Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And speaking of birthdays....

I did mention that my daughter and I share a birth month. I was 29 when she was born and 2 weeks later I had a birthday. Which means that in two weeks I will be 50. Ugh! I know, I know, I have written posts on how age is just a number and we shouldn't let that stop us from continuing to grow and learn new things ....blah, blah, blah. But... I'm turning 50 here people! 50. And it comes with a bill and a membership. Today I got an email reminding me of the churches "keenagers luncheon", I think you can guess what group that is. I have never gotten that email before. Must speak to church secretary about removing me from that list! Anyway, I'm just not sure I'm ready for this. My sweet sis-in-law has been claiming age 29 since, well, since she was 29. Now, she isn't as old as I am, but the point is that she has been 29 for so long that nobody really knows how old she is without figuring out how old her siblings are and doing a lot of complicated higher math, which means most people just give up and say she's 29. Why didn't I do that? My siblings aren't even around where anyone can do the math. I would still be 29 if I had done that!
Karla says I should make this my month and celebrate the whole time. (Happy Birthday to Karla too, she just turned 50 this week!)I'm pulling myself up by my granny bootstraps and celebrating! But I'm not going to the Keenagers luncheon.


  1. Girl, you need to embrace this birthday. I had mine five years ago, and I have enjoyed every minute since.

    Just remember what a beautiful person you are, and celebrate all of your experiences and the person they have made you.

    Since turning fifty, I now celebrate for at least a month - usually the month before and the month after. Have lots of parties, celebrations and get together with your friends and family. We'll all celebrate with you, too.

  2. Kathy, you are so funny, lol!!! I agree with Karla, you should celebrate the whole month! Your so hip and young, it wont even seem any different!

    Happy early birthday!
    Love ya,

  3. Kathleen - I will turn 50 next month - I remember thinking that was as old as Methuseleum (or however you spell it), but now - 50 may not be so old after all!!! I have not had a birthday yet that has stumped me and I am determined not to let this be the one!!! My daughter is throwing me a big Mexican Fiesta party and I can't wait - and I truly believe 50 is not as old as it used to be!!!
    Great Blog - enjoyed the visit!!!

  4. Yes, you should celebrate the whole month! Turning 50 doesn't hurt. There are so many good things about being at this point of our lives. I wouldn't go back for a minute. ~Adrienne~

  5. Kathy, turning fifty was a difficult birthday, and I really didn't want to get AARP magazine and see all the celebs I adored in my youth look like seniors. But after I got over the shock because of the shhhhh (middle age thingy), I relaxed.

    I love my fifties, you will too, I promise. Don't tell anybody, but I will be turning sixty this year. I can't wait, I like the idea. Your fifties are connecting all the blessings and talents you have accumulated so far, and reflecting a bit. You feel accomplished, revitalized and more content in just being you.

    But, skip the keenagers luncheon and take up skipping instead.

    Blessings, Karen

  6. Oh Kathy, 50 is just a number - it really is. The only sad time is when you look back at those celebrities we admired when we were younger and see how 'old' they look. Well I say stop looking at them and look in the mirror at the lovely person you are.
    Have fun

  7. Hi Kathy!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (imagine that the song being sung just at this moment) There's a lot of great advice here. 50 is just a number. And anyway, it's too late to do like your SIL...Maybe you should start with 39. LOL
    Patricia :o)

  8. I am just chiming in to repeat what everyone else has said...just relax and enjoy it. There is nothing to fear, just don't send AARP the $$ for the subscription and they will only send you junk mail (which I don't even open) every other month.

    Really you will love 50 and beyond.


  9. Why, I don't think it is EVER too late to turn back the clock...If I were you, I'd put 29 candles on my cake, get a pin to wear that says, "I LUV being 29", send myself 29 long stemmed roses (or buy a pretty rose bush and tell the salesperson that your hubby is buying you this for your 29th birthday....Yes, sir...turn that ole clock right on are purty enuf to be 29 !!!!!!

  10. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. Hey I got that same AARP thing in the mail yesterday. I will be 51 next week. Let's embrace it, I know 50 was hard but 51 not so bad. Happy Birthday!!

    LeAnn :)

  11. Ha! Who knew how wise I was at 29? ;-)

    Of course, I never appreciated DH wishing me happy ___ anniversary of my 29th birthday. Sheesh-I worked in a bank. They all had calculators to do the math if they couldn't do it in their heads.

    I agree with the month-long celebration. You deserve it!



  12. Well, Kathy, it looks like we share a few more things in common...

    I just became 50 years old in January and I know exactly what you are feeling. It just doesn't seem real. I also had my first child, Briana, when I was 29 years old. She will be 21 in June.

    Almost the day after I turned 50, AARP sent me my first correspondence. I just stared at it thinking that it had been mailed to me by accident. We had a Keenagers at our church for sometime until the leadership stepped down. Again, I qualify. I can also start my own Red Hat Society if I feel so inclined.

    I think the worst think is that my body is changing quickly. That, I don't like. So, I have been doing a lot more "healthy" thinking than I did at 49.

    DO HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I woke up the next day. You will, too. I threw my own blog party. Hey, go for it!

    If you look back at my posts around January 29th, you will see me in my "50" sunglasses.

    50 and living to tell about it,

  13. Celebrate, sing, enjoy life! It's a blessing to be alive and healthly....embrace this birthday as another blessing from our Heavenly Father.



  14. Happy 50th Birthday Month Kathy! I am 54....and a half! Remember when you were 7 or 8 and it was really important to add that 1/2 year to make us older?

    I think you should celebrate all month too! Do something wonderful every day! Or something outrageous!

    Your are a beautiful woman!

  15. Oh Kathy, I got that letter, too, but I didn't even open it! You look way too young to be 50, and you are so busy and creative -- you have a wonderful life. Celebrate it for a month, or more!!!! Happy birthday to you, dear friend, and to your sweet daughter, too!

  16. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!! Laurie

  17. Kathy, I had to laugh when I saw this blog. I too turned 50 this year and those blasted folks at AARP just had to make sure I couldn't let it slip by quietly! I about flipped when I got my first mailing from them. Salt in the wound I tell you. Humph! LOL Til next time... God Bless, Celene

  18. Happy birthday Kathy! 50 is so special! CELEBRATE!!! :-)

    I'll be turning 54 in a month and I've never felt better or enjoyed life more.

    The AARP magazine is great! You'll enjoy it.

    Hugs, Pat

  19. Oh Kathleen ....this is a monumental birthday! Embrace it! Be proud of the number and have a grand celebration. I'm now in my mid-fifties and enjoying life more than ever! And...there are some perks to being a 'senior'!
    Wish you and your daughter a spectacular birthday celebration!

  20. That card looks familiar, my husband has been getting those in the mail! I still have some time, but it will creep up on me quickly!

    You are WAY TOO YOUNG to be a member of that group. I think we need to start a new group. 50 is the new 29.

    Happy birthday,

  21. Happy Birthday Kathy!
    I'm right behind you... this will be me next year (God willing)! Let's celebrate together - we aren't getting older, we are getting BETTER!
    What a beautiful birthday girl you are!


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