Friday, May 2, 2008

Flea Market Friday

Well, here it is, my first, and possibly only flea market Friday. I haven't decided how often I want to do this yet. Most certainly not every week. But in the course of my bargain hunting I occasionally pick up something that I think is cool only to realize later that, it may be cool but I don't really have a use for it. I know someone is bound to want these though so here goes..

Stork bingo, copyright 1957, the box and everything in it is in great shape. I got these last week and didn't even realize there were two of them tied together. I am super observant, not. I am throwing a baby shower this summer and thought that even if we don't play this great game it would look so cute as a table decoration.

The bingo cards have neat-o words like, pablum, and rubber pants, and toidy chair (really) and nipples. They might even be useful for altered art projects. 18 cards, a call card, and all the little bingo markers are included. $10 postage included. SOLD

I thought these tea towels were the bees knees. I still do, so if nobody buys them it wont break my heart, but I have a drawer overflowing with towels, so for $7 postage included, they can be yours. There are three matching towels, these pictures aren't great but the towels are in excellent condition, a little yellowed from sitting in a drawer for what must have been years, but only the glasses towel has a couple teeny spots that would probably come out.

These really old hand crochet potholders can be yours for $6 postage included.
And last but not least, this beautiful vase. if you cant click on this picture you can click on yesterdays post to get a close up. I think it may have had a handle at one time but the holes make a pretty place to tie a ribbon like I did. The bottom says, Copr. Marietta Pottery Co. Marietta, Ohio.
There is a teeny chip on the inside front lip. I don't know why I took a close up because it makes it look huge but it is really only about 1" across at the widest point. It doesn't show at all with some pretty flowers and it doesn't show much without them. There is another really teeny chip on the bottom. I mean minuscule.You can actually see it if you click on the picture and make it bigger. It is on the front left hand side of the vase. See that teeny little chip? No? Yes? Clearly this isn't perfect but I think it is gorgeous. $18.00 anybody? That includes shipping.
First comment to tell me they want something gets it. Have a great weekend, I'll be posting more hearts tomorrow:>)


  1. Ok...I am hosting a baby shower this summer so I would like the stork's just too cute!
    ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. You have some neat things. Hope you do well on your sale..

  3. Neat stuff you have. I am wishing you a great weekend...Mary

  4. The crotcheted potholders remind me of my mom. Sadly all those she gave me have worn out with use. Warm wishes Eleanor

  5. You have some really cute things!! The stork bingo was very unusual.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend


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