Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Art Show and Wild Game Dinner

Well it was a busy weekend. First, our church hosted a Wild Game Dinner as an outreach event. Earl & I spent Friday night and all day Saturday cooking. It was very successful and many people liked the log candle holders that we made for centerpieces and asked to take them home, which we let them do. There were a ton of things on the menu (which is why we, and about 6 other people, were cooking so long!) We served Pheasant, Bear, Caribou, venison, Duck, Walleye and Salmon, as well as Chicken and spaghetti for those who don't eat wild game but wanted to come anyway. We had 135-140 people there and about half were guests and not from our church. We were so tired by the time the dinner began that we didn't even sit down and eat, of course we were also dishing up dessert while others ate so we didn't have a chance anyway.

Sunday, we decided to get away and have a little couple time so we went to the Sugarloaf Art fair in Novi after church. What a great show! Earl bought me an early mothers day gift, this gorgeous picture by an artist named Susan Loy. She does amazing calligraphy using flowers and other images with literary quotes and bible quotes. Mine is from 1 Corinthians 13, the Love chapter. It was quite affordable for a signed print and now I just need to get it framed. You can find her art at . I also got something cute for my sister - in-laws birthday in August but I cant show you because she checks my blog! Bet you wonder what it is now Keeka! You just have to wait! LOL Anyway, we had a great time just walking around and looking at all the beautiful art and seeing some art demonstrations. It was a lovely show and a lovely day.


  1. You are SO cruel!

    Of course, I have your b-day present, too. But you get to find out first-not fair!


  2. I am glad you found some time for enjoyment. The plate is beautiful. That Earl! What a guy!
    Did you take a pix of the log centerpieces? They sound beautiful. I am sure that Karen will enjoy the gift. That was very thoughtful of you and here she is whining. LOL. Anticipation is quite often the best part of the process!! Love Aunt Sharon


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