Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm stopping in from my blogging break to show you a couple little birds I have been working on this week. Seems like I just can't get much done this week, so many things swirling around in my head. I did get a couple of these pincushions done just today and plan to work on more this week. These are in my etsy shop right now.

This goldfinch is one of my favorites, I love the real thing, such bright little birds:>)
But what really lives in my birdhouse? This little frog! Isn't that the cutest thing? We noticed him up on the ledge of the birdhouse about a week ago and then saw that he was hanging out the doorway to catch a little breeze yesterday. This birdhouse hangs up in my trellis, what a funny little guy! Well, I better get back to work, I'm slowly picking away at my list and hopefully will get it finished this week. I hope you all have a wonderful summer week. Enjoy it while you can, the coundown to school begins soon:>(


  1. Hi Kathy!

    Catching up with you today, and it looks like you are having a great summer!

    Your birds are adorable! Froggy in the birdhouse is so cute and you were lucky to get his photo!

    Hugs, Pat

  2. Oh, my little cherub, those are adorable! You have much talent.......

  3. Hi new friend...these tweets are sweet...I'm seeing that you are from Michigan....we are neighbors and I have many family and friends there...lived in GR for 15 years....

    here's a little snippet of the answer to your question on my latest post...let's chat.'s the skinny...which I'm not... hehe

    fruit til noon ( like the "fit for life" basics)I pick all morning at fruit, as I feel hunger

    HUMUNGOUS ( 4 cups or more) salad at about 1 or so....with everything on it...the crunchier the croutons I used nuts instead....I find that Newman's is the lowest in sugar and 1 if any...I use Newman's Creamy Ceaser and Newman's Parmesan and Roasted Garlic no lofat or nofat because the fat may have been replaced with sugar...I do not scrimp since this is my main meal for the around 4 or 5 I nibble on something...refried beans with salsa,if I eat chips with that, I count out 12 chips... a bowl of green beans with almonds, a bite or two of chicken breast, a piece of cheese...what ever it is I only take a few bites till I feel satisfied....basically I go to bed a little hungry...BUT in the morning the scale is USUALLY down because of of that

    TONS of water...if I drink juice I measure 4 ozs...if I eat chocolate it's a few took from Feb 4 to late March to lose the 17.5....and from late March til now to lose the rest.

    Also included was lane swimming, light weights, crunches, Pilates legs routine...some sort of workout every day...logged in the journal and my bootstraps tied to commitment.

    Now I'm eating whole grain bread maybe every few days, a few glasses of red wine on the weekends, and chocolate maybe twice a week in very small portions.

  4. We'll miss you Ms. Kathy! I adore the little birds ...and the froggie in the birdhouse. How cute is that? Enjoy your time off.

  5. What precious birds....and that froggie in the birdhouse is toooo cute!
    Be sure to ck my blog tomorrow as you are the STAR.
    Love, bj

  6. I love your birdies! very precious, but i'm not so sure about ypur birdhouse occupant looks snaky to me!

  7. OOOOOOOHHH Kathy the red and white birdie is way tooo CUTE!
    I love the yellow finch too, they entertain us at the feeder!

    I love the lil froggy in the birdhouse! Or is it frog house! :-)

    Enjoy your ME time!

    Miss ya,
    Hugz, Dolly

  8. Kathy, you have outdone yourself with the birdie pincushions! I just love them.

    And that little froggy was just waiting to be noticed. Cute!


  9. Kathy, you always make such pretty and sweet things. I love these.

    Mr. Frog looks quite content in his new home.

  10. Pincushions are great!
    I can't believe that froggie wanting to be a bird...wonder if he took flight later?

  11. Love the little birdie pincushions! They are adorable!

  12. Those are darling birdies! Just as sweet as could be.

  13. Your birdie pincushions are so sweet looking! I can't believe the frog! I've never heard of a frog-house before. That is the nicest frog dwelling I have or probably WILL ever see...LOL! Thanks for the chuckle!

  14. Stopped in to say hi! Love the new pincushions they are so sweet and colorful. The frog house in just to funny! Who knew opportunity would come knocking from a frog! Take good care. Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  15. Those pincushions are beautiful!!! and that little frog is adorable! Too cute!

  16. I love your new little bird pincushions Kathy. The colors are beautiful. I'm trying to keep from ordering more but it may be a losing battle. LOL


  17. Your pin cushions are so sweet! I love how that frog took up residence in your bird house! It must be nice and cool in there!
    Have a great day!

  18. Kathy, these pin cushions are lovely. Can you believe how smart that frog is, he saw some lovely real estate and said "Why not?" How cute is that, enjoy your summer. Karen

  19. I love the birdie pincushions - so bright and cheery!


  20. OH KATHY!!!!!! I love those birds!!!! I hope you will be making them continuously because I want one. Hubby wont let me buy anything til after our trip or that yellow one would be mine :(

    I LOVE froggies!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!!

    Love ya!

  21. Kathy,
    Those pin cushions are adorable! Makes me want to take up sewing just to be able to use one! My Mom's name was Ruby....:-).

    Love your little kermit friend. He looks so cute peaking out of your birdhouse.
    p.s. on my painting technique on the mirror - no I had never tried it before, but when I looked at my frame with the Poppies in it, thats what it looked like they did, so I though I would give it a whirl - the worse that would have happened is that I would have had to paint it again.

  22. Hi Kathy,

    I came to visit from BJ'S blog. I have to tell you that I jumped as I was reading through your posts. The Royal Oak Antique and garage sale- I grew up in Royal Oak. Talk about a small world.

    I will be back to visit soon.

    take care,

  23. I don't even sew but I lOVE those pincushions.
    Have fun,

  24. Your little birdie pincushions are just adorable...sadly I don't sew...the froggy looks so cute sitting in that birdhouse...too funny!!

  25. Sweet ,sweet little birds and so cute ! You do such a good job .

  26. Kathy,
    What cute little birds. I wish I was more crafty.

  27. You can start a whole new fad with hand painted frog houses!

  28. Those are adorable birds! I am playing catch up and visiting blogs today. I sure wish I could have gone to that antique and craft looked wonderful!

  29. Hi Kathy,
    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the sweet red pin cushion! I would never stick pins in it though, I would display it! :o) The little frog looks quite happy in his little home!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  30. Hi Kathy!
    Way too long since I've been here! Love your Toile background! Love your birdies! TOO cute! And how funny to see a frog in a birdhouse - just adorable! Thanks for visiting again - I have lots of catching up to do!

  31. Hi, Kathleen, and thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog! And what a wonderful treat it was to read yours. I'm blogrolling you and will definitely be back.

    Your pincushions are stunning! Those birdies are delightful.

    Royal Oak Parking Garage Sale huh? Hmmm, sounds interesting. Might have to come down from the tip-o-the Thumb for that one!

    Hope your summer there is as sweet as our here!


  32. Sweet birdies! Nice to see you pop in from your blogging break!

    happy summer,

  33. I love your new additions. Very eye catching!

    Are you sure this little visitor doesn't think he's a tree frog?



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