Monday, April 9, 2007

UN-BEE-LEEVABLE! I had the ability to post with pictures all the time and I didn't know it. It was right in front of my face and I never saw it! I know that doesnt sound like a big deal to you, but it was really bugging me that I was such a techno-dufus. The picture at the top is a pic I took of a gorgeous dragonfly on our chicken coop last summer. Anyway, now that I have that figured out I will tell you that we had a great Easter. Our church had rented the Junior High auditorium down the road for a community service and it was very successful. The auditorium holds around 600 and it was full. We had a great program and the community really turned out for it. After the service we all went to a frieinds house for Easter dinner and then we were going to go to moms house to hang with the sibs, but Victoria had been vomiting all day Saturday (for no apparent reason) so with moms compromised immune system we thought we better not. Actually mom nixed the idea and we totally understood. Fortunately Vicky felt fine Sunday so she was able to participate in the program at church that she had practiced so long for. It was a great day made even better by the fact that we were joined for breakfast and the service by Rick & Marie, (Earls cousin and his wife) who are among our favorite people in the WORLD! (hugs to you guys if you are reading this) I hope everyone had a very blessed and wonderful Easter and continues to enjoy the next week. It has got to get warmer eventually!


  1. "They are great kids, aren't they?" she said modestly. They had a great time too, if they aren't reading your blog.
    The dragonfly is miraculous, isn't it? Great pix.
    Vicky could have had stage-fright?
    Anyway, it is better to stay away than to take the chance of infecting Grandma. Love Aunt Sharon

  2. Very cool, darling!

  3. Oh, I know just what you mean about the frustration of not know ing how to do what you want to with the blog! I day dream about a beautfiul banner or wallpaper, but I am still new at this and am so impressed with myself on every little thing I figure out how to do!

    Thanks for visiting, and you are entered in the drawing.


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