Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Open House

Yay! We have power! And now I can tell you all about the party. It was a smash! We went to church for first service and then raced home to set up, decorate the tables, put some tents over the food prep area and get things ready.
Salads went on the table in the dining room. People came in the front door to get salads and desserts and exited the back door to the tent and main course. It flowed pretty well.
Desserts were set up on the kitchen counter. See the little chocolate squares on a couple of the plates? Those were hubbys mocha cheesecake squares that were dipped in chocolate. I never could get a picture of the plates when they were full, people kept snitching them! Along with those we had a variety of home made cookies and, of course a cake for the graduate. CArrot cake with apricot filling from Costco, have you ever tried it? It is fabulous!
The tent in the backyard. This was set up the night before by a wonderful team of men from the church, and when it was over they took it all down and hauled it away. We have a great church family!

The main course? Grilled pizza! A big hit at our first daughters open house and catered by my dear sister and brother in law and their family! What a gift! Sister Penny helped out too. Here is how it goes....
Karen and Penny roll out the dough into personal size rounds.....
Clarence grills one side of the crust, flips it over so the cooked side is on top, and he and lovely Allison (his daughter, my niece) supervise as people write their name on the bottom of a paper plate and choose their toppings....
Then the pizzas go to this beautiful girl, niece Julianne, who grilles the last side and then hands it back to her sister to deliver to the person who made it at the table!
These are just a few of the pizzas people topped. Yum!
We had 175 to 200 people in the four hours we held the open house. Quite a crowd and what fun to get all our friends and family together in one place for a joyous celebration:>) As you can see, for the four hours of the party we had sunshine and blue skies. The temps were in the low 90's but we had a beautiful steady breeze that really made it pleasant.

We had everything packed up by the time the storm hit and the party was over! I had awakened at about 3 am that morning to heavy thunderstorms and prayed that God would give us good weather for the party. He did! We were without power until 4 am this morning and I feel so lucky to have it back. There are still thousands of homes that dont have power in our county. I will share Earl's Mocha cheesecake recipe later this week. It was big hit, even among people who proclaimed that they didnt like coffee. Now I need to go catch up on my visits to all of you. Thanks for sharing in the fun:>)


  1. What a wonderful day and great weather. Crazy to think that so few hours later the storm hit!
    Such a team effort.

  2. Oh Kathy, I'm so glad it went well, and the weather held off. I am truly amazed at the amount of people you hosted, and in awe of your organizational skills! The pizzas look delicious -- I've never tried grilling them, but now I will have to. :) My mouth is watering at all those desserts. You were without power for three days? Yikes! Glad you are back! :)

  3. Kathy,

    The party looks wonderful! All the food looks delicious--love the idea of grilled pizza.


  4. It sounds like a wonderful celebration. Just perfect! All of the food looks scrumptious. We grilled pizza a couple of nights ago. Just for the two of us. What a great idea for Victoria's party. Glad you have power again. ~Adrienne~

  5. It all looks wonderful Kathy! I don't remember if I knew you had a sister named Penny...I have one named Kathy!

    The food looks wonderful too. I have always wanted to try grilled pizza, but I was afraid it would fall through the grill! Do you make your own pizza dough?

  6. oooo, Kathy, it sounds like so much fun and I am so thrilled the weather was so beautiful for you. This is a day your daughter will remember for her entire lifetime. Aren't you so happy!
    The little pizzas look fabulous!
    hugs, bj

  7. What a fun party!! Love those desserts..


    P.S. Your daughter is beautiful!!

  8. Kathy, it looks just wonderful. You were so blessed to have so many helpers.

    I know this day has become a memory she will treasure forever.

  9. Sounds like such a fun time! And, the food ..... the food ....yummy! You put on a great spread :-)

    hugs, Rosie

  10. Kathy, if you need help just holler - about the clothespin bags I mean. Took me a while to figure it out. You'll just have to wait and see what I'm cooking up, sweetpea. ;-)

  11. SOmeone's looking out for you so you could have that fabulous celebrations! Congrats and what a fabulous mom you are. I hope your family realizes how lucky they are to have you!

  12. Hi Kathy
    I am glad to hear that the party went well and that the rain held off for you. It looks like a great party!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL PARTY ~ WONDERFUL FOOD! What fun & what a wonderful blessing to celebrate. Congratulations to Victoria on such a great milestone!
    Looks like we've both been using library computers!

  14. Kathy, it looks like the perfect day!! OH I am so hungry right now after seeing this delicious food and desserts! Earls cheesecakes look and sound fabulous!! I am so happy the rain held off and your hard work paid off!!


  15. What a wonderful party! Praise God the rains held off!!!

    Happy day,

  16. All the sweets look so yummy! I would never get that many people to show up for a party...you must have a lot of friends!

  17. Hi,

    Just found your blog tonite...and read about your grilled pizza, graduation party. What a smashing success it seems to have been! Congrats to all who helped out and to that very special GRADUATE!!!


  18. The photos came out really well for the party! It was a great day and the food was wonderful I can vouch for that myself! A fun day and a fine tribute to a lovely young lady and her fabulous family. Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  19. WOW! That was SOME grad party! HOW MUCH FUN!! Glad it alllll worked out and looks like a wonderful time had by all. Great job on the food, btw. Looks yummy!!

    Will patiently wait for the recipe.....ooh boy!

  20. Good Morning Kathy!
    I have so enjoyed catching up here with all of your wonderful events... congratulations on your sweet grad and her important milestone - the party looks like it was simply fabulous AND the food - oh my!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these special days with all of us.


  21. How ownderful that the weather was sweet durig the party...and it all looks like such fun! I know everyone had a wonderful time! The pizzas were a fantastic idea!

    Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Your daughter is so special and so pretty...just like her Mama.

    Congratulations to her and to you and your husband for raising such a lovely young lady. You are a special family.



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