Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up

I have been nominated for several awards and a meme in the past week or two, but have been so busy I didn't post them, so here goes.
I was tagged to name five things I love by Karen at A Scrapbook of Inspiration. Well, that is easy! In fact, I have a hard time paring it down to five things. My list may be a bit different than most, but these are things that really make my heart glad.
1. My pergola. My darling husband built this for me for our 25th wedding anniversary and it makes me smile each time I see it. I especially love it this time of year when I have so many beautiful flowers hanging from it and surrounding it. I step out into a garden each time I go out the back door. For parties I hang it full of paper lanterns and I have my wicker setee in it for morning coffee or evening firefly watching:>)

2. Fireflies on a warm summer night. Is there anything more magical? I have loved fireflies since I was a little girl running around outside at night, in my nightgown, capturing the tiny glowing creatures so I could watch them spark on my dresser as I went to sleep. The farm fields where I grew up were so full of them it was like the stars had fallen and were twinkling in the tall grasses just for me.
Pure white Lilies against the shed and pink hollyhocks in the back garden
3. Flowers. Any kind. Any color. They all make me smile. I am not much of a gardener, my flowers bloom right along with the weeds most of the time. (Too much forced weeding of the garden when I was growing up!) In the winter I dream of when the flowers will bloom again.

4. Packages in the mail. Really, isn't a surprise package just the best day brightener? To think that someone sent a little something just for you and see that box on the porch, well it is just like Christmas. A package in the mail can make my day! This is the latest package I received. A beautiful print, called Cottage of Abundance" from Karen Harvey Cox that I won in her give away. I have another of her works that I am still looking for the right frame for. What a joy to find something so beautiful in the mail!

5. Blogging. I love it. My family can attest to that. I spend far too much time visiting blog friends and "photo styling":>) but it has opened up my world to a lot of kindness, creativity and inspiration. I find wonderful Christian women, artistic kindred spirits, and just wonderful people
who share their day to day trials, fun, creativity and so much more. That is my list of five things I love. I am passing this meme on to five women who I would love to know more about:
Mary, at Little Red House
Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams
Lallee at Lallee's Cottage
Alexandra at Silver Bell Cottage
Jan at Jan and Toms Place
I also received the Arte Y Pico award from Jan and Tom and the Brilliante Weblog Award from Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage, Karen Harvey Cox and Mrs. Rabe at Creekside Cottage! Wow! I'm so flattered and I really appreciate the kudos:>)
In the interest of time I am going to cop out on these awards, I appreciate so many of you I just can't choose any more. I love visiting all of you, you know who you are! I just can't stay away, so consider yourself awarded, showered with appreciation. You are all wonderful to know:>)


  1. Wow your pergola is just beautiful!!!! I bet its the perfect spot to relax. Congrats on your awards as well. :-)

  2. I loved reading your list. It reflects the sweet person you are. I love that painting you won! Your pergola is just about the neatest gift your hubby could have given you. Maybe I'll ask for one sometime! ~Adrienne~

  3. You see Kathy, everyone thinks you're special - your husband and all of your blogging buddies.

  4. much congratulations! You are a special gal!

  5. My dear friend, Kathy Grace.....
    THANK YOU so much for the beautiful, little RED heart. I just ADORE it. I wwill send a card to you just as soon as I can...just wanted you to know right now that I thank you so much for the heart, the prayers, the are my special friend.
    I am not used to feeling weak and I sure do, right now. Bill and our church group are feeding me good and I am up, walking around a little so I know my strength will come back soon.
    xo bj

  6. You have a great blog. I am going back to catch up. Thanks for stopping by today.


  7. Five wonderful things to love. Each making life beautiful.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I've been blogging for 3 years and have just recently begun to enter into the whole world of blogs. (And love yours!) It's nice to have visitors. I truly am enjoying my babies and blogging is perfect for those days yet to come when I wish for them to have stayed just as they are now.

  8. Hi Kathy! What a beautiful post! You deserve these awards, you are one of the sweetest bloggers out here! I LOVE the pergola that your sweet hubby built, so beautiful!!! I too love fireflys! They are magical :) Your flowers are so stunning!


  9. Congratulations on your awards. Fun to read your 5 things...
    Love the pergola and beautiful flowers

  10. I LOOOOOVE that pergola and the red screened door! What a lovely anniversary gift. I have to agree with you on the boxed coming in the mail. It's like Christmas every time they show up!

  11. Hi Kathy,
    I loved reading about your favorite things. Your pergola is so wonderful. And to know that your husband built it for your anniversary makes it even more special!

    Congrats on the award!!

  12. I love your pergola, that is just too beautiful. I love it and that red screen door....gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comment today, I always enjoy when you come by and share with me!

    Congrats on your award. It was fun reading about your favorite things.


  13. Hello, lovely ~ And all your pictures are lovely. Hope you are having a lovely week, dear one.

  14. Kathy, we are kindred spirits for sure. I love your list--it could be mine except for the beautiful pergola from your hubby. I loved reading your list. You described each of your loves so well. I have a miniature Karen Harvey Cox painting and just adore it. Her work is beautiful. Your cottage painting--now I could really covet that one ;-) Thank you for tagging me. I'm going to put my thinking cap on. Congratulations on all the awards!


  15. Your award is well-deserved! I love how your blog is a great mix of gardening, home, and cooking. It always makes for a pleasant visit!

    Stop by, if you have a chance...I'm hosting a "perfectly imperfect" week, and I'd love you to participate!! Anything you share would be great!

    Have a great week, Kathy!

  16. Good morning sweet friend ~~
    Kathy, your home reflects the loving and sweet spirit that you are. Each touch you put here and there is just wonderful and charming. Nothing beats a great pergola to add interest to a home and you are so very blessed to have a loving husband who took the time to create it for you. So special!

    You know, I remember fire flies when I was a child. We went to Arkansas to visit relatives and caught them in a jar and hung them on the porch. So very cool!!

    Love your list and I will have to share my favorites soon. I finally found my camera battery charger and have to get some more posts done on my blog. ;)

    Love to you,

    PS: I love that scotty pillow...wink, wink!!!

  17. Kathy, I adore all of your favorite things, you write so beautifully, it's as if you are speaking the words. Thank you for your lovely words about my artwork. I think it is a perfect home for The Cottage of Abundance, because I know that you have your own cottage of abundance reflected in your own home. Blessings, Karen

  18. What a beautiful porch and pergola! And I'm so envious that you live where there are fireflies! I remember seeing them when I was young.

  19. What a sweet post Kathy...I loved it all. Your pergola is so special and so beautiful. Your husband is a treasure!
    YOU are a well deserve this sweet award and those you passed it too do as well.

  20. Congrats on your awards, Kathy! You have a beautiful blog.

    I enjoyed reading your list of favorite things.


  21. Oh Kathy!
    That pergola is wonderful! What an amazing hubby you have. And I love your list. The first time I ever saw fireflies was last October when we moved to Texas. They realy are so magical. I enjoyed your list of loves. It made my heart smile.
    Patricia :o)

  22. I love the photos.Hope you are doing well.

  23. Hi Kathy!
    I love your pergola that your sweet hubby built! It is just perfect! Mine built ours too and it makes me smile each time I see it also! We love and appreciate YOU so much and I'm so happy that you are part of Blogland. Enjoy your little break and have a happy rest of the summer!!

    Daisy Cottage


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