Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Morning Monday

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday weekend:>) The weather here was perfect, sunny and in the 70's to low 80's. What did I do with my 4th? Absolutely nothing. Saw a few movies, hung around the house and napped. Not exciting but relaxing. I wanted to show you my garden. I know, I know, most of you have had wonderful flowers for a month or more. Our season here in southeast Michigan has been very late, but this weekend it finally all burst into glorious bloom! The pink hollyhocks by the back door. I LOVE hollyhocks, especially the singles. The lilies and daisies by the shed. Let me ask someone, how do you photograph white flowers? Mine always seem to glow so brightly that you can't see the individual petals.

I have a mass of these golden lilies outside the bedroom window, right next to the pink babies breath, lavender and roses.This coral rose is nestled in a bed of english lavender....
along with this pink rose. The pink rose is almost blown but I still think it's beautiful. Do I know my roses names? No. I have very sandy soil and frankly my roses just do not perform as well as most. Maybe my thumb is al little brown, but I replace them quite often. I don't know who they are but I love them anyway:>)

This is yellow loostrife in the front garden. I purchased the plants together at the farmers market and when I did they all looked alike! When they came up the second year one of them came up with varigated leaves.

Did I say my weekend was uneventful? Well, I have to take that back, it wasn't entirely uneventful and I have quite a full week ahead. There are some exciting things happening, and there are some exciting things that might happen. An interesting phone call, a sweet package in the mail, some things I have been working on that I can't wait to show you, and tea at Jan and Tom's place tomorrow:>) It looks like an interesting week ahead here at the cottage. Stay tuned.


  1. Kathy!

    I am going out of town all week, will probably never get near a can't leave me hanging like this! Email me, pretty please?


  2. You might have had to wait for your blooms, but they were well worth the wait. They are glorious.

    Sounds as if it is going to be a great week.

  3. Wow, Kathy, your blooms are fantastic. The coral rose is beautiful. Alas, my Hollyhocks have succumbed almost entirely to Japanese Beetles. What a scourge they are!

    Looking forward to hearing your news!

  4. Oh how glorious!!! And how wonderful that they burst into bloom on your holiday weekend. I would say you have a VERY green thumb, Kathy!

    As for photographing white flowers, it helps if you do it on a cloudy day, or when they are shaded... Do you have any photo editing capabilities on your computer? Once you load your pics, open one and see if there is an edit function in your program. You can always lower the exposure levels there...

    Hope this helps. They are so lovely -- it must be paradise at your cottage right now!

  5. Kathy, your garden is beautiful. Tomorrow should be fun, I signed up too. I can't wait to see what you have been working on. Karen

  6. Good monday morn to you too, little flower chick!!! I am LOVING all these flower posts lately!
    Smoochies and trying to catch up on all my regulars!!!!! Aaaaaacccckkkkkkkk!!!

  7. Kathy, your blog continues to be really excellent. Hollyhocks always take me back to childhood. Your photography is superior and your flowers beautiful. Thanks for the other post you did, i will forward more pix of the miracle baby. LAS

  8. I love your flowers! Makes me so happy it is SUMMER!!! Hooray!

    Sounds like some fun possibilities here this week! I'm going to be out of town so I hope I don't miss the excitement!

    Blessings this week with all of your exciting & hopeful news...


  9. Your flowers are beautiful, I especially love the daisies and the coral rose too!
    Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming week!

  10. Such lovely pictures of your fantastic garden. I love the combination of the lilies and daisies. Stunning!

  11. What a beautiful garden! I can't wait to sit and enjoy it at your tea party tomorrow!

  12. Well, you may have had to wait awhile for your flowers, but it was well worth it. They are all gorgeous. I lived most of my life in Michigan so I remember what it is like to garden there.
    Have a great week.

  13. gosh.. you have beautiful garden here.. love all the flowers.. who doesn't if the flowers are pretty as these?.. btw I have nominate you for an award and do come & visit my blog to see what award it is.. :-) have a nice day! tc!

  14. All your flowers are so have a lovely garden. I've alway loved hollyhocks too...I always think of them as an old fashion flower.

    Your week sounds like it going to be a fun one...there is a possibility I'll have jury duty. Have a happy week...hugs, Linda

  15. I love the Hollyhocks, especially. We have them, too, and they've just begun opening!!!

    The TEA PARTIES should be FUN!!! I can't wait to see the response...and enjoy all the "goodies"...the first ones that are totally CALORIE-FREE!! LOL!!!

    Look for the special notice in my TEA PARTY post!


  16. Kathy

    Your garden looks great, enjoy all of it!

  17. Hi Kathy
    The flowers in your garden are beautiful. My garden looks very sad. It has been too hot and the deer have eaten too much of it, so not much is blooming.
    SO now you've got us all on pins and needles wondering what you're up to. Don't keep us in suspense too long.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  18. Lovely to enjoy your summer garden while it is winter over here.The flowers are beautiful. I am curious about the phone call...
    Love Eleanor at Thatchwick

  19. Oh my! These flowers are sooooo beautiful. They are definitely worth the wait!
    I'm jealous....
    Patricia :o)

  20. Kathy, I stopped back to let you know that I have an award on my blog for you today. Please stop by and take it home. Blessings, Karen


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