Monday, March 26, 2007

Well dear readers, for those of you who are not part of the Michigan climate, today was a fantastic day. I believe the high was 77 degrees and right now, at 7 pm my thermometer is reading 74. Oh happy day. It was even sunny. Earl was home with the nieces (Allison & Julianne) and in between cleaning the kitchen, getting a haircut and editing their homework assignment, he went outside and did some yard work. I joined him after getting home from a "cultural experience" with Victoria. I had picked her up from school to take her to an art show at Oakland University because she was supposed to attend a cultural event and write about it before the end of the week. We got there and were informed that the exhibit was "closed today" by some snooty guy with a British accent. Well we walked further down the hall and looked in a window to see the exhibit and were just about laughing. The exhibit consisted of a large grouping of photos of toilets (yeah, real artsy) and a smaller group of emoticons (you know, like this :>). So creative, so ridiculous. Well, we chalked it up to a real cultural moment and she still got her paragraph out of it. I was actually glad they didnt let us in, they wanted donations! So we got to ridicule it for free instead. Anyway, when we got home from this really enriching event, I got to work weeding some of my flower beds and got some things done in the yard. After that Earl grilled some marinated chicken breasts and I cooked some asparagus to go with it and we had dinner. Yum, it was quite delicious. I feel so renewed and refreshed and happy now that spring is here. It just makes me that happy. I hope all of you are having a wonderful spring too.

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