Friday, March 2, 2018


I realized this morning that I may be a hoarder.  Since we had a lovely Spring snowstorm yesterday, 
(I think it looks like about 8" out there! Happy Spring!) I decided I would do some cleaning and organizing  and try to avoid looking out side until the snow has melted.  I changed the sheets on our bed and then realized what a terrible mess the basket of pillow cases was and decided to iron and sort them.  I take out the ones that have developed holes or that need a good soak but I really wanted to get rid of some that I know I don't use.  As I ironed I remembered a drawer in my bedroom that had some cases in and dug those out. And it was then that I realized I might be a hoarder.  I've been collecting these most of my married life.  They were found at yard and estate sales for pennies. Some were horribly stained and so cheap it was worth the effort to try to whiten them up again.  
 Others were just fine, never used because the previous owners didn't want to ruin them or didn't like them.   For future reference I have found many vintage linens stained brown from years of use and a good soak in BIZ (the powder, not the liquid) takes that brown stain right out.   Sometimes there is only one of the set but I find them very easy to mix and match.
At any rate, it's time to stop collecting.  I actually have a dresser in my bedroom that is filled with nothing but vintage linens. Embroidered dish towels, linen towels, and vintage trims.  There are also several baskets squirreled on shelves, (there might be more in bins in the basement,cough cough.)
37 years of collecting will sneak up on you and it is clearly time to sell, give away and donate.  I need to let go for my own sanity. The cases shown here are just the tip of the iceberg I assure you. A very small tip on a rather large iceberg.
I also wanted to tell you, I went to Hobby Lobby last week to look for some pillow covers for the living room.  Now that everything is creamy white I need some colorful accents!  I found some great deals on pillow covers.  I made the the black ticking striped pillow cover below, but the floral cover came from Hobby Lobby and was marked down to $3.75.   The flowers are embroidered so it even has a little texture.  This is my new swivel/ rocker/ recliner that I got to rock my darling grand baby in. :)
I could just eat her up I love her so.  She is 3 months old and it has possibly been the happiest 3 months of my dog gone life.  We all love her to the moon and back, and her Aunt Lauren is flying in next weekend from PA just to hold her for the weekend.  Those butter.
 Now where was I? Oh yes, the pillow deals.  I got the black and cream damask print covers below, for $2 each!  I couldn't buy the zipper OR the fabric to make my own for that price, and they are really great quality, with hidden zippers and sturdy fabric.  At those prices I can afford to change the pillows up whenever I want to. I'll be checking back each season for more.
That's about all there is to catch up on.  The thrill of getting my linen closet in order, snuggling baby, (which IS a thrill!) discount pillow covers, and waiting for the snow to melt.  It's just a matter of time now. I feel like Spring is really here, and you KNOW how I love Spring :)  


  1. Vintage linens are wonderful and so hard to turn down when you come upon them. Your new pillow covers are lovely, but I have to say your sweet little granddaughter stole the show :) She is beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  2. Kathy, like you, I have hoarded vintage linens that I brought back from France.5 years on I think it might be time to let them go!
    What a gorgeous baby that is!

  3. You have some lovely vintage pillow cases. I love the pillow covers you got at Hobby Lobby. I didn't know they sold pillow covers! You sweet grand is so beautiful! We have sun but wind gusts of 60 MPH. 44 degrees but feels like 35 with the wind.

  4. Ah collecting! Its hard to let treasure go but maybe they can be made into something like tablecloths or tea cozies and sold?
    That baby gets cuter every time I see her picture!

    Ignore that spring snow!

  5. Thanks for the tip about the BIZ.

    Your grand little is precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. The baby...that's all I see! She's beautiful!

    The pillows are very pretty too, of course. I don't blame you for collecting and hoarding pillow cases. They have the most unique details sometimes. I used to use Biz to wash little boy clothes. Love the way it smells. :)

  7. I love your vintage linens and you found some great bargains on those pillow covers. The beautiful baby steals the show though! How precious she is.

  8. You have so many lovely linens. I had to stop gathering some years ago, too. You have enough to do some very sweet projects. I have a darling banner created from embroidered pillow cases.

    Your little grandgirlie is so just keep rocking that child. You know how fast she grows and “babies don’t keep.”

  9. I love your new pillows, especially the striped one you made. It's fun to change them out and pillow covers are the way to go. Your grandbaby is so sweet! I, too, love vintage linens and have to be careful not to buy more than I can actually use or store. My cupboards need to be cleaned out and I should check in the garage, too. Love your white pillowcases. I use Biz to whiten and brighten my linens, too.

  10. Baby Girl is so adorable! Love her to pieces -- and your pillow covers, too. I might see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my immediate future. Like, today! I've never noticed pillow covers there before. Thanks for the tip on Biz.

  11. That baby is the sweetest! I just replaced the stuffing in few flat pillows, but now I have some undressed flat pillow forms. I was going to donate them, but for that bargain Hobby Lobby price, I might consider recovering them! And lovely collection.

  12. I found a table runner at an antique store once that was really stained in the middle, but the embroidered parts on both ends were in great condition. So I asked my Aunt (who has far better sewing skills than I do) to cut off the ends and make it into a pillow. I love the end result.

  13. She is absolutely adorable...I am so so glad ya'll have her to love forever and ever...(not mention the fun of spoiling her)....:)
    Put some of your pretty linens in your shop....we might like to browse thru them....xoxo

  14. Hello Kathy!!!
    I am so happy to back at my blog and to coming back to all my favorite blog reads. (like yours!)
    You are hitting me where it hurts with all those beautiful know i adore my vintage lines and lace. Feel free to toss any my way when you are ready to purge ;-)
    Your grand baby is so very beautiful, enjoy every minute of her.
    be well and I will see you next time,
    The Empty Nest favorite linen wash is Sodium Perborate

  15. OOO, that precious baby girl .... I know just how much you love her...
    beautiful things here...and I've bought several pillow covers at HL...great prices.

  16. Kathy, I just don't think anyone can have to many linens,lol Your home is beautiful thank you for sharing and of course the cuties thing in the whole house is that little one. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Greetings from Australia.

    I have an overflowing linen cupboard too. With all the fabric things in this house I’m always yelling at someone to shut the front door and not let the moths in.

    I like the frill and fabric on the pillow you made. It’s the best one from the bunch .

  18. Love the pillows! So pretty! No matter how many linens you might have, they still have such charm! What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

  19. Kathy...I miss you. I have been a really bad blogger since Mr. Sweet passed and it's been a year this month....I am just now beginning to breath again. I have days that I don't want to get out of bed...days I don't care if my house is dirty...but those days are not as severe nor as often...I know now that I am going to survive without him...for a solid year, I wondered, I prayed and wondered again if I could go on without him. I's not easy and I don't like it...but I can do it. all ok in your world? I see you haven't posted since March. Please let me know eerything is ok and you just are taking are a long break for the you

  20. ...just wondering if healing is going ok with you.....I think of you often... love and kisses.

  21. Yoo-hoo, Kathy! We’re not getting nearly as many baby grandgirlie pics as we would like...just sayin’...the child is eight months old already. At this rate, she’ll be off to school before we catch a glimpse. Hope that you have had a happy summer. Probably, you’re too busy canning to come out and play, but I hope to find you here before summer is completely over.


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