Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend getaway

My darling husband surprised me with a day away this weekend. Kind of a birthday get-away for us. The girls were in various parts of the country with friends so we took off and did some sight seeing and shopping in a nearby town. Our first stop was the farmers market where I found a gorgeous, huge, fuschia for the front porch. I love having them there and the hummingbirds always come for a drink. Then we checked into a sweet little B&B called the "Cozy Koi". It was named for the lovely Koi pond in the backyard, filled with the prettiest fish. Some of them were 2 feet long! Very tame, they came to nibble on Earl's fingers. The Koi pond was next to a trickling waterfall that was beautifully planted with flowers and ferns.

It was a peaceful place to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and listen to the sound of the water and watch the fish. So relaxing! I forgot to take a picture of our room until it was kind of messed up from us sleeping and being in it, but I got a pic of this cute room in the next house. The owner of the B&B owns both houses and gave us a tour of them. Isn't this yellow room adorable!? It is actually a little efficiency apt. and has a sitting area and a tiny vintage kitchen that was so cute. Of course I forget to get a picture of that!
This was the dining room where we had our breakfast. Diane, the owner, was so friendly and nice. She made us fresh fruit cups, tropical fruit muffins, and apricot and cream cheese stuffed french toast topped with apricot sauce. Hot coffee and blueberry-pomegranate juice. Oh, it was all so good!
The rest of the weekend was spent at an art and craft festival, we had dinner and saw Prince Caspian at the cinema. I loved those books, and although this one wasn't done as faithfully accurate as the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, it was still a really good movie. The next morning we found a local flea market and picked up some fun deals, and then spent some time in a "mega mall" of antique booths, with a little bit of junk, garage sale stuff and retail mixed in. Because it wasnt a real "chi chi" antiques mall there were some good deals to be had. I got some great items to incorporate into projects for my etsy shop. Then we headed home to relax. It was a nice surprise and so good to get away with my sweetheart. We find that we need a little time away like that every once in a while to just concentrate on each other and it really is wonderful to be able to focus on each other and not the broken dishwasher, laundry and lawn!
Tomorrow is my 50th birthday and will be spent with my family. This weekend, I will be joining my best friend in Florida for a little "girls vacation". It is going to be a really great week! I am fighting an upper respiratory thing, sore throat, coughing, I can't really tell if it's allergies, a cold or something worse. I went to the Dr. and got some antibiotics just in case. Keep me in your prayers that I'll get over this! Nothing is keeping me from this trip!
I hope you all have a great week too:>)


  1. What a lovely get away! And the one coming up sounds great too, perfect way to celebrate. Happy 50th!!!

  2. Looks like a really cute B and B. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a really fun time in Florida. (And that your cold goes away!)


  3. Kathy, I just stopped by your site and thought I'd leave a message...hope you don't mind.

    It sounds like you had such an enjoyable little weekend get-away with your hubby...we all need that sometimes don't we!?!

    Happy Happy Birthday to you and hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida.

    Feel better soon!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (please imagine the Birthday song here: la la la la!) What a wonderful B&B! It's so pretty and peaceful looking. I'm so glad you shared it with us.
    Patricia :o)

  5. Kathy I am so glad you had time away with your sweety! That B&B looked like a wonderful place to relax and recharge.

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday Dear KATHYYYYYYYYYY
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!

    Feel better quick!

  6. I second what Penny sang to you!!! (Just imagine me singing harmony with her - I used to sing tenor in our church choir!) Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

    Hugs - Diane from Michigan

  7. What a wonderful weekend. It sounded just perfect. And a vacation this week? Perfect! I sure hope you can nip this cold/allergy in the bud and enjoy your trip to the fullest! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  8. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.
    Have a Fabulous 50th Birthday.

  9. What a divinely perfect weekend with your wonderful husband. Everything looks and sounds great.

    Have fun with your friend, and don't get sick.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you.

  10. Happy Birthday, Kathy!

  11. Oh Kathy!!!! I am so glad you were able to get away!!! Dont you just love B&B's? We are going back to ours for five days this summer and i just cant wait! Chad and I feel the same was as you and Earl. It is so important to just take time for your relationship!

    Florida, you lucky girl Kathy! I am so happy for you, you deserve it! Happy Birthday :) I sure hope you arent getting sick!! Your birthday week sounds fabulous!

    Love ya,

    your get-away sounds just delightful. I've never stayed in a b and b but it is on my TO DO list.
    hugs, bj

  13. Oh Kathy, what a wonderful time with your husband. Cherish the time - it's so rare that we gift ourselves with a time away. And by all means, don't miss the time with your friend. This year I had 5 of my girlfriends from high school here for a weekend (class of '64!!) and it was a blast - we plan to do it every year.

  14. What a wonderful birthday surprise! Time away and great places to enjoy. Take care of yourself, get well and have a very happy birthday.

    A Happy Birthday to you,
    A Happy Birthday to you.
    Every day of the year
    May you find Jesus near.
    A Happy Birthday to you,
    A Happy Birthday to you,
    And the best year you ever had.

    (sung for birthdays at Sunday School when I was a child)


  15. Happy Birthday, Kathy! What a great getaway! Loved the B&B! And FLORIDA? You lucky girl. 50 must be a great age!

    Happy week,

  16. Happy Birthday Kathy. Looks like you had a glorious weekend. Have fun with your friend in Florida. Blessings Karen

  17. Those kind of getaways are the best, aren't they! Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend... and many blessings for our Father above.



  18. Hi KAthy
    I am glad that you were able to celebrate your birthday in so many nice ways, weekend getaway at a B&B and a time with the girlfriends.
    Happy birthday from me.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. I think you should've nibbled on Earl's fingers so the fish wouldn't have to ;)
    Get well so you can have another fun weekend!

  20. Happy Birthday, glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. Laurie

  21. Oh how wonderful!! I love that you were able to do this! Bill took me away for my BD, to a B & B and it was heavenly. B & Bs ae always fun but going away, just the two of you, is EXTRA sweet!
    I enjoyed all your photos and reading about it all. Just all sounds so wonderful A perfect weekend.

    Happy, happy Birthday!

    I will leave a little something on my blog for you!


  22. Happy Birthday to you!


  23. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Can't wait to see what you bought! The B&B looks really quaint and full of charm. Glad you had a wonderful time. Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  24. What a lovely time and lovely B&B. Hope your week is going well.
    Hugs ~

  25. Well, Kathy Grace, I, too, am glad you don't have to worry so much about tornadoes where you live. They are very scary. Thankful for the radar they have now which usually gives us more time to seek shelter...
    You haven't sent me a pic of your cute kitchen yet...REMEMBER to do that, girlfriend !

  26. Happy Belated 50th ~ whoa whoa~ to you, my sweet friend! What a wonderful time away you had!


    PS: You do NOT look 50!

  27. What a wonderfully delightful surprise. The B&B is so darn cute. What a lucky gal to have such a wonderful hubby dear. ...Happy Birthday! Remember ...50 is only the beginning!

  28. Just saw that Susie Q was wishing you a happy birthday and figured you must be cool if Susie stops by here.
    And you are! Check out your cool blog. Love the photos of the Kozy Koi and the pond especially. Love bed and breakfasts.
    5 acres? That sounds dreamy. I raised chickens when we were living in a place that we were allowed to raise chickens IN ... when we moved I missed my chickens SO MUCH. Red and Checkers and the gang. I also love the green eggs that our arcaunas laid. I hate when things get in the coop! Something took about 16 chickens in one blow once. Coyotes, I believe. So sad!
    OK. Let's end on a happier note:


    Key of C.

    Happy Birthday Kathy!


  29. Get well soon! I loved your post..and that sweet bedroom with framed in with the wood fancy work was a dream!

  30. Happy Birthday dear Kathy!!
    I'm sooooooooooo sorry to be late!
    What a charming B&B that you stayed at too! I would love to stay there. I'm so glad you had a great Florida vacation too - you deserve it!


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