Saturday, May 31, 2008

8 Days

There is no photo to go with this post. That is because photos and graphics take time ....time that I don't have. In 6 days my youngest daughter graduates from high school. In 8 days we are having her open house. I have been pretty calm until now. We did this 2 years ago with Oldest daughter and looking back it seemed like a piece of cake. But right now, I'm panicked. What is it about having 150+ people over that makes you think the front door can't go another minute without paint, the gardens need work, the windows haven't been washed yet! The kitchen grout should be redone! I have 8 days to whip this house into the shape it should be in anyways. But you know how it goes, you see the little imperfections but there is no rush. It will get done, someday. Oh, and did I mention the long term forecast for her open house day predicts rain? Oh no, not just rain, thunderstorms. Hubby says, "Don't worry, when have we ever been to an open house that was on a rainy day?" I could hear Murphy (and his darn law) laughing in the background. We were going to grill out for the food. My house is 1100 sq. feet. I think I might run away from home.


  1. Hi Kathy -
    I know just what you mean. I usually feel the same way. Take it one thing at a time and don't forget to take a deep breath, stop and smell the flowers. I'm sure everything will be just right. I always fret about things around the house and yard and forget that it's really all about the people!

  2. I think we can all relate. You know that no one will notice all of those things because they will be having too much fun.

    I wish we could all come help you.

  3. Aw Kathy I wish I lived closer I would come and help get the house and yard in company ready condition! :-)

    Don't sweat it.....everything will get done and the weather will be beautiful!

    Hugz, Dolly

    P.S. BIG congrads to your daughter!

  4. Plus the weatherman is never right on long range ones. You'll be fine! Have fun and remember to enjoy the guests, they are there to see the people not the house.

  5. You made me laugh, when I read that you are considering running away from home. The best part about having so many guests is that they can't possibly see the little things that concern you. I will say a prayer for better weather. What is it about graduation and rain? It poured on my daughter Sarah's graduation day. It will all work out. Karen

  6. Kathy

    I am sending good karma wishes your way for either good weather OR a good snuggle-fit in your home!

  7. I feel like this everytime we have people over to our house. I just try to remember that when I go to someones house I don't even notice those things. Hope your day is dry! And have a good time!


  8. Oh Kathy, I know just what you mean! Everytime I have a gathering, I have panic attacks because I just cant get it all done. But no one will even notice because they will be having such a wonderful time! Your home is beautiful and the party will be too :)

    Love ya,

  9. We just went through this with our son...... I decided painting the door could wait, as well as painting the bathroom (though I must admit, I was still considering it two days before the party! ;) By the time you get that many people there, no one will be looking at those things anyway.
    The long-term forecast said rain for us too, but then by the time it arrived, the day was perfect. I hope it will be for you too!

  10. Oh it is getting close now. I am sure it will be a success - don't panic. Try and enjoy it too.

  11. Take a deep breath......let it out.....

    It will all be perfect!! Really!

  12. Oh Kathy! I feel your panic, but I'm sure it will all turn out OK and will be fun!
    As long as people have good food and drink they'll be happy, rain or shine.

    Congratulations to your daughter!

    Hugs, Pat

  13. Hope all will go well and wonderful ~


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