Monday, January 4, 2016

The Swap

Good Monday morning! I trust you have all made your resolutions, enjoyed a good transition to the New Year and if you haven't taken down your Christmas decorations you are chewing on one last cookie and contemplating how long it will take you to re-pack all that lovely Christmas cheer until next December.  Mine is (mostly) packed away and I have replaced it with some sparkly decorations that make the transition into January a little easier to take.  I can't lose all my sparkle and light in the darkest month of the year. I'll share that later.  Right now it seems appropriate to discuss my resolutions. In fact, one in particular is "weighing" on more than just my mind, if you know what I mean. I'm giving up sugar. Again.
I had given it up for many months last year. Sugar is a trigger for me. I just can't stop eating it. You too? I allowed myself free reign over the holidays and I am regretting it.  I have a shameful story to tell and I may as well begin.  It all started on Instagram.  I would like to blame Patty, but truly my own lack of control is the culprit. While checking my feed I came across this:
Patty posted that she would need a lot of luck to not eat these all herself.  Me being the helpful sort , I commented that if she sent them to me, she would be free of the temptation.  I rock. When I see a friend in need, I am a friend indeed.  Well Patty accepted the challenge and asked for my address so she could send me some.  I suggested a mini swap and she said yes, but suggested maybe we could do it after the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Challenge accepted.

So the week between Christmas and New Year I started baking.  I made these fabulous White Chocolate Chip Craisin cookies. 
These amazing Salted Caramel Turtle thumbprint cookies

And these delicious Orange-Chocolate Biscotti cookies

I baked my little heart out. I planned to send them out right away but got caught up in the preparations for New Years. Undecorating the house, working and you know, stuff.  As I was walking past the caramel thumbprint cookies one day, I thought I would just try one to make sure it was still fresh enough to send. Yes, yes it was, but what is this? The caramel was kind of sticking to another cookie. I could see it was not a really good idea to send those caramel filled cookies alllll the way to California. They would be a sticky mess! So I set them out and we ate them. Whew! Crisis averted. I would make something else to take their place.

The weekend of New Years was a busy one. I didn't get to the post office and then Monday an ice storm hit that pretty much closed everything down.  As I walked past the bag of biscotti with my fresh hot coffee, I started to think about just how good they would taste together. There were plenty. I grabbed a few.  Ok, we ate them, all right? We drink a lot of coffee around here and biscotti is killer with coffee. The falling snow and cold temps outside just made those cookies taste even better. I am weak. I am ashamed. I have no excuse really.

After those were gone, there were no more cookies in the house. None except the white chocolate cranberry ones I had put in the freezer to keep them fresh so I could send them to Patty.  I think we all know where this is going.  That's right, They too are gone.

At this point I clearly recognize that I have a sugar monkey clawing at my back. My pants are tight, I can barely look at myself in the mirror. I can only hope that Patty has eaten the cookies she was going to send me, because I DO NOT NEED ONE MORE COOKIE.  Time to take back control.  Earl may have to lock me in the studio until I'm over the worst of withdrawal.

Patty, for the love of all that is holy, don't send those cookies to me! 

P.S. If they are already in the mail, I can start my diet after I *ahem* dispose of them properly.

Anyone else trying to reign themselves in for the New Year?


  1. Wow! I could use a big dose of your energy. My tree is still up. It just keeps snowing outside and the thought of dragging the containers back and forth from the shed to the house and back again through that snow, makes me cringe. Your cookies are making my mouth water . . . one of each with a glass of milk please :)
    Happy New Year!
    Connie :)

  2. You are indeed my kindred spirit Kathy. I froze yours as I went and was heading out yo mail them today. My only problem now is how do I "dispose" of them as my pants are all a bit tight here as well and for the exact same reason!

  3. Oh my! That is what happens when a person is sugar deprived...they go crazy. I don't know that complete sugar denial is the answer, though it may be. I do not think sugar substitutes are the way to go either. I no longer give myself fits over weight gain over the holidays. I have found that a return to normal eating works better for me. The weight gain is usually long gone by the end of January without taking drastic measures. Of course, I can not and do not continue to eat as I did through the Christmas season. I have some frozen buckeyes that are calling to me now...

  4. I feel your pain. I have the same pain. 4 lb gain over Xmas! Oh dear! But I wasn't just bad; I was wicked ....... Those cookies were wicked!

    Back on the no-sugar band wagon I go. My hips, belly and my arthritic joints all thank me.

  5. I'm right there with you! When I posted today that wonderful is finding the last piece of cheesecake, I first said it's wonderful even though my pants are too tight. Then I deleted that part. :)

  6. LOL! Love this post Kathy, you had me laughing out loud :-). I don't have a problem with sugar. I am really not a big sweets fan. But I LOVE potatoes....fried, baked, mashed, cheesy, scalloped, hash name it. CARB LOADED POTATOES.....

  7. This is hysterical! There's no way I could have resisted these beautiful and most delicious looking cookies! But, I'm with you on the "no sugar" thing. I'm going to try it, too. Best of non-sugar wishes to both of us!

  8. I laughed SO hard!!!!! This was such a great post! :-) (As I drink my coffee and eat a piece of amazing cranberry nut bread!)

    Hey... wanna do a craft swap instead?! :-) I'm in!


  9. Gosh, this was written so well and was so funny! And, you are't the only one who has done this. I routinely make cookies to serve in my shop on the weekends. They rarely make their entrance into the shop and it always starts the way you said, just walking by.

  10. Sugar is my downfall too and it's exactly as you wrote! Ha! I bet you're hearing that a lot!

  11. 2016 for me involves food too...portion control with a side of walking...hope this does the trick...and a cut-down on bread...that's a tough one...but I'm hopeful...that's what New Years are all about, right?!

  12. Happy New Year! Sugar is my weakness, especially cake and cookies. Yours look amazing.

  13. ahhh, Kathy, you are so so cute...cookies....God love 'em...they are just too dang delicious to have around and yet, life is short and who could go thru life without a cookie>??? No one !
    Excuse me, I am writing my groc list and must add ingredients for those cranberry cookies....see ya later...xoxo..:)yummy yummy

  14. If I could pick a cookie off the screen I'd be eating one right now! How fun you connected with the lady on Instagram for cookies! Since the holidays being over I'm concentrating on losing weight!


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