Wednesday, March 26, 2008

(One of my bowls)

I stopped by for tea with Mary this morning and was so moved by her post. She writes about a need to create and wonders if anyone else feels that way. Oh yes! I have always wanted to create, in fact, even though I did not pursue a career in art, I have been compelled to create all my life. I grew up in a very rural area of Michigan, on a farm, with lots of hard work and a very practical mindset. Art was a fun pastime, but to think about it as a way of life or career was pretty much scoffed at. "You can't make a living with art." So being the practical hard working farm girl I was I set about making a life. I went to college for 2 years,(first in my family to do so), met my husband, and (gasp) dropped out of college. Probably the biggest mistake of my life (the dropping out, not the husband :>) Worked hard for years and put all my creative energy into raising my girls. I homeschooled, decorated on a nonexistant budget, taught art to the homeschool group I belonged to, taught Sunday school, and painted and created as a hobby. In the 90's I dipped my toes into the craft show circuit and was pretty successful. My first inkling that you could make a living with art. But I soon gave that up as I went about the business of raising the girls. Now I have two beautiful daughters who are all grown up. My baby goes to college this fall. I knew a couple years ago that I would have to make a drastic change. I was losing my full time job as a mother. A job I loved but which eventually gives you the pink slip:>)
I decided it was time to do what I really wanted to do, and that was to explore my creative side more fully. To give myself the chance to follow my dreams and my muse. My husband has always been my biggest fan and supporter. I am so thankful for his love and the belief he has in me! I signed up for pottery classes, took out my sewing machine and paints and started blogging. I feel like my world and my options have opened up! All I can say Mary is follow your dreams, this is your time, you have worked hard for it. I know you will be successful because you have such an eye for beauty and you could not find a better support group than your blogging friends! And to anyone else out there who has a dream that they have put on the back burner, just do it! I would love to hear how and when your own creative journey began!


  1. And the choir said "Amen"!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. I am glad that you are able to follow your dreams. Life is always changing. And it is so hard when our kids grow up.
    Thank-you for visiting my blog today and yes it is so hard to walk away from something that is just so pretty and perfect. I can use all the support I can get. I will enjoy all my blogging friend beauty and there wonderful good buys that they found.
    Have a blessed day

  3. Beautiful, beautiful post Kathy! I feel the very same way. The need to create is there and the need to ineract with others like me. Though my kids are still young, I still have this nagging urge to decorate, design and create and i am NOT going to fight it! Like you, I have a very supportive husband who wants me to create as well!

    Love ya,

  4. You go, girl! You've got talent and creativity oozing out of your fingertips. I love everything you create. So will others. Following your dream is such a blessing. I followed mine and I've never been happier. ~Adrienne~

  5. Hi Kathleen Grace! Just stopped by and so agree with your post! Everyone has some kind of passion and creativity in them, but I think we all go through worrying about what others will say and are reluctant to close our ears and go ahead with our hearts. Once we can get past the fear, we can soar! Blessings, Kathleen

  6. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I just want to say it is lovely. I found my way here from Mary's Little Red House.

    I truly enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. You go, girl! Love thos pancies... how simple, and beautiful!

    have a great day


  8. I love the pot! I know it sounds nuts,but what is my dream?I guess if I could go to school it would be in decorating. I love Home shopping for decorations.I have always thought about Decorating on a budget. It breaks my heart to see and know that many people of no clue and can't afford all the upper scale stores for hire. I know I can give them the same look at a much lesser price!but at the same time opening a store and being tied down 24/7 isn't something Id love hehe.

  9. Oh Kathy, thank you so much for sharing this! You are such a wonderful, kind and talented person. It is inspiring to see your work, and to hear your story.

  10. Hi Kathy,
    I am so glad you followed your passions in your life. Marrying, raising your girls and creating beautiful things! I am also very glad you decided to start your blog. I would have never have met you otherwise...

  11. You can do it too! If anybody can pick up their art after years of doing all the other (right) things, it's you. Blogging itself is artistic, I think. Hope you're having fun with it all! Blessings... Polly

  12. Loved this post! such wonderful and encouraging words! Good for you (and go for it Mary!)

    kari & kijsa

  13. Kathy, no truer words were ever written! Thank you for the encouragement. I'm glad you're one of my blogging friends :-)
    Hugs, Pat

  14. I enjoyed your observations and my visit to Mary's blog. I have been surprised at how many unexpected benefits blogging has brought me, and it is ever so slowly nudging me back to one of my former careers as a writer and photographer. Yes, the world and my options have opened up and a lot of it has been due to blogging. One of the crafty things I still haven't done is take a pottery class, but I will soon.

  15. This was wonderful! I stopped over at Marys and told her too! Thank you for opening so many eyes today!

  16. So beautiful words..encouraging, caring and wonderful! I'm so glad that I have been able to meet you via blogland. You are an inspiration and someone to admire.
    Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us through your blog.

  17. Oh what a great, great post. Everything that you said is so true! I have been a stay at home mother for twenty years. Although I had a career before I got married and had children, art would have been my first choice. I abandoned my art until I met my husband and through his encouragement I started painting.

    We lived overseas for ten years, but during those years I continued to paint. My girls were always my joy and my priority. My baby graduates high school next year, but she is so independent that I began my empty nester chapter this year by starting my blog. I have also given myself permission to create every day.

    I love blogging because I get to read beautiful words like yours today, and create posts full of creativity. Oh, you have so inspired me with your words.

    Thank you. Blessings, Karen

  18. YIPEEEEEE! Way to go, Kathy girl. You are, by far, one of the most talented and creative people I know. Your lovely hearts and birds, your pottery....all shows us what kind of talent you have. And, I am sure that is just the tip of the iceberg!
    Hats off to you for allowing yourself the chance to see where this might take you!!
    BIG, BIG hugs, bj

  19. And you can't imagine ever being unhappy at your work doing something so fun!

  20. You are so inspirational Kathy! I too have always put my creativity on hold while raising the kids, probably most women do! I think I will do my blog today with yours in mind!
    Thanks for this and all your help these past few weeks!

  21. Kathy

    what a great post, good for you for following a passion...and you can see the great response you always get to your creations because they are just wonderful!


  22. What a very lovely blog post. I think so many of us who are on the mommy fast track don't take time to explore the creative sides of ourselves.

    One day my four little ones will be grown and gone, and I hope that I still have the desire to create and craft things from my own heart and with my own hands.

    Lovely blog...I'll be back!

  23. Kathy,
    I have just recently joined the bloging world. I am a SAHM of 5. My oldest is married and I have a grandson my youngest 7 yrs old. I love your thoughts on being a crafty lady and pursuing what you love. Good for you!! I am trying to find out what I am supposed to be when I grow up. LOL
    I love all kinds of crafts, cooking, baking, decorating and such things as that. Your post has inspired me to maybe do more of what I love doing while my kiddos are in school. Thank you! Keep up the great posts. Hugs, Bobbi Jo-QC,Arizona

  24. Be ALL that God intends you to be.

  25. I do identify with your story. I am no professional but my quilting, embroidery, scrapbooking, gardening etc keep me sane, happy and contented especially after the death of my husband. And now there is blogging too! Eleanor at Thatchwick

  26. I am so blessed that you began a blog and that I met you through it.
    You are a creative spirit and have used it to delight all of us, your family in everything you do.
    After I began blogging, I began to enjoy the writing and photography aspect of it more and more. Now they are such a part of my life and I hope to do something with them soon.
    You are an inspiration to me...


  27. What an inspirational post. You are such a talented woman!


  28. It's such a blessing that you can follow your heart and pursue your dreams!

  29. Kathy, you won my giveaway. Please stop by my post today and choose which mini canvas you would like, and then please e-mail me, so that I can send this to you. Congratulations. I used the random generator, but I was so happy when it picked you!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Blessings, Karen

  30. You are so talented, you would have wound up creating beautiful things one way or another. I think it is so important for women especially to have that one thing that fires her soul, we are such givers, that having something that is completely our own, replenishes us to be able to give even more. Life is such a gift, I am so glad you are sharing your gifts with us. :)

  31. Hi Kathy, I'm so happy your are following your dreams and your passion too. You are so creative and talented. Everytime I look at my darling heart it brings me joy and I think of you. I have a dream list and one thing on it was creating a blog, I love it and I'm having fun too. Never in a millon years did I think I would accomplish this but with help I did follow this on to the next. Hugs, Linda

  32. Hello, dear one ~ Hope you are having a lovely, lovely weekend. Hugs to you ~

  33. Love your pottery piece! Kathy, go where your heart takes you. My sewing was inspired by my Nanny and Mom. Both were and are talented seamstresses. It was all the scraps laying about that I started making doll clothes with and it just went from there.

    Keep on focusing on your heart and dreams!


  34. Hopped over here from Mary's blog. You have some wonderful pictures and posts here.

    I, too, have been sucked into the creative side of my life at this stage life. So fulfilling.


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