Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Day

I am happy to announce that we are 3/4 of the way through January, a fact that puts a smile on my face. If you have been around long, you KNOW I am not a winter person. For those of you who are, you can have mine, but it is my experience that a lot of people who "love winter" don't live as far north as Michigan.  I don't know anyone here who loves it this time of year. Many have fled to Florida by now, something I have no desire to do simply because all I have to do is outwait winter and it will leave. Today it has snowed all day. Even I can admit it is pretty right now, but later when it turns to grey slush? Notsomuch.
So today was baking day. Nothing chases away the gloom and chill better than firing up the stove and making something yummy. In this case, apple pies for the Pastors.  Pastor appreciation month was October but why be tied down to showing gratitude and love just because someone chose a random month? Don't you think they would like a little appreciation year round?
So, three pies this morning for the Pastors and a little one for Earl and I. I ran out of apples and filled in with some blueberries that were on the edge of going bad for our little pie.  Oh it was good, real good.  The apple pie in the window is keeping company with those .98 primroses until it cools and gets boxed up, then off to the church tonight.  It has been a slow month of stocking the etsy shop, cleaning the house and trying not to fall asleep during the day, (while I try to fall asleep at night with very little success). I'm fighting the urge for a nap right now.  I've added a countdown to Spring widget to my sidebar for those of you who are aching for Spring like I am.  How do you fight the gloom and cold  on a snowy winter day?

P.S. I have been told by some of my blog friends that I am showing up as a no reply commenter and in one case as a blog in Russia!  There just seems to be no end to the glitches that have come our way in the past few months. I think I have the problems resolved, but if my account is showing up oddly please let me know. I'm not even sure how to resolve the no comment blogger problem because I always visit while signed in, so it shouldn't be happening.  Anyone know how to fix this?


  1. The pie looks delicious. I am not a winter person either. I do love to see a little snow at Christmas. But I want it all gone as well as the cold weather January 1st. I will say the last 3-4 day here we have had weather in the high 50's to low 60's. But we are suppose to have snow on Friday. I am heading to Florida in the beginning of March for my nieces wedding....I am looking forward to walking on the beach.

  2. Your pies are so pretty! I know your pastors will really appreciate them. My MIL just took her pastor a chocolate pie last week and he loved it.

    I don't love winter either. We have been so lucky to have sunshine and 60s for the last 3 days. The cold is coming back tonight though. Oh well, we don't have to wait as long as you do for spring to come....and I'm so thankful!!

  3. That pie looks delicious and I'm sure your pastor will appreciate the gift. When we moved here from Texas the winters were very hard on me. I was very happy to escape the longer hot summers there. I've adapted. I like the excuse not to have to go work in the garden, so I'll take your portion of winter dread. :D

  4. What a nice idea to make pies for your Pastor.

  5. What a sweet treat for your pastors. Where I live our winter is grey and wet much of the time so snow is a treat. It usually only lasts for a few days and then becomes rain again. I love to visit your blog on a winter day - it makes me smile! A long winter's nap is a good way to spend a winter day but I can't do that often so it's a treat when I get one. A good book and a fire in the fireplace and a pot of soup or stewing simmering on the stove always make a winter day delightful. Not today, though. Too much to do.

  6. Hi Kathy! I'm sorry about the blog problems and wish I could help you. Well, it's winter here too. Snow snow snow but since this is our first winter up north, we kinda like it. :) That's a beautiful pie. I know your pastors will love it.
    Be a sweetie.
    Shelia :)

  7. Did someone in Russia steal your blog? Gheesh...

    Your beautiful pie makes a cozy picture cooling at the window. I am not winter's biggest fan, though I sometimes feel better in winter.

    On my sidebar I have a link that will tell you all you need to know about being a no reply commenter. It doesn't matter whether you are signed in or not.

  8. Oh, that pie looks good...I'm avoiding baking for now! ;-)

    I could use a week or two in Florida right now but I could never be a snowbird. I see so many go, up at the lake and well, I guess it's okay for some...I simply love the 4 seasons. Snow, cold and's life as I know it.

    I have been drinking a mug of SleepyTime Extra every night and I truly believe it's helping! I feel very relaxed when I go to bed. Maybe the Valerian root? Nothing has worked. I'd like to believe this is the answer but who knows...maybe it was just time to get some sleep. I will keep you informed but do try it.

    Jane x

  9. That pie looks perfect! I AM a winter person. I look forward to it. I live in California though, and we are still stuck in this horrible drought, apparently. We were on water rationing last summer, and our lakes are mostly empty. I'm praying daily for rain, or snow...

  10. That pie looks delicious! I am not a winter person's been a cold dreary January here in upstate NY...longing for some warmth and sunshine! One upside to winter... a lot of cooking and baking gets done to chase away the winter doldrums!

  11. So far the winter hasn't made me gloomy - I save that for's a dreadful month for me when everything turns brown and gushy! And apple pie sounds delicious right about now - then a nap!

  12. Ok, I'm wishing I had a piece of your pie right now! You are a tease showing us it! I love winter, I don't get down about it, it's like hating half a season..too much to give away. I dislike hot, humid weather! That makes me depressed. Look at it this way the day are getting longer, so more daylight! We haven't gotten anywhere near as much snow as we did last year, hubs is glad, me not so much.

  13. I am with you .... Come on spring!! I find myself hanging around the floral section of our grocery store. Breathing in the perfume of the potted tulips and hyacinths.

    My daughter has posted some pretty awesome fast fudge ideas on our blog.

  14. The pie looks yummy! I'm sure your pastor will love the pie (as would anyone)! Sorry about your blog problems. I'm having them too. It's been 3 weeks of technical problems including my email subscriptions not going out to everyone.

    Anyway, it's been a cold wet winter so far. No snow yet and today we were blessed with some sun and it warmed up a bit in the afternoon.

  15. I am especially hungry for a PIE...:)
    Our winter hasn't been all that bad...just a few weeks of icy and a little snow here and there.
    Sorry about the trouble on the blog...wish I could help but I don't know anything to help you.:(

  16. Kathy, your pastors are so blessed to have your pies delivered to them. What at perfectly sweet gift! And how pretty they look in the window with the primroses.

    Sorry to hear about your blog. Mine was hijacked a few years ago and I contacted blogger. It was weird. Mona at Whisper Sweetly Cottages got hijacked with links to porn. It is rather frustrating to know that some people do this sort of thing. I have had a few comments that were left for me that did not show up in my email box for me to respond to. That is the only thing lately.


  17. oops...can't get to your says ERROR....I'll try again tomorrow.


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