Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Morning

Good morning everyone, We finally have a sunny day ahead of us on this Friday the 13th. I thought I would share a picture of our beautiful eggs. I currently have around 17 mixed breed bantam chickens who keep us supplied with all the beautiful brown eggs we can eat, and then some. We have taken to selling them at our places of work because otherwise we would be hard put to consume all of them. I have gotten as many as 14 eggs in a day! I am looking forward to doing a few painting projects today, helping a friend set up a blog of her own and chauffering Victoria around to some fun with friends. I have not gotten nearly as much done around here this week as I had hoped. I had planned on doing mass amounts of spring cleaning, painting projects, sewing projects (I promised a friend I would sew kitchen valances for her about 2 months ago and the fabric is still staring accusingly at me from the chair) sigh...why is it when I have a week off I don't seem to have more time? Maybe I just need to use it more wisely. I am trying to change some habits and identify some of the things that seem to keep me from being productive. I have to admit one of those things is the T.V. Sometimes I think I should take it right out of the house. I am almost 49 and I am still trying to change so many things I should have gotten a handle on so long ago. Reading my Bible every day, eating right, exercising (ick), accomplishing more with my time, all major things that each take a lot of discipline and thought. Discipline I am short on. Oh yeah, add self discipline to what I am working on and it seems like a mountain I need to climb. The discipline is, of course, the foundation of all my other problems. Oh well, all any of us can do is keep trying and never give up. I am making progress on my Bible reading, maybe I need to concentrate on one thng at a time. But I would like to have it all together now!


  1. Wouldn't we all!! You cannot be almost 49 years old. It is not possible.
    When you get a handle on all these things, Kathy, let the rest of us know. Your list reads very much like mine. Since I have this week off between jobs I had set up many tasks, just as you have, to get done. They aren't and it is Friday. But remember all the things you do when you are counting all the things you don't.
    Love, Aunt Sharon

  2. oh my goodness kathy we sound like we have a lot in common. i have many of those same battles. this swap is going to be a blast! looking forward to getting to know you better!


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