Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's a rainy lazy Saturday. I've done some garage saleing, some much needed cleaning and I may actually take a little nap. I just popped a few more hearts into etsy, and will probably work on a few more things tonight, we'll see.I didn't have much luck with the garage sales, today all I could think about as I looked at the stuff was, " I really dont have a place to put that!" I guess it's time to do some shopping in my own home and basement and see what I can come up with to freshen things up, or else get rid of some stuff before I buy more! My one purchase was a little wicker settee for the back porch for $8! (Ok, so maybe I had a little luck!) I told my husband that if it only lasted this summer I would have gotten my moneys worth. I can see myself sitting among the flowers on it sipping coffee in the mornings:>) Ahhh, can't wait.
I am contemplating some job changes. I will be putting in for a full time job at the school. I was so looking forward to summer off but it would be a good opportunity and with 2 kids in school and the uncertainty of Earl's job, well, I feel like I need to give it a try. Of course, someone with more seniority could get it, so I may not have to worry about it. I guess I'll pray about it and leave it in God's hands. That has worked for me before. I trust that what is best for us will come to be. I'll keep you posted. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend (is there any other kind?)


  1. Kathy, your new hearts are beautiful! I love the little details you add, just so pretty!

    I hope you get the job!! And if not, you have the right attitude, so I know whatever is best will happen :)

    A settee for $8!!!! That is awesome!!!

    Love ya,

  2. Kathy, love the new heart - it's so fresh and pretty!

    Good luck with the job!


  3. What a pretty heart! And $8.00 for a wicker settee! Great buy!!

    I hope you get the full time job, if that is what you want...I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. the hearts are beautiful! Hope you get the job!

  5. Hi Kathy,

    Love that violet heart!
    I say the same I really need another item to add to my huge collection of stuff? No. I try but when you see a grand just have to go for it!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  6. Kathy,
    I love your new hearts so much! The white linen and the violet ones are so pretty and dainty. You amaze me with all the different designs you create, each one a true keepsake! Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  7. Your garage sale find sounds wonderful. Only $8 for a pretty place to sit and enjoy the backyard for the summer!


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