Monday, February 20, 2017

Fascinating Facts about my Day

I have been informed by my daughters that it has been over a month since my last post. Yes, yes it has.  January / February are so uninspiring that I usually end up sitting on the sofa binge watching whatever I can stomach and trying not to look out the window.  It's Michigan, and Michigan winters will do that to you.  This month marks 10 years of nonsensical ramblings on this blog and I sometimes think I have hit the wall.  In honor of that 10 year anniversary, I will dig down deep, even though it is still February, (the sun is shining and it's a balmy 40 degrees out so that helps!), and find some fascinating news for you and for my kids. You're welcome.

First of all, I have gotten exactly two pieces of wallpaper up in the back entry.  I will pause to allow you to stop laughing.  Earl and I finally started the wallpapering Saturday.  He put up the first piece, intending to do it all, because he is just that kind of husband.  He thought I wouldn't want to get on the ladder and he was trying to be gallant. He IS gallant, all the time, but he hates / detests/ loathes/ and despises wallpapering. That became evident IMMEDIATELY.  After the first piece I gently talked him down off the ladder and proceeded with the second piece.  Both pieces had bubbles I could not get to lay down, so I decided the best thing to do was to retreat and see what happened when they dried.  Here is a sneak peek at the paper so far.
Fortunately, when the paper dried the bubbles disappeared!  I love the paper and now I can finish it, hopefully this week. I will be painting it once it's all up. I think I know what color I want to go with but since I am fickle and prone to last minute changes it could go any number of ways.

No photos of the new t.v. area.  When we got rid of the bookshelves and entertainment center we noticed the drywall tape was bubbled so it is in the process of being fixed.  I'm almost finished and hoping we can get that project knocked out of the way this week too. 

In other news, I stopped at Kroger today and picked up these discounted hydrangeas for a whopping $3.50 because discount flowers are my spirit animal. 
I go to a ladies bible study on Monday mornings. It's a Beth Moore Study called Breaking Free and I'm really enjoying it.  Today I decided to stop at Tim Hortons and pick up the big pack of donut holes to share. Now, I almost never eat donuts, but I just had a craving today and thought I would share.  There are about 22 of us who attend.  Do you know about 18 of those ladies have more willpower than I do?  I saw one skinny girl eat one (bless her heart!) and most of those silly things were still in the box when we finished for the day. I left them for our Pastor...after I ate about 3 more.
Right now I'm kind of wishing I brought them home, but glad I didn't or the self loathing would be intense.

There is this photo of my feet that I put on Instagram, because everyone wants to see my feet right?  It was in celebration of the temps hitting 57 that day. Flip flop weather in Michigan.
You're welcome.

Oooh! I did get some happy mail!  I got the most fabulous box of hand made chocolates from
La Chatelaine Chocolat Company, Best chocolate I have EVER tasted.  Earl and I had so much fun trying all their amazing flavors.  I highly recommend these for a special gift or to treat yourself. No, they did not sponsor this post or pay me. Just my recommendation.
Also, I should have blogged about this earlier, but BJ at Sweet Nothings had a giveaway a few months ago and I won! I won this gorgeous house number from Ramsign and I can't wait for Spring so I can put it on the house.  I have been wanting one of these for ages!
While I am on the subject of BJ, Some of you probably have already heard that dear Mr. Sweet is going through some health problems that may be very serious.  Please say a prayer for him and BJ.  They have been together a long time and have the most wonderful family.  BJ and I have been blog friends for pretty close to the whole 10 years I have been blogging, and although we have never met I love her dearly.  Funny how that can happen isn't it? We share so much of our daily lives I sometimes think we know our blog friends better than we know some of our friends that are right here with us. I keep Mr. Sweet and the family in my prayers each day and I hope you will too. 

And there you have it, all the news and up to date.  Hopefully I can get my blogging mojo back and be a little more regular with my posting.  Hope this finds you all well, I do visit but it has been a bit more sporadic lately.  Just a few more weeks until Spring. I can't wait!


  1. Bless their skinny hearts!! They don't understand the donut holes make you smile which makes you prettier!

    The wallpaper is going to be fabulous. I love it already.

    The flowers are perfect and I think they are my spirit animal too. :)

    Loved this post and loved the 10 years. Keep it up girl!

  2. You made me laugh! That's why you blog, right? =D So much to comment on here, but I am loving the wallpaper and can't wait to see how that all comes out. The bubbles would be nervewracking...glad that they went away. One other thing, I am so jealous that you still have Timmy Horton's. I miss them so much! Mr. and Mrs. Sweet are tucked in my prayers. BJ is a dear heart and her love for Bill is very evident. Her energy and spunk impress me mightily. You hang in there in your Minnesota winter and I will try to do the same with this Maine one.

    1. All that and I forgot to congratulate you on ten great years of blogging! There was a time when I was in such awe that I did not comment. I know. I am weird. 🙃

  3. Great post, Kathy! The things we do for our kids, right? ;) That wallpaper is amazing and congrats, 10 years doing anything is long time.

  4. Lovely funny post, especially the feet. Thank you.
    I realised, having you nudge me, that it is also 10 years since my first blog started. Do you think we just can't stop chatting. Should one back off and let others have a say?? Congratulations on your 10 years, most of which I have followed you.

  5. I love a post like this! And envious of the hydrangea -- I never seem to find half price at my Kroger! Those are gorgeous. The wallpaper is great --you'll be thrilled when it's done.

    And I'm with you on Michigan February. Longest month of the year, though this year I'm better with it. Partly because I was sick for a week, partly because leading up to that I was hosting a couple of things here and had company. And lately the days are dazzling (not today, though). Spring can't be too far behind!

  6. I LOVE that wallpaper! I also miss the Monday morning Bible study. I would have eaten at least 2 or 3 donut holes if I had been there!

  7. Hi Kathy
    I'm glad you mentioned about BJ's husband. I will for sure be praying for him. Nice to see that you had some mild weather!

  8. That wallpaper is fabulous.You probably had great weather today, too, as we did in Illinois. The house number and the chocolates...oooolala.

  9. Congrats on 10 years of blogging! mmmmmm donut holes!! Now I want some. Love the wallpaper! Sending prayers to BJ and her sweet hubby.

  10. Love the wallpaper and your quirky, easy-to-read writing style that feels like I'm talking to a friend!
    Warmly, Gloria


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