Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More red...and a garden

Still playing the red game.. an egg scale from my brother and sister (in-law, but I never think of that suffix) for my birthday. It looks exactly like the one my grandmother had, just not as well used. I love it. I have wanted one forever. Karen & Clarence, you are the best!

And a dark salmon columbine that seeded itself next to my brick red garden shed. It seems very shy with its eyes always on the ground. I love it when God adds to my garden:>)
I am far enough north and east of most of you that I am coming very late to the garden game, but I finally have some things blooming. I noticed they are almost all shades of blue and purple. I have pink and cream roses and other flowers too, but they just aren't out yet. Another wild columbine. I did not plant these and the funny thing is that the columbine that I have planted over the years have not survived! I dont know where these came from but aren't they lovely?

My favorite blue sberian iris. I love how tiny these are, and they bloom profusely.

Spiderwort, not a favorite because it is so invasive. I have tried to eradicate this from the garden to no avail. Sometimes you just have to give in and learn to love it.
Now this one is a favorite, a snowball bush. I love the fluffy white balls of flowers these get and how they "snow" as the petals drop off. I have it planted next to the chives and roses.
Ignore the soaker hose, I havent had a chance to mulch yet, but I just finished planting these jelly bean petunias. Soft shades of blue, pink, salmon, yellow and purple. They should look wonderful when they have filled in.
I am pretty much done with the real work of preparing for the party. A few little odds and ends to do and a silly fiasco that I may be able to bring myself to tell you about some day (I am SUCH a dork sometimes!) Tomorrow we begin the baking of desserts and treats. Along with our own open house we help other people in the church who are going through this. They bring a dish to ours, we bring a dish to theirs, it is good fellowship and we "bear each others burdens". Earl is making cheesecake bites for our party...covered in chocolate. Oh, of course I will show you! And the cookies, and the decorations when they are up and all the good things . You have been with me through the worst of it, now I can't wait to share the fun:>) Thanks for being there. I love you all.


  1. I love your plants! Your party will be fabulous! I can't wait to read about it!


  2. Waiting to hear all the details...

  3. I am sure the open house will be fabulous .... can't wait to see the pics.

    Your blooms are gorgeous! I keep waiting for my perennial border to explode ....... nothing yet :-(

    Best Wishes for your Party! :-) Rosie

  4. Gorgeous garden flowers! Neat birthday gift also.....

  5. Your garden must be looking so pretty with all of those blooms.
    Love the 'red' scale.

  6. Wow, Kathy, your garden is SO pretty and such a feast for my Desert eyes. :) Hope you have a great party !! The scale is WAY cool, what a great gift. :)

  7. Loved your flowers, they look fabulous! your banner is charming and your house is too! We all see the flaws in our homes but others only see the love and care with which we welcome others in to share our joys. You have nothing to worry about. Your home is lovely just the way it is! Your hubby will charm everyone with his cheesecakes and no one will even notice the paint after eating that! If everyone ends up inside, just turn up the radio and have a party to remember, enjoy and everyone else will too. Love ya, Jan

  8. Everything is coming along beautifully. I know it will all be just perfect - a thing from which memories are made.

  9. I will be in my new place by the end of July. So, I have plenty of time. Hope you have a great day, dear one.

  10. Your garden looks lovely and good luck with the open house!

    Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation!


  11. Hey Kathy,

    I could use some more spiderwort when you give me the snow in summer. I actually lost my magenta spiderwort (too much shade?)and my purple doesn't seem to spread (the invasive quince is the culprit, I believe).

    And apparently, we are just far enough north of you to have even less blooming. Not one columbine is open here yet. The pinks, however, that came back from last year are looking gorgeous. You'll have to come up to see them when school is out.

    Love ya,


  12. I have always loved the "volunteers" in my garden -- I guess they make me feel special, as though I've been given a gift...your columbines are so beautiful, as is the rest of your garden. I can't wait to hear (and see) all about your party!

  13. Kathy the party will be beautiful!
    Its going to be a nice weekend!!!!

    Your daughter is very blessed to have a mom whom puts so much love and care into making sure this day is wonderful for her!

    The yard looks great!

    God Bless,

  14. Looking forward to "joining" in your party open house Kathy! Fingers crossed that you'll have sunny skies!

    Hugs, Pat

  15. Such a beautiful post Kathy! I love your red :) The egg scale is so cool!! What a wonderful gift.

    Your garden is fabulous!! I wish you could help me with mine :(


  16. That egg scale is really neat! Love the red!

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I wish I didn't kill all the green things in my life =) Blessings... Polly

  18. Your flowers are gorgeous! And it is good to hear that all is under control. I know it is going to be a wonderful party. Those cheescake bites sound soooo good!


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