Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My One Weakness

Disclaimer, This post title is inaccurate. Obviously my first and foremost weakness is my sweet husband.  Love that guy to the moon and back. Ditto my girls.  No, what I am talking about is a material weakness.  If you know me at all, you know I'm frugal to a fault. My usual attitude when I am shopping is that I don't need to actually own something to enjoy it.  I like to look. I like to enjoy the item and go home without a thought to where I will need to make room to store it. I am actually in the process of a MAJOR decluttering which includes biting the bullet and getting rid of some things I really have enjoyed over the years but that need to move on. 

I'm not a shoe fiend, I can pass on lots of decorative frippery, but my weakness, my Achilles heel if you will, is dishes. Crockery. Plates and mugs first and foremost but I like alllll the crockery.
Now in keeping with my incredibly frugal nature, I have built my collection at yard sales, and thrift shops for the most part. My daughter, Victoria gave me a set of beautiful Johnson Brothers blue and white transfer ware for Christmas that I am now using for my every day dishes as a change from the plain white I have been using for several years. She knows me so well :) 
Today I was in Homegoods, (and I know you know where this is going), and I spotted these...
And immediately I'm all.They're called Devon Cottage from Johnson Brothers, one of my favorite makers.

So I texted Victoria and asked, didn't she thing these would go great with the plates she got me for Christmas?  She agreed they would and she liked them so much she wanted some too.  Well.  CLEARLY I was supposed to buy these plates so I could hand them down some day right?  I had 6 in the cart, she asked how many they had and I said 8 ,(I was wrong they only had 7), and she pointed out that I would regret leaving those plates behind.  I knew she was right, so I got the last plate and told her if she found one at the store near her she could get it for me for mother's day.  Oh my dear little enabler.
So now it only remains that I have to explain to Earl that I bought more dishes. Good thing I'm HIS only weakness :)  Besides, I can always show him this photo.  I saw this grill in Homegoods,

My first thought was, good heavens, who would buy that? But the yellow tag hanging from it's ear actually say SOLD.   It wasn't me. I was just buying these dishes. You're welcome honey!

Happy March!  Spring is only 19 days away :)


  1. I love any blue and white china. Yours was obviously waiting just for you...well done!

  2. Hahahaha. I hear you sister!!! My second weakness after my family is dishes. Dishes, and dishes... vintage ones to be precise. Yes, I have three sets of vintage Johnson bros. A few Meakin sets, some Knowles....
    Blue and white being my new five! Three sets so far 🙂
    Yours are beautiful.

  3. Now you have me wondering if I might possibly feel like an hour drive to the nearest Homegoods store. Those dishes are wonderful and they are an excellent complement to the ones your daughter gave you. I also have some enablers among my shopping companions, though I am more likely to be the enabler. Fun post! May you find all the plates you need.

  4. You absolutely positively needed those dishes and I'm glad you bought them! I can look here for the 8th plate if you need me to.

    Now my confession, I bought a turquoise set of 8 a few weeks ago. I actually bought some last March but they immediately started chipping so I took them back. These should be sturdier.

    That bull...oh brother!!

  5. OMGoodness! That cow!!! That would start the animal activists jumping!!

    Those dishes are gorgeous---you have a very sweet daughter (well, both of them)! I would have swooped up the dishes you did, too. I am so loving blue lately...more in peices of my decor. I guess blues and grays are the only 'colors' in my life other than white, cream and beige! lol

    I'm doing pretty good with the purging. Funny how something that thrilled you 5 years ago means nothing now. That's a result of not thinking purchases through and why being frugal is so very savvy.

    Let's pray for spring to come soon...I have cabin fever! ;-D

    Jane x

  6. I have a weakness for dishes, too! I'm also trying to be frugal and simplify my life - but it's not working too well. Of course, now I have my dear, little mother's entire wonderful cottage home to disband and I'm having a hard time not packing it all up and transporting it all to my home. I love your new plates. What a joy to serve meals on those beauties! And that grill - oh, my! You never know what you'll find that someone out there 'needs'!

  7. I have that same set of Johnson Bros Old British Castles. I have a set of 4 in blue and a set of 4 in red that I mix and match. The new set you bought is beautiful!

  8. Johnson Bros. is one of my very favorites. I have a couple of patterns I look for at resale shops and what's left of my gran's china. Add that, Hall China plus all the other china I pick up because I can't resist and I'd say we share a great passion in common. You will love having those wonderful new plates!

  9. I love Johnson Brothers dishes! I adore so many dishes, actually so I truly understand your dilemma. I would have wanted those dishes, too! So beautiful!

    Perfect for spring, too!

  10. They are beautiful and I saw them at my local store and was very tempted to buy them too! You will certainly enjoy them.

  11. O, what gorgeous dishes...I would have bought them, too.I haven't been to our local HG's store in awhile...but have it on my list when I am able to get away from the house.
    We received your sweet card today...thank you so much, Kathy.

  12. I get it! My weakness is pillows and throws. I need to remind myself over and over that I already have more than I can use or store. I love the Devon Cottage dishes you got. They go beautifully with the blue transferware and bring an updated look to it. A few years ago I found a complete and unused set of brown Daily Mail, transferware at a yard sale. It was a service for 8 with every extra serving piece you could think of. I paid $25 for it. Sadly, it sat in a box in the garage for years because I just have too many dishes. I finally sold it to a sweet young gal from my church who had started collecting the same set piece by piece. She was thrilled to get it for a great price, and I was thrilled to donate the money she paid to one of my favorite charities (and that actually made it easier for me to part with it).
    Warmly, Gloria


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