty colors and, you are right, done is better than perfection. It will still bless Victoria.

  7. I am hibernating for January.

  8. Your quilt is so pretty! I'm still cleaning and trying to work up some motivation. I love January because it's a new year but it's so cold. That snow you have...beautiful but no thanks!

  9. I can sympathize with you on the snow. Do you have the cold, too? We are wearing layers indoors and not venturing out. And like you, I'm so glad I grocery shopped before.

    I think the quilt is going to be stunning! I love the colors but I am not a primary color person. I'm certainly not for the stark white look either. I think I would have chosen the same colors and patterns as these.

    I like that you mentioned if it took perfection, you wouldn't bother with it. I am such a perfectionist and I plow away at things I'm not enjoying. I have to change that and no better time than the present!!

    Stay warm and dry!


  10. I like the quilt. I am not a fan of black fabric but I do like how it sets off the neutral colors.
    I still have Christmas up.....but my daughter and her family just left. As far as January goes, I have lots of plans.....but cleaning up after some rowdy grandchildren is first on the list. Stay warm and is freezing here.

  11. Hope you stay warm and toasty....It does look beautiful though.

    The quilt looks lovely - sweet colors.

    Happy New Year!!!

  12. Look, I love winter as much as the next girl but oy with the freezing weather and bad roads already! I need out of this house. I need to walk around a store for an hour!

    I so admire someone that quilts. I'm not sure if I have that kind of talent in me but I sure wish I did! Happy creative day to you!

  13. You clearly live in Winter Wonderland! It's so beautiful! And I LOVE the colors of that quilt!!!

  14. OMYGOSH at all that snow. brrr...I would be staying inside, too. We had temps in the 50's today and it was wonderful.
    Love love love your quilt.


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