Monday, June 2, 2008

6 Days.....

Ok, I'm calmer. Reality check. The trim on the shed is not going to get painted this week. It looks "rustic". Besides, you all say nobody will notice and I'm taking your word for it. Thunderstorm chances for Sunday are only 30% now, I can gamble with that and the forecast may get better as the week progresses (Please God!) I decided a fun project was in order for yesterday so I made this fun banner for the pergola. It actually says Congratulations, but I can't ge the whole thing in the picture, too long. The tent will be set up outside the back door and Victoria has chosen a color scheme of blue and green. Not her school colors, but she doesn't like to be boxed in on things like colors. She is a lot like her dad, but there is some of me in her too:>)
My sister in law came over Saturday and helped me make the pizza dough for the grilled pizzas and our Sunday School class has signed up for everything from cookies and salads to helping set up and take down the tent and tables, and manning the kitchen so I can mingle with our guests. There is still plenty to do this week, but I think it is manageable. I've unpacked my bags and decided against running away from home:>) Thanks for the perspective. It's all going to be all right.
(Darn it, will you look at the mildew on that pergola? On second thought, don't look! I'm going to have to add that to the list. Sheesh!)


  1. Oh I'm so glad you aren't going to run away. We would miss you so much! It sounds like you have things under control. Of course by now the event is probably over. Can't wait to hear how it went. The banner is a wonderful touch. ~Adrienne~

  2. I am so looking forward to reading of your preparations for the big day and then hearing how much fun it was

  3. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  4. I still think more deep breathing is in order! You can do this....YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Just keep repeating this over and over and everything will be OK!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  5. I can't see it because I'm too busy having fun at the party.

    Repeat that to yourself.

  6. I love your pergola--I have always wanted one of those! Did your husband build it for you? Lucky! I bet the party is going to be just perfect with wonderful food and great people...


  7. The banner is great and sounds like everything is under's going to be a great party celebrating your daughter's graduation. Hope we'll see pictures. Linda

  8. Hi! I just had to check out your blog when I saw it on someone else's list since it has the name Kathy in it! I really enjoyed reading it. I'm Kathy, from Kathy's Klavier. I'll surely be back!

  9. She won't remember that the pergola has mildew. She won't remember the door that needs painting. She won't remember the tile that needs regrouting or the garden that needs weeding. What she will remember is that you loved her so much that you were willing to work till you dropped, you cleaned till your hands smelled of bleach, and you invited everyone who loved her and wanted to tell her so. She'll remember your smiles and your hugs and your laughter and your arms around her. She'll remember your voice as you tell her how proud you are of her. The knowledge that she will have these memories will give you the strength you need to complete every last necessary detail!

  10. What I see so far is so lovingly done--and that's the point! It will be wonderful!

  11. It's going to be a great party--Congratulations to your daughter! Good job!


  12. I have to smile b/c I got married at my parents house (garden wedding). Mom and her possey did all the cooking (they offerred). It all seemed pretty flawless to me but to hear her side, it's more like, "It was freezing cold that morning so I made a wrap for the bride and hoped the ivory lace would match. Then my sisters came over and we took turns at the stove while the husbands used blow dryers to get the ice rings freed from their pans. Groom had to set up the tent by himself and the harpist needed cover to protect her instrument or she said she couldn't play. Bride got locked out of her car at the hairdresser's so Father of the Bride had to fetch her, while everyone waited in the cold..." Gee... I thought it went splendidly =) Blessings to you this week... Polly

  13. Oh how lucky you are to have a pergola! Don't worry about the almost invisible mildew -- everyone will be exclaiming over your beautiful banner. :) Sounds like you have a lot of help, at least...I'm sure it will all be wonderful!

  14. Ok, FIRST, that is NOT mildew - it is want that!!

    You are doing great, from the glimpse I get in that picture you have a lovely place to have a party. And if you are having a tent, let it sprinkle....there will be more stories to tell in the future, when you are sitting around with your grandchildren, reliving this special day.

  15. Breath!!!!! Your party will be a smash. Love that banner!!!


  16. Kathy, it sounds like things are coming together beautifull for the party! See, it will work out fine! I Love the banner!!! Victoria chose beautiful summery colors!


  17. Hey Kathy,

    I've enjoyed reading about your adventures of late - especially about your awesome B&B day away with hubby and girl's trip to Florida - wonderful!! Belated Happy Birthday! I know what you're feeling about the preparations and I do the same thing...sounds like you've got help lined up (That's a blessing)and things well in hand (love the cute banner). Balance the "Martha" and the "Mary" in you (Luke 10:38-45) and be sure to take time for what's really most important - this awesome milestone in your daughter's life and rejoicing in God's goodness for making her into a young woman full of purpose and promise! Your wise, prudent, and diligent preparations will pay off as you are able to really relax and enjoy the moment...

    BTW, my Mom LOVED her beautiful special heart you made - many thanks again!! I have a cute picture of her holding it that I will share on the blog soon!

    Blessings to you this week - wish I could be there - I'd grab an apron help!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  18. Hi Kathy
    Don't worry. Everything that needs to get done will get done and the things that aren't important don't matter. I'm sure it will be a fabulous party. Just try to relax and enjoy it. No one is coming to checkout your house.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. Hi, Kathy Grace...I have wondered and wondered how things were going for the graduation. With my computer down, I might just as well have been buried underground! I felt so disconnected with the entire world.
    It sounds as if you are about to go crazy! Hang on...with all that wonderful help you are getting from friends, family and Sunday School, it is going to be a piece of cake! No body is going to be looking at all those little things you are so worried about...they will have eyes only for your beautiful, graduated daughter!!
    One of my grandsons graduated on Sunday. He didn't want a party or open house or anything...just wanted to hang out with his friends...fellas have ALWAYS been easier than our girls!! ((smile))
    Hugs, bj

  20. Kathy,
    I wish I were coming, your plans sound perfect. What a great graduation party it will be. With the charm surrounding your home and yard, who will look at anything but your gorgeous preparations. Karen

  21. Ah, Kathy you sound so much calmer and in control now ..brava!

    Just keep telling yourself that you will get it all done and more importantly have FUN!!! :-)

    Love the banner and the color combinations!

    Hugs, Pat


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