Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sneak peek at the May Basket swap

I just wanted to give everyone a peek at my May basket for Artsy Mama's swap. I have been working on it every day and am hoping that Kim will like it when she gets it. It is really hard doing this for a stranger. I looked at her blog and thought at first that I would try to use the clues there to help me know what style I should make it, but in the end I decided to be true to my own style and hope for the best and hope Kim feels free to do the same. I look at this as sending a little bit of myself out there into blogland. I will give a complete picture on May 1, and I will also post a pic of Kims basket that she sends me. I am having a blast with this project, it has been so long since I really did anything creative just because I wanted to. I hope this gets me back in the habit of creating because it is so much of who I am.
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