Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, Monday

This is the part of May that makes me happy.  Everything veiled in pale green and the promise of flowers unfurling soon.  We worked on the raised beds this weekend, replacing some rotting wood and rearranging elements of the garden. We will plant soon.  Earl tilled up a long strip in the old garden area to plant with a pink and white cutting garden for the August wedding flowers.
And speaking of weddings, at exactly the three month before the big day mark, we have switched venues, because what kind of fun would it be without rethinking EVERYTHING three months before the big day? Well, that would be no fun at all!  We are going from an outdoor wedding to an indoor wedding, different caterer, different venue, different decorations...same bride and groom.  So after an initial moment of total brain shut down, I have the new event pretty much figured out.  In the end it will actually alleviate some of the things that we were worried about with the outdoor wedding. Things like what if it rains, what if it's unbearably hot, (the farmers almanac is calling for a scorcher of a summer!) what if the mosquitos are on a rampage?  None of that is a worry now, and for that I am thankful.  I'll miss the idea of fairy lights in the trees, and a soft summer evening filled with candles and paper lanterns, but there will be candles and paper lanterns in the new plan.  It will all work out. 

What's on your to do list this week?


  1. That wedding planning sounds fun but stressful. It will be beautiful no matter where you have it.

    I'm working on insurance papers and other fun things like that this morning. Praying for the rain that's about to fall. :)

  2. I can totally understand the worry of weather! It sounds like everything is back under control for the wedding.

    I am working on little touches for the backyard makeover. We a just a teeny bit left. We have been working around rain and Mr. Comforts work schedule.

  3. Sounds like a better plan.
    I know it will be lovely with all of your creativeness, Kathleen!

  4. Sounds like exciting times! Yet, if the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a scorching summer (which one are you reading btw? I'm not sure, but I may wish to trade my cold, wet summer for some warm sunny ones), it sounds as if it will work out for the best. No matter the weather, your summer is going to be a busy one!

  5. Oh my! That's a complete change!

  6. My daughter is getting marries in one year. The venue is already booked but that's about all the planning we've done so far! Good luck and hope it all works out smoothly!

  7. Finally change out the winter tires for the summer; sit on the deck with my tea, work as per usual and relax with my feet up in the evenings.

  8. Pretty photo Kathy. Outdoor important events always make me nervous. The weather is so changeable! So sounds like a better plan to have it indoors!

  9. It will be lovely no matter where you have it! You could have it in your garage and it would be splendid! With your touch??? Can't wait to see photos!

  10. Mom told us yesterday that you had changed locations-I didn't realize you were changing caterers as well.

    I think the change of plans will relieve a lot of last minute Mother Nature type concerns, so probably a good thing.

    It'll be beautiful. I have no doubts.

    PS-Anything I can do to help you? Call me, if so.

  11. Oh, yes...I am a nervous wreck when we plan big events outside...too many things can happen. I like the inside idea better, too...
    Lovely photo here.

  12. Outdoor weddings are great but there can be a lot of problems! Probably a better idea to have it inside. Wherever it is it's going to be beautiful. Love that you're planting flowers for it. Mimi

  13. Hi Kathy,
    My daughter Sarah is having an outdoor wedding this September. Fortunately they have a standby indoor space in case it rains where they will take their vows. There is a large tent attached to the venue, so we'l stay dry no matter what.

    How fun that we are sharing the same chapter. Sarah's date is the 14th, when is your daughter's wedding date?

    Have a beautiful day. Out for a walk this morning, so I can fit in a dress for the wedding.


  14. Somehow I missed this one! I love hearing about the wedding and I'm sure switching gears has been 'interesting'. It will be wonderful - and just perfect!


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